We Are Our Ancestors

Many times, we hear the statement “we are our ancestors”. And in a sense, we can appreciate that we all come from family that goes up the historical line. So that we have inherited a legacy of familial traits and experiences. Which helps us appreciate that we are really a conglomeration of much “past” expression and experience.

And often times we see the “abilities” that are inherent in a certain family line, carry on to the next generation of offspring. So, if our parents are mechanically inclined, we too seem to come forth with similar abilities; for the most part. We seem to be predisposed to benefit from certain family characteristics.

Though there is another aspect of this that we may perceive and benefit from realizing. As in today’s terms we tend to look at things from a very bio-physical standpoint and we also consider the psychological aspects of ourselves. So, we are very involved in the body and the “higher” meanings of what is occurring to us. At a very visceral level.

awake and transcend

We are in the process of performing a “house cleaning” of our subconscious, these days. We have been going through a transition, in which, we are migrating to a “new” consciousness. And this consciousness gives us greater access to the Divine, within us. As we work to resolve much that we have “buried” within our psyche. We open a clear channel to our Higher Mind.

As we look at this from the context of our ancestors, we see a new realization as to the statement, “we are our ancestors”. For our ancestors pass on their genetic traits to us. And though now we know that our environment has more to say about influencing our genes, thanks to the study of epigenetics. We still have the tendency to take on our ancestor’s traits. Even genetically speaking. As we are predisposed to viewing/perceiving life in like manner. Remember, like attracts like.


So, when we resolve something significant. Especially something that has been buried in our subconscious for numerous lifetimes. We are LITERALLY resolving a genetic predisposition that may have existed within our ancestral family for many lives effecting many other family members; not just ourselves. Since time is not truly linear, when we resolve these “issues”. The resolution occurs for not only ourselves, but across our entire ancestral family line.

This is how grand our creations are. We change an expression of existence by means of our creations that is, both, in our past and in our future. Our direct creational influence or sphere of influence is beyond the mere self. Especially with regard to our family.

This gives an entirely different perception to the statement, “we are our ancestors”. Knowing that we have the direct ability to resolve issues that may have been present in our families for generations.  Shows that we are indeed on a mission. To assist ourselves and all of our family, all from our greatest point of power; here and now.

When we resolve issues that have been dormant in the subconscious we free ourselves in many ways. We no longer have the burden of a false belief. As much that we have held within the subconscious, are false beliefs that are limiting our true nature and potential. And without these being present our life flows more easily. For we are not bringing along “baggage” that is not our truth, and many times sabotages our efforts.

This is why the statement “we are our ancestors” is so true. We embody their traits as our own. And so, they are our own. When we come here. We choose to be of service to everyone. Ourselves, firstly. Our family, as our next sphere of influence. And our extended family as our link to our race/races. And then our neighbors/society and so on and so on.

We have been taught numerous times before that what we heal for ourselves, we heal for our family/ancestors. And now we know why this is true. Because we carry the same genetic structure and tendencies as our ancestors, we are able to influence our entire family line, by the progress we make as an individual taking care of and healing our own self. We now know that we are able to influence many, throughout the whole of time, by our own healing and taking care of ourselves. Both past and future circles or spirals of time, resolve the “issue” that we were able to heal. All from our here and now.

heart and baby-feet-1527456_1280

So, take heart that when we work on ourselves, we are doing our entire family line a service. We are not being selfish. We are doing our part. We are resolving familial traits that help ourselves and our family. And this extends to the community and so forth. All through turning within and being honest with what we gleam. Our Higher Self never gives us more than we can handle. Though it knows best what to bring forth to resolve and when. This is where being in the Divine flow is so critical.

We have a tendency to allow the pleasures of our society lull us from our obligations to work on ourselves. And when we allow our lifestyle and habits to diminish our ability to reflect on self, we are our worst hindrance. When having sweets to sooth the emotions takes precedence. We allow ourselves to walk in a mental fog. As our mental abilities are much less acute, when we are sugar-laden. Even though, our emotional state will try to convince us, otherwise.

Some beverages we consume afford us the opportunity to “take the edge off”. And these too have the consequences of loosening our ability to judge accurately. Though the feeling of quieting the mind is achieved, in a sense, we are merely turning down the station for a while.

body is temple

Whereas, when we work through our issues embodying a healthy and clear mind and body. We easily surmount any challenges that come our way. With a clear body and a clear mind, we easily keep pace with the challenges that come our way. All the while, knowing that we are putting forward our best effort to keep on point. Realizing that our body/mind/spirit is our temple. And we are to adorn our temple with the healthiest of thoughts, foods and drinks.

The access and means of processing what has been resident within our subconscious flows most easily when we are in a harmonious state of being. Both mentally and physically. The harmony maintained by both states of being, mental and physical, allows us to rather fluidly process, transmute and transcend anything that is not serving us and is not our truth.

Let us be ever desirous of cleansing all that we can, now. For we have come to expand, not only ourselves, but our entire family line. And our entire populace and planet are expanding as well. By being the best that we can be, we are our ancestors, in the flesh. Here and now. Transmuting and transcending all that does not belong. All that is limiting. All that is illusion. And all that separates us from our own Divinity.

For we are the Divine. We are who we have been waiting for. We are our own saviors. We are our ancestors, in the flesh. Take pride in the fact that our ancestors chose us each individually to represent each of them, now. At this most auspicious of times. It is we that are forging the new world into being. Removing all limitations from us and, as a result, our ancestral line. And instilling harmony and love Divine within, throughout and around our entire sphere of influence; always.

Healing our past, present and future. All from our now, moments. Our only true point of power. With all of the emotional gratitude and love Divine. Intending the greatest success for All That Is. For we are All That Is. And all that Divine Light is expanding ever more. Within, throughout and around us, always.


heart on beach

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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