Create Release and Renew

Somehow this sounds familiar, yes! If we process what is being brought forth in our reality of emotions, we will successfully release that which does not serve. And through this process of allowance, we go through the emotional experience, as well as try to figure what emotion is the root-cause of our feeling that has brought this forth. As this allows us to see if the feeling we are experiencing merits further “revealing” or if we just needed to process the feeling, in order to be on our way.


Through this allowance, we achieve success as we fully flow through the process. And this keeps our energy moving in a harmonious way. Even if the emotions expressed where less than harmonious. For through the flow, we do really achieve a state of renewal. And this renewal that we achieve through allowing the process to flow, brings us into alignment, once more.

Though going through emotional turmoil is less than desirous for most of us. We do achieve a level of completion when we allow ourselves to go through the emotional process and release all that has brought the feeling about. Proving to us that feelings are valid and it is important that these feelings be expressed and allowed to have flow in our daily lives.

When we hinder the expression through invalidating our emotions that come up. We position ourselves for ill consequences. As anything that is allowed to “build-up” will continue until the danger of exploding is finally expressed. And this usually takes place through much disharmony.

Whereas, allowing an emotional expression, even one that is really not to our “liking”, allows us to process this through our system with a level of completion. Without any “build-up”. As, if these are allowed to “build-up” we eventually get ill, even physically, as a result of holding on to that which does not serve.


Lately many folks like using the analogy of a “wave” and a “particle” in creation. And holding on to something that doesn’t serve us, definitely keeps us operating as a “particle”, rather than a free-flowing “wave”. With all of the constraints of time and space, necessary for the full experience of whatever we are holding onto. We etch ourselves into a stagnant 3D “looping” reality in which we experience even more of what we are desirous of “releasing”.

As the universe sees that we are “holding on” to the emotional experience. So, it responds with giving us “similar” likeness to that which we are choosing to hold on to. Remember the universe is “a-typical”. In that it has no “built-in” meaning. In other words, the universe is like the typical “genie”. The universe says, “as you wish”. And gives us more of what we are expressing and “holding on to”. Perpetuating that which is already being expressed in our reality.

This is why it takes an “act” of creation to get out of the “rut”. If we are experiencing something we don’t like, again and again. We must create anew. Or renew our creations to match what we desire to express. Otherwise we keep the same “familiar” energy around that duplicates the experiences we are desirous of letting go of.

Through emotional expression and successful release of that which brought about the emotional expression, we position ourselves back to the natural state of alignment and/or renewal. We are then, at the state of being in which we can create anew. Without the “baggage” of older energy that keeps us operating as a “particle”. Rather than the free-flowing access that we have, inherently, when we don’t weigh ourselves down with the constraints of emotional “particles” that are not even our own, many a times.

Emotions are power that we need to own. As they are our means of achieving balance and alignment with our Divine aspect as we ascend and master our energetic and emotional bodies. Or they are the means of us acquiescing to the “limitations” of the ego consciousness. As the ego will ever convince us that we are not able to be in harmony with all of our emotional experiences. Assuring us that what we are trying to achieve is “impossible”.

However, each and everyone of us is embodying more of our Divine aspects of self. More and more each and every day. And more and more in every way, we are bringing forth the Divine in ourselves. And the reality is “reflecting” this back to us. Though we have been naive as to the changes this brings forth into our reality.

For as this process occurs it becomes readily apparent who is successfully processing these aspects that are coming forth to be transmuted and transcended. As many are anxious to partake in the higher dimensional realms, now. And those that are processing the “older” energies now, are creating an energetic “wave” that assists others in the flow of processing these energies, as well. As the “effect” is cumulative.

Yet, this means that when we are in the presence of others, they must “match” our vibrational frequency. And this is where the “differences” exist. As many that are choosing not to process their emotional “baggage” can feel these come to the forefront, especially when they are in the presence of someone who does process these emotions. As when we gather, we must coalesce our energetic fields. And the “higher” frequency is usually “guiding” the whole to a new frequency/vibration.


This proves that we are all truly one. As we naturally merge our energetic fields with one another, inherently. All who are on the path of “awakening” to more of themselves, develop and/or recognize their empathic abilities first. And we all have these abilities. The fist “lesson” that we notice with these “newly recognized” abilities is that it becomes confusing, initially, to know which emotions ours are, rather than others that we are feeling, empathically.

We humans have great power in our emotional body. We should therefore encourage expression of emotions through creating. The focusing of this aspect of self with direct “intent” to create as we desire is truly our power. When someone has a strong emotional intent to accomplish a passion. There is no stopping such a one. For their creative powers bring about much through proper expression of passionate emotion and intent.

This is what all that are great in their respective fields do. They “love” what they do. And this emotional drive, from their passions, brings about creations that come about quickly. And the state of being builds and gains greater and greater momentum. For as long as we choose to express the passion.

Make no mistake, though, these emotions go through the same process of “release” and “renew”. As an artist completes a work through canvass, which is “released” to the public for view. We too must “release” our creations to receive the renewal to express even more creativity. As the process is circular.


The question is which circle will we choose? The circle of frustration, depression and anger. Or the circle of expression, passion and harmonious flow. They perpetuate more of their kind. So, choose wisely. And yet know that if we choose to change our choice, it is but a breath away.

Through intent backed up by emotion, we easily change and create anew. Ever flowing with what serves. And releasing that which no longer serves. Keeping our aspirations looking forward to the unknown. Knowing that “not knowing”, is alright. Creating from the void, where all comes forth into creation is the ultimate expression of coming from the “unknown”. And yet, we all come from there.

The lunar eclipse that has recently transpired has brought about this process of release and renew, in a grand way! This planetary alignment that has six planets in retrograde has brought about all manner of “past” emotional limitations to be expressed through our transmutation and transcendence process of choice. All will be noticing their “past” being brought forth for expression that is seeking to experience a new. Allowing us to “change” the outcome of this energy from our “past”. Which allows us to “renew” our energetically stagnant creations.

Process through release makes room for the renewal. And the energy of “renewal” is as strong as the energy that is bringing forth our “past” expressions. So, flow is critical to accomplish as we observe our processes as they ensue. Allow through love Divine and compassion. With the beauty and grace of forgiveness observed from within to the without. As these “past” expressions are occurring at a personal, city, state, nation, continent, planetary, solar and galactic level.

We are, far from being the only planet and people that are going through similar processes. As these are celestial events that occur at the cosmic level. With the Elohim and Cosmic Ascended Host orchestrating the entire procedure/process.

Our cosmic, galactic, stellar and planetary family are working in tandem with us to a great extent. We are all going through a process of integrating, releasing, renewing and creating a new. Instilling wisdom from many levels of creation. Bringing forth newly acquired cosmic, galactic, stellar and planetary energies to activate more of our inherently Divine powers of creativity and expression.

So, let us be in awe of who and what we are. We are doing something so Divine that is being reflected from our within to the without. All expanding and ascending from our individual and collective efforts. For all contain the Divine, within.

We are co-creating with many more aspects of creation. As this is a “labor” of love and joy. And many are desirous of being available and participating with us. As we embody more of our Divine expressions through integrating and releasing all that needs releasing. So that we may create through renewal.

Know that our strength is our individual and collective efforts. And we always support any and all who need our assistance through love, grace, peace and harmony. As there is no difference between them and us. We all succeed! We all align to our truth! And this aligns us to Universal Truth!

Oneness Here and Now

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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