Life Is But a Movie In a Movie Theater (What Is In Your Script?)

Sri Ramana Maharshi gives us a very nice analogy about who we truly are. And he uses something most all of us are familiar with. Seeing a movie at the movie theater. This analogy is from his book “Be As You Are – The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi”. I am reading the Kindle version that is edited by David Godman.

My interpretative perspective with additional insights is what follows.

When we go to the movies we must go into a room that purposefully puts us in “darkness”, with the exception of the movie screen depicted before us.

This can be likened to our coming into an incarnational experience. When the incarnation/movie begins, we purposefully bring about the darkness. We “dawn the band of forgetfulness” as we enter the movie theater, mentally speaking. This is so that we may focus on the screen before us and “forget” all about our “true” selves, as we become consumed with what is projected before us, on the, initially, “blank screen” that exists before us.

movie screen theater

When we first arrive, incarnationally speaking, the screen is white and clear. As in, we are a “blank slate”, as the expression goes. We are eagerly and excitedly in anticipation of the “show” that has just begun. What is going to happen, intrigues us. And though, we feel we have seen the “previews”, when “planning” our new life, actually experiencing the action/drama/inspirational/biography of our heroine’s journey, is far more meaningful.

Through our “youth” we are an “open” white/blank screen, mentally speaking. We allow all influences, at this stage of life to be embodied by us. We are, as they say, an “open book”. Our perception of the world “colors” our perspective, easily at this stage. Until about the age of seven or so, when we activate, and grow into our ego consciousness. And the “filtering” begins. As we dawn the frontal-lobe growth period of our brains, we instill a distinct sense of self. Thus, noticing we are individuated aspects.

And as the movie begins, the screen is fully illuminated with all manner of experiences and expressions. All kinds of feelings/emotions and thinking/processing occurs that consumes our attention/awareness. This is when we get “caught-up” in the illusion of Maya, or the “movie”. We “forget” that our Divine Light has been purposefully dimmed. So that we may discover ourselves, anew, and realize the Divine aspect of Self, once more.

We forget that the “movie” is not our true “reality”, as we get involved in the drama/adventure that begins to unfold. As we are “darkened” from perceiving anything concerning the true Self, just like when we are in the “darkened” movie theater, so that our focus remains ever present on the screen that exists before us, the ego movie projections. This, once more, is what is termed Maya or illusion. So, we view whatever “projections” are presented to us, as our personal experience. We own it. We “think” through our mind that all that is on screen before us, is truly us. And we get truly involved, as the “story”/”drama”, of Self unfolds.

Yet, while the movie screen is playing. If we were to “turn on” the lights in the movie theater room, the projection would be noticed for what it is, an illusion. The external light within the movie theater room, easily reveals that the screen is purely illusion. The external lights throughout the movie room make the projections that appear on screen seem faint, fake and false, now that we have illuminated our local within the theater room. And our awareness returns, once more, to the “true” reality. Quickly dismissing the “movie” as a “projection” and definitely, not our truth.

And this is what is occurring with us all. We are realizing that the projector is our ego consciousness. And that as long as we are “darkened” from the truth of who we are. We succumb to the “illusions” that are projected on the screen of our mind, through the ego consciousness. And in truth, the Higher Mind and High Heart is to lead our efforts in co-creating, instead of the projector/ego consciousness. The Christ Consciousness or the Unity Consciousness, knows how to “lead” us, as it is innately who we truly are.

For this Higher Mind to lead, we must bring forth the Divine Light, once more. Just like turning on the lights in the movie theater room, allows us to perceive the “illusions” projected on the movie screen, for what they are, illusions. When we consciously and intentionally bring forth this Divine Light, that is inherently already within, throughout and around us. We change, greatly. How?

We change our focus of awareness. And this change in focus, allows us to see that we are truly the Divine Lights that are illuminating our reality. Similarly, as the movie room lights reveal that our reality/truth is not the screen, nor the projections that are being presented, on the screen. The truth, behind our Being, and who we truly are, is grander and more luminous than any/all physical manifestations of Self. We are more than our bodies and minds. We are eternal heart-centered Divine sparks of Consciousness, firstly and foremost. Or, put simply, we are loving sparks of the Divine.

The illusion presented to us on the screen from the projector, is easily seen as false. And we readily recognize that it is not our truth. For now, that our focus has changed, we recognize that we are bathed in the Divine Light, already, inherently. As this is the truth of who we are. Although for some time, while in the darkness, we did “think” these projected illusions were truly us.


Now, there is no need to “think”. For returning to the now and focusing our attention on the Divine Light and awareness that is already streaming forth, from within, throughout and around us all. We re-member that we are not the persona on the screen, nor the projection (ego) of it, either. We realize, through Self-Realization or Direct Revelation or any other term that describes the profundity, that we are; already Divine sparks of God/Source expressing as fractalized individuated aspects of Self.

When we reach this state. We can easily peer at the illusion and actually take hold of the “on screen” manifestation and change it, consciously. And this begins to bring all manner of “true” entertainment into the “movie picture” of our life. As we bring about all of our passions and fulfill all of our joys. We recognize that we are the “stars” of the movie. Both, individually and collectively. And not only that. We are the producers, directors and even editors of our personal and planetary “movie production”. All of it being manifested through imagination. For imagination from thought, brings forth all manifestations in creation.

This gives us greater passion to bring about creations that have attributes that benefit and befit us, all. As we are ever desirous of expanding our joys and expressing our passions to and for, one and all. Always, this shows us how to achieve, even greater, levels of expansion and expression, that are harmonious and peaceful. Which brings forth our luminous wisdom expressed in and for our current Golden Age.

yellow stone

The Golden Age returns, anew. As we embody the inherent Divine Light we already have, within us. The projector has been recognized for what it is. And we may now use it to express, without the discord we used to experience, from the “older scripted” projections. As we are no longer in the darkness, awaiting our reality. We are the movie producers and directors, staring ourselves, as the “lead” in the production. Creating totally “unscripted” co-creations that are perfect. As we tread into the “unknown” of higher vibrational frequencies of 4th density of consciousness. As we return to the 5th dimensional planes of “non-physicality”, once more. All in Divine timing.

Our own luminescence has reached such brilliance, that the illusion no longer suffices. And we are bringing these limiting illusions in our reality, down. Just as we turn our attention to our true selves, residing in the movie theater. We simultaneously realize that the “projections”, no longer serve. In fact, they hinder, the truth of who we are, clouding our inherent luminous, Divine Light.

We are in a “new” dimension birthing a “new” world. And in this “new” dimension, we also dawn a “new” density of consciousness. We come into the knowing that we must create, anew. Even though we have “allowed” the “projector”/”ego” to lead us, previously. We now know that this is not the truth of who we are. So now, we must create through our High Heart and High Mind. Relegating the ego to its proper role, within the production.

As we recognize the “movie theater room” is filled with all of our beloved family. They too, have been enthralled by the movie “projector’s” illusions, in their own right. And as we are all expressing through free-will and as individual aspects of the Divine. Each in there own Divine timing is “awakening” as they each carefully get used to and assimilate/integrate as much “light” as they can. Since the “movie theater” is once more filled with our true Divine Light, emanating from/through our own individuated Light Bodies.

Remind me? Was this movie supposed to be a drama, that ends in misery, only? Or is this the “hero’s journey” we are watching? Where, our heroine dawns Her/His Divine Luminous-filled aspect of Self. The true superhero. That successfully integrates all that can be of service. While releasing all that does not serve. So that we may focus our efforts on inspiring and healing all that are truly desirous of integration and expansion, just as we are. All through our chosen method of displaying our true “superhero” passions and joys. Divine Creativity Being Expressed.

Do you recall the ending? When, for the most part, all went according to plan. We successfully triumphed, yet again. As the Light of God, never fails! And our Divine Luminous Being, expanded beyond and exceeded all expectations. As we recognized, once more. We are the Ones we have been waiting for. We are Light Workers, Light Warriors. We are Gate Keepers and Seers. We are beyond, time and space. Though we use these to our advantage, while creating. This is why we know, now that we have already succeeded.

Never forget, you are the “starring” role. None other, in Creation, qualifies to bring to Creation, all that your role has to offer. And that is entirely unique and entirely necessary. Both for the One and for the All. Even more so is it especially so, since the reality is infinite. Re-member your inherent, Divine power. Come back to your inherent shamanic knowing, as in, Direct Revelation. That the reality is as Divine as we make it. And we are surrounded by/with Divine Beings, all about us, always. And as we, ourselves, are inherently Divine, we bring about co-creations that are the pinnacle of luminous, brilliance and perfection. As we embody all that is Divine and expand our Light Bodies until they fill ALL within our path, with Divine Luminescence. All within, throughout and around our entire Beings. All, here and now.


What is in your “movie” script?


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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