Lunar Eclipse


The lunar eclipse blood moon, brings about a great change that we are all experiencing. When the moon is full, we all express more emotion. We are more sensitized with our emotional state of being. And when we have a blood-moon lunar eclipse that is as long as this one is means, changes are abounding.

Aquarian change through the fluidity of our consciousness is occurring. And this is occurring with our conscious, subconscious and unconsciousness. We are at a crossroads with our desires. Both the desire to release and/or “let go” of all that does not serve. And the desire to expand and express anew, through inspiration and creative influences.

With much that we have accumulated that does not serve us any longer, we are being given an opportunity to release much emotional “baggage” of the past. Though we may have experienced some rather horrific experiences, we are to let go of these memories and honor the wisdom gained through the experience.

The emotional release is going to be at the forefront. As well as gaining the wisdom that we have brought forth through these experiences. This will allow us to integrate our experiences that come forward. As we go forward with our own unique chosen ceremony or ritual of release.


Any method of ceremony or ritual that assists us in expressing this release is in order. Much that we intend can occur as we go within and work with our Spiritual Guides and Angels to bring this forward to release and forgive, if necessary.

Either through meditation and journeying within or through intending this to take place through our “dream world” as we sleep. Or through an act of ceremony out in nature. Any method that resonates will due. Even singing and expressing these through art, are forms of release. Or having a burning ceremony with fire or candle.

And this emotional release process may be one that takes place in waves. When we think we are done, we may see other “issues” come forward. And these are to be processed as well. Past releases allow for abundance of enlightenment.

As we successfully leave the weighty “past” experiences, we lighten up greatly. Which is necessary as we embody more of our multidimensional aspect of self. As the change that is occurring during this time, is one that is a great “upgrade”.


Through releasing the “veils” of our past, we embody more of the Divine energy that is coming forth from within, rather strongly, as this eclipse ensues. Knowing that we are bringing forth more purified energy as we proceed. Which assists us in releasing the illusions of the past.

The energy brought forth during this time, is also bringing about an ability to expand into expressing beautifully through our inspirational and creative influences. Our inherent “natural” gifts that have served us are expanding greatly. And as the expansion occurs, we will be able to express these gifts in greater ways. And bring these about more easily.

Know that we are also releasing the need to create through as much time, as we have been used to using. The ability to manifest our intents has been quickened. As we go forth into the unknown more, we leave the need to express through time.

As this is what we are doing when we go through our “release” process, spoken of earlier. The exact same process we chose to use to bring these “releases” about in our now moment, we may use to create our desires we choose to bring forth anew. Without the need to process through time, we may build anew in our now.

Multidimensionality is being expressed more as we embody more of our Divine attributes. We will notice more and more that time is more fluid. And our ability to “negotiate” time expansions when we are running behind, will be available. As we release the “needs” for the hardened-rules of 3D reality. We will begin to take advantage of 4D living.

As we express multidimensionally we will bring forth information that we have experienced from our stellar roots. We will be bringing forth Akasha from our experiences in the stars. Our solar and galactic “pasts” are coming forth, as well.

reflections 3

Our reality is one that brings growth through reflecting all that we have within us, through our physical reality in the without. So, if we are seeing “issues” that are being brought forward that seem to be repetitive. We must consider what we are needing to release from within that is bringing this about.

Likewise, if we have desires that are coming forward and being reflected in our reality, we may perpetuate these. We may align with the energy that brings these forward, if we like. So that we master our energy. And call forth these states with which we desire to express.

We must be honest with the “reflections” we are seeing being brought forth in our reality.

The fact that we use the term “blood moon” is one that contains much significance. One aspect of this is that blood must “flow” in order to sustain. As the blood flows toxins are “removed/released” and oxygen is replenished. Allowing us to breathe easily and live. As this flow is necessary.

This shows us that we need to allow this “flow” to occur as we “release” all that has come forward from our past to be integrated and released or expressed through mercy and compassion as we forgive what must be forgiven. Just like blood flow is critical to our bodies, these emotional flows from our past are to be allowed to express as they “completely” flow forth as we release them.

Then as blood that has been renewed through oxygen, we will have much oxygen (prana) once more. We will then allow the flow to bring forth our inherent Divine Prana or Universal Light Substance. As we embody more of our higher dimensional light body.


Expressing as a new Divine Being. With a luminescence that brings forth the brilliance that we each have, inherently. Without the clutter and cobwebs of 3D limitations that we have held. Our physical minds are infused with our Higher Mind’s insights more easily and readily. We also see through eyes that also see anew. As these eyes are able to easily and readily see the illusions that no longer serve. And we easily avoid these. As we see and peer more and more into multidimensional experiences. We bring forth greater insights as we see through an expanded awareness, once more.

While our spiritual hearing and sight expand to bring us closer to our inner guidance as we see and hear this expressed through our outer reality. So that we may see in greater and greater ways that we are truly Divine and have access to All Knowing. As we create with renewed inspiration and endless creativity.

We are truly at a point that is new. And yet, the stars are beckoning us to address and resolve what is from our past. The future is brought forth through integration and release. Through our freeing ourselves from weighty “issues” that no longer serve.

This process allows us to express through the new energies that are abounding as this transition occurs. Our cosmic family has been busy bringing forth many “gifts” for this lunar transit. And their gifts are energetic codes that allow us to express greater amounts of our Higher Self. Through our own calls, these gifts may be brought forth. Since we are a free-will planet, we must make the call. So that our gifts may be expressed in Divine timing.

Our abilities to express higher frequency energies and vibrations are expanding, greatly. Through the release and integration that we all must go through. We prepare our bodies to hold these higher expressions of vibration and frequency. As we steady our forms to the “new” normal.

Expansion. Then further integration. And further release. Which follows yet another level of expansion. And another level of integration. And another level of release. And so forth.

Steading ourselves with much rest and relaxation as we go through the process. With much grace and mercy as we experience the whole flow of the process.

Accomplishing all of this by establishing our awareness on our Heart-Centeredness as we operate from an expanded and integrated level of consciousness. Without the need for a “veil” between our inner Higher Self and our subconscious/consciousness. Our Divine resides in purity at this very center of our Being.

Remember, we are going through a re-member. We are uniting all aspects of consciousness. So that we are in alignment with our Higher Heart and Higher Mind. As we keep all in a harmonious state. As we forgive ourselves when we are unable to maintain that state. As we allow all emotions that we must express, emote. As we realize that our strength is our emotions, as they are what transcends.

Expressing all at the perfect place and at the perfect time. Fulfilling our part of the Divine plan. To bring about heaven on earth. To express as above, so below. To unite the within with the without. To recognize our Oneness in All That Is. Always from our here and now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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