Conscious Competition or Cooperation?


It is fascinating to know that everything has its own “version” of consciousness. From subatomic particles to the vast reaches of what we refer to as space. Each individuated aspect of its “own kind” has consciousness with which it interacts with the creation. Another interesting point to realize, is that each aspect of consciousness innately strives for harmony and fulfillment, within the whole of creation.

This should strike us as significant, as this, in and of itself, proves that the reality is one that is innately created to be of harmonious cooperation. With each aspect of consciousness contributing through its own fulfillment, for and towards, the whole of creation. Thus, proving the creation is truly not based on scarcity and “competition”. Which most of us where taught, as children. And are even being taught this today, wrongly so.


If we were to look at our own bodies, as an example. It is easily understood that the body must work as a coherent complete cooperative form. In harmony, with each aspect consciously fulfilling its purpose in the bodies creation. The heart works in unison with the breath and the muscles work with the bones for motion; and on and on.

No aspect of the physical body works in “competition” with another. Rather, everything works within cooperation through harmony and balance. We each contain within ourselves everything that would allow us to heal from anything. As well as, all that would allow us to get ill from anything. And, unless we go out of balance, everything maintains a healthy and symbiotic relationship. Through this balanced state of being, which is innately harmonious and cooperative. Either in its construct or in its deconstruct.

This should make us question our teachings of having to compete for anything/everything, either in life, love, business, relationships or even in leadership. As, inherently even our own bodies, know that ALL belongs. No aspect of the body suddenly decides that another aspect is unnecessary. And devotes resources to removing a “fictitious” threat. If this does occur, we refer to it as disease. And we KNOW that it is an entirely backwards concept for the body to go into a state of “attacking” itself. Which we refuse to tolerate.

And yet, we encourage this in society as if the “outer” reality is entirely different from the “inner” reality. And then we teach our children that this is the way of things? Rather, this “notion” of scarcity and competition seems bred from fear. Which is an illusion, as well.


Another interesting aspect of consciousness to note. Is that the vast majority of our body/mind realizes itself and functions within the now. Outside of the constraints of linear time. With the exception of our outer ego consciousness that perceives through linear time. This is how healings take place, some of which occur rather quickly or in some cases, literally, in the now. The body has this ability innately and functions “outside” of the need for time.

This means that innately our individual cells, chromosomes and so forth. Actually, are functioning from the now, fulfilling their life plan, consciously. And are even aware of and in accord with their own chosen time for transitioning. All while being within the now. Do we see how being in the now, allows greater perceptions of “time”, paradoxically?

Though everything within our bodies, very literally, take their direction from our own individual conscious state of being. And this should move us. For various ailments that occur to us physically, may stem from our mental/emotional state of being, first and foremost. These manifestations as literal physical ailments are the final form of disharmonious mental/emotional creations in physicality. In other words. Our illnesses stem from the mental/emotional states, before they manifest as physical symptoms and/or illnesses.

Remember, when Source/God made us, we were to work in unison with the Angelic and Elemental realms as we learned to be cocreators. As stewards of our planet/world. With the direction to keep everything in balance and harmonious through the power of love, Divine. As the creation is already perfect. As long as we maintain the balance harmoniously, creation sustains itself indefinitely.

Thus, the elementals were told that they were to work in accord with our directions. As we were to lead the effort. This means that if we go into discord. Mentally or emotionally, speaking. That the elementals within our body have to respond in accord with our directions and/or desires. Thus, they will bring about disharmony, in likeness, if we are bringing it about ourselves, consciously.

This is how we learn that what we think, we manifest. For it starts with our bodies. And always from within, firstly. Our mental and emotional states, coupled with our beliefs, thoughts and therefore our actions. Which either cause us to succeed harmoniously and through love achieve and maintain balance. Or, we experience the effect of our creations through disharmony and imbalance.

And our inner reality of the body through DNA and cellular realms will work in accord with our emotions, hormones, beliefs, thoughts and actions. To bring about what we believe, as well as what we perceive. These Elementals work always in accord with our directions to manifest our chosen state of being. Very powerful and very precise they are. As are we.

So, we are finding out, more and more. That we need to be more mindful of all that we allow into our reality. Mentally, emotionally, verbally and physically. From within, throughout and around our entire Beings. The fact is that we each have a Holy Temple that must remain a true sanctuary for the Divine. Ever maintained in a state of harmony and cooperation through love. All the while we must gain a greater awareness of the fact that we create literally everything that we experience. Ethereally, emotionally, mentally and physically we are always creating.

Our bodies will knowingly begin the process of transitioning, at our call. None of us goes through a transition, without the body knowing in advance and bringing this about for us. The cells do not live in “linear” time. They live in the now. And living in the now, gives us a broader range of perception, paradoxically. Thus, they know when we have “chosen” to begin our transition.

Keep in mind, that none of us transitions, without our consent and knowing. We are the ones that chose our own transition. And the body brings about our chosen means of departure. Though our ego consciousness is not involved in this knowledge, typically. Other aspects of Self, that we are “re-membering”, are in the know and are very involved in the process.

Our inner worlds recognize that the reality is multidimensional. Our cells, DNA and so forth, function with a more accurate awareness than we currently have, concerning our realm of creation. They see the reality more clearly than we do. As we are in a “schooling” in which we come to these knowings, consciously.

We must come to a Self-realization. Or in shamanic terms, we must come into Direct Revelation. And these are individual awareness and consciousness expanding processes that we each must embody; i.e. (no one saves us, but ourselves). We grow into our Christ Consciousness. All that we are progressing through, is a vast schooling in how to operate and create with our Christ Consciousness in various realms of density and dimensional realms, within creation, harmoniously and cooperatively. Knowing that ALL belongs, and all serves.


All the while, our consciousness is expanding and gaining greater and greater levels of awareness; thus, achieving the Unity Consciousness/Christ Consciousness. And as we expand we recognize that we are even more integrated within the whole, then we initially thought. We see that ALL belongs from an even greater vantage point, so to speak. And we come into knowing our own place, within All That Is. As cocreators within the Divine.

As we are new graduates of the higher 4th dimensional realms, we are perceiving anew, once more. Perceiving through 4th density consciousness. Coming into our own, as we decide how to ascend to higher frequencies, in the most gracefully cooperative and harmonious of ways.

While we leave the limitations and constraints of “linear” time, behind. Knowing that from the planetary body to the animal kingdoms, to even our own inner bodily realms of existence. All have innately transitioned out of the lower 4th dimensional realms, as we have integrated all of the complexities and joys of 3D to lower 4D life.

We learn together. We grow together. And we leave none behind. All are invited and have opportunity. There may be Souls that are not ready, yet, to “leave” the lower 4D realms and that is there free-will choice. And these are transitioning to their own uniquely chosen sojourns. With absolutely no judgement on either theirs nor our part. While we take Gaia and all who chose to express themselves on Her to ever higher planes of existence. As within, so without. All Being expressed from our here and our now.

The activations have been intense. Though the integrations are worth every experience and effort towards this. Know that all are receiving their proper activations at their proper times. So that the integration and their “letting go” of the old energy is successfully accomplished, in all, in perfect Divine timing. Graduates of Gaia’s school of ascension. Luminous Divine Beings of eternal Light. Cooperate! Celebrate! Success is sweet! Dawn the seamless robe, once more!

cooperation hands.png

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran


2 thoughts on “Conscious Competition or Cooperation?

  1. Do you realize that when you get back to the True Vibration of words (word origins) “competition” and “cooperation” are the same thing?! Compete means “aim together” (don’t take my word for it, a dictionary can help ya out). This is just one example of how our language has gotten corrupted over time. It’s always worth it to check on word origins, to return to the Divine Essence in our words. Very significant since we create through our Thoughts, Words and Deeds.


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