Changing Beliefs, Behaviors, Traits or Habits Easily


It is really easy to change a belief, behavior, trait or habit. If we give ourselves about 5 minutes a day to dedicate to the process of transformation. Without the necessity of seeking “outside” assistance.

Because many of our beliefs and habits are truly trained and/or memorized bodily responses. They become unconscious traits or responses that we enact, or embody, mostly unknowingly. And many times, we view these as personal traits that are immobile or unchangeable. Characteristics like, I’m “short-tempered” or I’m “bad at remembering names” or I’ve issues with my “weight”.


However, when we chose to, we may change any belief, behavior, habit or trait that we have, if we truly desire. The process in itself is fairly simple and straightforward. Because, we already know the desired belief that we are wanting to change. Which means we are not having to spend time, identifying the desired outcome. We know what it is we desire to embody, or emulate as our goal of achievement.

So, we are not struggling to identify what it is that needs to transform or change. Which allows us to focus on the expression of changing the habit, trait, behavior or belief that needs to be redefined. And the desired outcome is usually very obvious to us. As the result we are desirous of achieving is easily discerned. We know what we want.

Most of the time, the truth is that, we want the opposite of what we are experiencing. In other words, if we are ill we want to be healthy. If we are poor we want abundance. If we feel we are overweight we strive to achieve an optimal weight. If we are lonely we desire companionship.


So, to begin the process of changing the behavior, belief, habit or trait. We will utilize a 5-minute meditation and visualization; in which we perceive the desired outcome we are choosing to create, as already occurring. With as much focus, visualization and feeling. We envision our desired state of being, as if it is already our state of being, in this now, moment.

Whatever belief, trait or behavior that is out of balance. When we meditate, we will focus on the desired outcome, as if it is occurring to us, NOW; in our present. And this is key. We must keep our awareness in the present moment as we envision and meditate on the chosen desired outcome, through focused intent. Envisioning it as though we already innately embody this state of being, currently within our now moment. Keeping this focused state for no more than 5-minutes, however.

So, if we want to change a behavior. We will focus on visualizing the desired behavior, already occurring. Rather than what is currently occurring. Such as, fearing that we are not able to accomplish something that we truly desire or feel we should be able to do. Or believing that we are not endowed with a particular “gift” that we enjoy seeing expressed through others.

As an example. If we fear or disbelieve that we cannot “commune” with our Higher Self or any other Being we chose to, without an external source intervening in our behalf. So, we would visualize the opposite, instead. Where we are communing effortlessly with our intended recipient of focus or communication.

Through visualization/meditation we will experience as viscerally, completely and as wholly or focused as we can. That we are communing and communicating as easily and effortlessly with whomever we desire to interact with. Going through the process of our own unique version of a successfully manifested outcome. Seeing all transpire as we see fit, as completely as possible.

Though this process should not ensue for more than about 5-minutes, once again. As this allows for optimal time, without creating burden through the process, which distracts.

With the stipulation that once this process has been completed. The entire subject/thought/visualization and process be left alone until the following day. Then the next day, proceed to repeat the 5-minute meditation/visualization process, when convenient.

The effects will be noticed, shortly, if this is practiced for a period, faithfully. As the process is designed to bring about the necessary constructs for a change in the behavior, belief, habit or trait; physically. How so?

This process brings about an “enacting” that the body feels as “real”, as if we were already experiencing this physically. To the brain/body/cellular structure. There is no difference between what we envision through meditation, contemplation or perception, versus what we accomplish through direct physical action. From the brain/bodies perspective, all is interpreted as real or actualized through our physicality.

angel thoughts-1287676_1920

This is why we are taught that are thoughts are so powerful. Thoughts actualize, just like physical actions actualize. When we go through the process. The body will bring about the hormones and other bodily biological processes that do indeed enact what we perceive.

An example of this could be building muscular strength. Most individuals go work-out physically to achieve their progress. Yet, we have seen evidence, time and again. That those that visualize/meditate that they are doing the same, though not actually doing this, physically. Achieve similar results. Thus, the body/mind/biological process, knows no difference.

So, usually, within a month, the changes that we continue to envision and meditate upon, are noticeably manifest within our lives. The behavior will have begun to change, or actualized the complete change in a visceral and physical way. Thus, we truly do embody our desired outcome.

Showing us, yet again, that we are the creators of our reality. We are the ones that instill our beliefs in our own physical reality. And we do so, either knowingly or unknowingly. Thus, would it not be better to be in the know, than to not? To take charge and change anything we deem unacceptable in our lives?

imagine - 736px-Almeida_Júnior_-_Moça_com_Livro.jpg

Seeing these “imagined” outcomes transpiring in our lives actually instills us with further confidence in the process. And as these transpire in our physical reality we achieve a coherence of frequency/vibrational resonance that makes these manifestations occur more easily as we build our creative muscles, in this technique/process.

This process works on anything that we chose to change. As our emotions and thoughts, followed by physical action, always bring about our passions and creations. So, taking responsibility for transforming our thoughts to instill and envision our desired state of Being. Is truly the process of transcending a perceived state of powerlessness, into the truth of our innate creative powers of direct manifestation.

Taking charge and creating from within will always manifest in the without. Yet, most of us have been “taught” to acquiesce to the outer reality, first. Seeking to find someone or something outside of ourselves, to change what manifests truly and uniquely from within us. As though someone outside of ourselves will know us better than we know ourselves.

Though, we realize that we all learn from one another. Seeing other than the Self enlightens us as to our own traits, beliefs, habits and so forth, within ourselves. And many times, we become aware of alternate of ways of accomplishing a desired goal, by our interactions with others. By seeing similar situations, anew.

So, sharing is an excellent method of seeing what has been successful for one another. However, we are each unique and individual. Which means that anything we receive from the without, we must adapt or conform to our own unique persona, from within. We must make it our own.

Although all tools, techniques and processes are valid and may accomplish similar results; as the one mentioned above. This is, yet another “tool” in our arsenal. That may allow those that resonate with such a process, to bypass the more “time-consuming” 3D methods of losing undesirable traits. Which are typically, costlier, as well. And this method does not instill a dependence on an external source for accomplishment.

Instead, we empower ourselves to do what others attempt to accomplish on our behalf. We own our inherent Divine power knowing that this is our truth. Which gives us renewed confidence that we are capable of manifesting any and all of our desires. Seeing that Source/God has always instilled us with the means to transform anything in our reality. As we create our pure expression of Divine living.

Allow the inherent power of our Divine Expression to bring us into our proper place. Knowing that we now actually know how to simplify our process of transformation. Changing beliefs, behaviors, traits and habits, easily. As we trust that we are already aware of our insights the body gives, and thus “tune-in” to our  own innate direction. Through working within our true power of the now and the Self.

Manifesting our chosen desires through the joy of seeing them, in advance. Visualizing, meditating and feeling our chosen state of Being. And watching it all unfold. Impressed with our own innate power, here and now.

The following 5-minute technique was derived from The Nature of Personal Reality… from Jane Roberts, a Seth book.

Seth book of Jane Roberts.jpg

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran


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