Consciousness Perceptions

When we speak of consciousness we have been lead to think that we are speaking of something that resides within our brains. And in truth our consciousness is beyond our physical form. Though it is the brain/mind, which receives and interprets the conscious directions and directives. Our consciousness is not “resident” within our physical form.

This becomes intuitive, once we have integrated this realization. We can easily come to terms with the fact that our consciousness is beyond our physical brain/mind. As we can rationalize that our being continues on, when we have shed our physical form. Ask anyone who has had an NDE (near death experience). And I speak of experience. The consciousness that is “you” continues on, physical body, aside.

Abiding in the spiritual realm with all of the seven bodies, except the physical is the usual “death” or transitional experience. Shedding only the physical body. And keeping the etheric/astral, emotional, mental, Christ Self, causal and I AM Presence or Atman. Embodying in the same form we have now, though its etheric equivalent. Returning to a youthful age once again, as we integrate what was experienced and expressed. Until planning our next sojourn in physical Creation. And embodying into an incarnation, once more.

Many times, we hear stories of ones that have had an organ bodily transplant, suddenly taking on traits that were from the organ donor. Like the vegetarian that had a heart transplant, suddenly craving chicken or beef. And finding out the organ donor’s favorite meal was this “newly” found craving. This too leads us to question consciousness being “resident” in the brain/mind.

Yet, what many don’t realize is that the consciousness is not a purely “mental” construct. Why would having an organ transplant that is not the “brain/mind” bring about a conscious change in a persona?

This leads us to the next point. If the consciousness is beyond our physical form, is this same “attribute” true for the heart? We can see that throughout our entire populace, the heart has many attributes that are not indicative of just a physical muscle we call the “heart pump”.  All manner of Divine and higher frequency attributes is ascribed to the heart. Being and living a Hear-Centered life. Being loving and compassionate are attributes we credit toward those that live heart-centered lives.

You see, in truth, neither the consciousness nor the attributes we ascribe as coming from the heart are “resident” within our physical form. Don’t get me wrong. Our physical form has many Divine attributes. However, these higher frequency creations stem from an advanced consciousness that is heart-centered. And both consciousness and sacred-heart attributes stem from beyond the physical form.


At this point many would perceive that they are “resident” in the Chakra system. And that the attributes we signify as more harmonious are due to our energy/etheric/astral body. And yet, this too is encasing these attributes of consciousness and heart into a different physical form. All be it this form is less dense, it is still a form of physicality.

The truth is that what we perceive of as consciousness and the attributes we ascribe to being and living a Divine life through Sacred-Heart-Centered living, are one and the same. And they are truly expressed from our heart-center. Though not resident within the physical form. The attributes we credit towards the brain/mind and the heart are expressions of heart-centered consciousness.

heart and brain

Heart-centered consciousness resides beyond our physical form. This is our true Divine form. Our only true home. Whereas the rest of reality is Maya or illusion. Our consciousness remains eternal and blissful, inherently. This is why we are “taught” to release all that does not serve. As the only remaining energy will be our Divine prana. Which is our heart-centered consciousness energy, our Divine spark from Source/God. We remove all the obstacles we have placed between our true self and our persona.

This is termed, ascension. Transmuting and transcending all that is not our truth. Releasing the illusions of fear and limitation. And embodying our true essence without these limiting filters in between. Getting beyond a perception of persona. And establishing a renewed relationship through an expanded consciousness and awareness, with our true Being, the Divine Self.

And we now know that the entire energy that has constructed this Creation is the energy we attribute to being called “love”. The higher aspect of love is beyond the physical attributes and interpretations we tend to give it. From a scientific standpoint this is Divine prana. Unobstructed pure Divine Creative energy. The substance that makes anything and everything in our perceived construct. The “bang” from the “big bang”, cosmologically speaking.

Thus, it is more accurate to say that ones “High Mind and High Heart” are the combined energies and mastery of heart-centered consciousness. The true path back to integration of the Higher Self. In simple terms, the various attributes we credit the heart and brain for accomplishing, are one and the same; heart-centered consciousness. Which are truly not completely resident within the physical. As the physical cannot contain such power/brilliance/magnificence. This is why we fractualize ourselves into form. These physical constructs, the body, can reside at this level of density. And in our true and pure form, we would consume the reality, due to our brilliance.

We know this is true. For as we see our own progress through the dimensions and our integration of more Divine conscious attributes, we see this leads us to living a heart-centered harmonious conscious and awareness expanding integration and expression. The higher we go in frequency the higher the vibrational attributes we must embody. One can not go to the 5th dimension with a fearful, segregating and limiting awareness. As this will reflect, immediately in our self and our creations.

This is why much has to be resolved before we proceed into the higher vibrational frequencies of dimensions and densities of consciousness. As our thoughts manifest our creations instantly at this level of Creation. Our theme for the 3rd dimension is/was courage. And even science now knows that courage is the threshold for achieving positivity. The higher frequency emotions of love, compassion, empathy, joy, harmony and so forth all stem from achieving a higher vibrational frequency than courage. Though courage is the threshold one crosses, into positivity, that primes us for the other higher vibrational frequencies.

The themes for the 4th and 5th dimensions and densities of consciousness are Divine love and compassion. Mastering Divine love is mastering the true love which is unconditional love. And when unconditional love is expressed in a selfless manner with unhindered compassion, we have achieved a very high level of vibration/frequency. We will have passed the levels of mastery for these realms of Creation, once we embody and imbue these vibrational qualities. For they will have been fully integrated.

When we recognize that heart-centered consciousness is our true being and form. We realize we are beyond physicality, even now. And when this truly is embodied and expressed through us, we will have come a long way, in our ascension. As our ability to accomplish these goals of removing all that does not serve, will be greatly extended. As we successfully let go of the fears and limitations, knowing now that we are and have always been beyond these illusions. Coming into our true essence.

Being beyond persona. We go into what is termed Self-Realization. Or in shamanic terms, Direct Revelation. Or Christ Consciousness, Or in other terms, we become the I AM Presence, physically embodied. Or as the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi * we go into the “I”. Before the fist division of the I into the I AM Presence. As from this perspective even stating “AM” in the “I AM” is seeing self as “other than”. Or the beginning to the fractalization of Self. Thus, the encouragement to seek the “I” alone, or Self, through thought, recognizing the true Self as beyond thought.

* (“Be As You Are The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi”. I am reading the Kindle version that is edited by David Godman.)



This aspect of Self is beyond physical, mental and emotional attributes. If we easily realize our consciousness is beyond our physical bodies. We will eventually realize that we have an aspect of Self that is truer to who we are that is also beyond thought. This aspect of Self is the “I”. For the I AM requires an “other than” Self, and thought; to both exist. Whereas, the “I” is the whole or complete individuation of the Divine. The spark of the Divine that is us, inherently. Our true “birthday suit”, if you will.

All of these aspects of Self have their creations pointed to our point of now, in Creation. Directed towards working and integrating these Higher Divine attributes into our physical Being and operating even within our flesh. As nothing that we are and attribute ourselves to be, would be able to exist, aside from our Higher Self’s direction.

Knowing that when we focus on “I” we are bypassing all “limitations and fears” that are merely illusion, anyway. The more we contemplate this aspect of Self, the more we will cull this energy into our awareness and consciousness. The more we embody these aspects of Self that are our true, Self. All through being heart-centered, of course. And this aspect of Self is beyond the persona. Beyond the ego. Beyond the analytical mind/brain. Beyond thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The true identity of consciousness cannot be distinguished as separate from heart-centeredness. Consciousness is truly heart-centered consciousness. And this is being more “wave” than “particle”.

This is the “new” fully integrated and all-encompassing science. The science of Self, which is the science of All That Is, paradoxically. This Divine aspect of Self is resident; through purposeful conscious intent and reflection, within, throughout and around our entire Being.

The truth of who we are, is Divinity manifest in Creation. Here and now. Forever eternal and immortal. Knowing heart and consciousness could never be separate, for they are Oneness. And we are they. Individuated fractal aspects/sparks of heart-centered consciousness we refer to as Self, re-membering Oneness, anew. Coming into the true science of All That Is. Heart-centered consciousness, Being here and now. Or as the Arcturians put it. I am an ISBE (Immortal Spiritual BEing). Ever here and in the eternal now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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