1 Year and 1 Month of Divinity In Us Blog – by Gabriel F Duran

1 Year and 1 Month of Divinity In Us Blog – by Gabriel F Duran

I started Divinity In Us – Blog, 1 year and a little over 1 month ago. The process of setting up this site was a BIG move for me. As I was not exactly “on-board” with the direction that I was receiving. And yet, the results have literally transformed me. How so?

Well, when I began my spiritual quest. I was very reluctant that I would be sharing anything that I learned, or that I received from my Guides and stellar family. I was so engrossed in the “material” reality, that I couldn’t see beyond myself. I was still very immature in my “awakening” process, from my perspective.

I felt that I started receiving suggestions from my Guides, to at least “journal” what I was receiving. At which time, I started the blog. I began this sharing by thinking that it would help solidify my “new” learning/knowing I was/am coming into. A means to “prove” to myself that I am understanding all that I am receiving.

The reading and research I came across was much to coordinated and seemed to lead me through a process of gaining confidence in what I was “re-membering”. If I had a question, by the very next day, I was being directed to where to find my answer. Even if I wasn’t even trying. I would coincidentally be given, either the answer, or the means of retrieving the answer to what I was looking for.

After a while, it seemed that I would have to focus, intently, on what I was desiring to expand, concerning knowledge. For, as soon as I began developing questions, I started to receive the answers. Which made me realize that I could easily be inundated with all manner of information like this, if I didn’t focus on what I was truly desiring to learn/know/remember.

Then, as time ensued, I realized that the “journaling” process was really helping me. In ways imperceptible, I was expanding my understanding and awareness as my consciousness expanded, even further. The information became, even more, alive. The energy and the Guides were greatly instilled in the process, as I recognized this more and more. I realized that I was truly in a school of ascension.

When the process expressed, even further. I started receiving information that “seemed” to be for “others”. This was brought about by direct intention. As I was desirous of gaining further experience in “receiving” information that would/could be useful for those that are of similar resonance.

I was astounded when I began to see the actual difference in the information, cadence and verbiage. At times, my chosen words of expression would be, quite dissimilar to my own means of expressing. Which are usually, not as graceful. This gave me the zeal to see this process continue and expand.


I am very appreciative to all of my subscribers. Those that are “tuned-in” via email. And those that are WordPress subscribers. A writer is nothing, without a reader. As the whole point of authoring an article or post, is to share and bare what is being expressed and experienced. And to illicit an emotional response. To cause the reader/subscriber to perceive, perhaps, anew.

Though I am fully aware that any of my subscribers/readers has such enticing information, readily at-hand. The “problem” in an information society is the ability to focus in on and perceive what is of true value, amid the myriad amounts of information. And I can attest to the fact that our own unique Guides are critical to this ever-changing focus. They make certain we receive exactly what we need, at exactly the most impactful time.

So, for those that, truly, do take time out of their very important and busy lives, to give pause to a “stranger’s” insights; I appreciate and honor you and this act, greatly. As I am certain that our “paths” were ever destined to cross. Even if, but for an article or two. Even these seemingly simple interactions have been orchestrated by each of us. So as to instill the greatest benefit for all concerned. Through our interactions.

I have studied many aspects of spirituality. And I believe that this is the key to our consciousness expansion. That is ever, underway. As we transition to the “new” Heavens and Earth. As we expand beyond the realms of “cause and effect”. As we release the “constraints” of linear time and space. All from our here and now. All from within to the without.

lionsgate-portal 7.jpg

The Lion’s Gate Portal has passed, once more. The energies where very intense. After these stellar positions accomplished their transformational energy “showers”. We all had a period of rest for our integrations, that occurred. And this too has passed. Requiring much rest and excessive amounts of sleep. While, simultaneously throwing our sleeping patterns off, significantly. Keeping us up, when we are normally sleeping. And causing us to desire sleep, at the most unusual of times.

After the processes mentioned above, my meditations were noticeably, “deeper”. And my ability to “keep up” with the “linear time” hastened. Thus, I knew not what day it was, when I awoke. As this occurred numerous times, throughout this period.

Sure enough, as usual. Once the process was complete and we had passed the foretold window. My typical “ear anomalies” began, again. This is my period of receiving “downloads”. As, no doubt, many of us have gone through, similar experiences.

Usually either the left ear or right ear seems like it loses “air” or is “clogged”, momentarily. Which makes me feel like I went deaf in that ear. Then a sudden rush of air and bewildering high pitches ensue. Which can last momentarily. Or can keep persistent for days on end. As the ability to perceive sound, once more returns to the ear. After the shocking onslaught of high-pitched ringing tapers down.

This typically happens when we have assimilated all of the “newly” given downloads and activations. We go through yet another round of the same process. Though, not all, have such audible clues. Thus, I am sharing what has been occurring through this transition, from my perspective.

We are all unique and different, on purpose. As our diversity is our strength. So others may experience entirely different symptoms through the exact same portal. Yet, rest assured that each are receiving their proper receiving/revealing. I merely point out those perceptions that have been expressed by myself, as well as others, no doubt.

The 3D ego persona that likes to bring us the mental “chatter” should be more subdued, now. Our Higher Selves have embodied more of our physical Divine Being. Which, greatly eases the 3D transition/ascension symptoms. As we embody more of the Luminous Divine Being that we are, innately.


Thus, allowing us to be the beacon of these new energies. Which keeps us shielded from the lower frequency energies we typically feel around others that carry greater amounts of disharmony. Further allowing us to integrate, even deeper portions of the luminous activation energy we received throughout the “open source” portal that occurred, last month.

This new activation that has been gifted us incorporates more access to our spiritual, stellar and cosmic families. We have expanded our awareness of our simultaneous parallel lives that are occurring, within the ever eternal now moment. Not just knowledge of other “past” or “future” lives are more readily available. Our inherent “gifts” that we carried in these lives, are greatly expanding in our now. We will have much more access to these aspects of Self that carry many of the attributes we may draw from at even greater levels, now. Which will empower us with more of our innate abilities of multidimensionality. As the vast majority of our “simultaneously-parallel expressions” are partaking in greater multidimensionality than we ourselves are, currently.

Our schooling of how to extend our periods of conscious existence and experience in the higher 4D and 5D realms has been opened, greatly. Our meditations and visualizations will have even greater impact on our lives, more quickly. As we operate less in linearity, we manifest more so without the need for “time” to pass, before our desires are actualized through direct manifestations. And more multitudinous expressions of experiencing the eternal time of now, can occur.

Many may feel or sense that they have been in meditation for a greater amounts of time, than has actually passed. What normally felt comfortable in an hours’ time. Will feel as though the same amount was accomplished in half an hour. Or, others may feel as if they are running behind, only to discover that they are actually accomplishing all, in perfect timing.

These are necessary “loosening” experiences of time. We are letting go of the need to experience time, “linearly”, anymore. And as we embrace these changes, we will find that we can do much more within time. Without the constraints of “linearity”. As we become “adepts” of time mastery. Which is the paradox. We must “master” these non-linear time movements as they fruition in a linear time fashion, of sorts. To get past the constraints of time, we must master time. And that we are learning/remembering to accomplish.

Time is thus, much more malleable. Learn to use this to our advantage. As we begin operating, once more, through simultaneous time. Where we may easily change anything in our “past”, “future” or “now”. All from our only point of power, the now.

We need to begin to perceive these directed manifestations of change that we envision through our own chosen form of meditation. And while we do this, we must incorporate these intended manifestations throughout the whole of our time vista. In other words, we may “fix” things in any spectrum of time. We may “alter” something that is more to our liking, that occurred in either our past or our future.

This is what hypnosis and various other forms of psychological therapy accomplish. A reliving and a redefining of the past “issues” or “traumas”. Recreating them as being expressed more in line with our personal views and desires. We thus, remedy the situation by recreating it. Making it occur more to our liking. And this does change the event from our “past” and our “present”. As well as altering our future timelines. Without the perceived “blemishes”.

Through the 5-minute visualization/meditation. We may focus on any period of time, to change any form of behavior, belief, habit our trait. Perhaps we go back in time and “erase” the most negative aspects of an injury that we received. If not the entire incident, as a whole. Or, we may even go into our future. To acquire a “healing” that transcends the “issue” that we have in our now moment, rather than redefining the “past”.

Either way, time is no longer the constraint that it used to be. We are beyond those “training wheels”. So, don’t forget to get creative with our healings and our clients. The “time change” that they experience through the healing, may be enough of a “shock” for them to truly “let go” of what they no longer need to carry.

Know that we are moving ever onward. The integrations and activations that have occurred through the Lion’s Gate Portal have been greatly successful. Be sure not to slip into the past, again. As we create from our now. Without the need to “mine” our past for what has worked and what has not.

For we are in the “unknown”. And the unknown, in the present point of power, is the fertile creative ground for manifestations in the higher 4th and 5th dimensional realms. As we establish ourselves in the 4th density of conscious expression, in creation.

I bless one and all. With what blessings I have to give. As you have and continue to assist me, greatly, in my spiritual growth/quest. The ride has really just begun. And the ascension ladder is getting steeper. As the pace gets fixed in “non-linear” time. Expansion abounds. And all that we can assimilate and activate will greatly assist us through the event.

celebration sunset-2103130_1920.jpg

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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