Equinox Activation in Balance


We have been blessed with additional higher frequency energies that have greatly increased our various 4th density attributes. Those that have the “Clair” abilities, i.e. clairvoyance, clairaudience and so forth, should notice that these energies/abilities have increased. There is some integration that must occur, as a result, though. What does this mean?

When we are given these high frequency energetic “waves”, we have to “clear” what does not serve, in order to gain from these “new” energetic benefits. In other words, this “forces” us to confront some energies that we may have been neglecting. If we have a perceived “weakness” or “misconstrued” belief; these may be coming forward to be released and let go of.

The amount of time and the process we go through to release these, is entirely our own. For we are each unique and Divine aspects that are individuated. So, take note of what works for you. And know that in this “new” energy, the process of letting go flows quite readily, if we are not resistant to the process. Yet, know that the entire point of this is to truly “release” and “let go” of what does not serve.

As we “clear” the old, we make room for the new. And these new energies are a significant increase in our inherent and innate abilities. As everyone’s intuition, telepathic and psychic abilities are aligned, once more. This is why it is becoming easier and easier to know when we are being lied to. Our innate senses are heightening. Notice how our “old” political system doesn’t work anymore. As it was/is based on deception, greatly.

This also forces us to be the expression of compassion towards all whom we encounter. As we know that all are integrating these energies at their own unique pace. And, far be it from us, to know what another is contending with and processing. Rather, we each recognize that ALL deserve the gentle love and kindness that we feel we would like expressed toward us, similarly.

And we ourselves can certainly understand when these energies come about, the intensity of psychic “effluvia” is increased, or stirred up, temporarily. In other words, we go through a little “dip” energetically, as we successfully process these energies. And as we let go of these old false beliefs and limiting views, our consciousness and awareness expands greatly.

Much like when the “fog” lifts in a location, suddenly our vision is able to see for much greater distances. So too when we lift/clear the mental “fogs” of limiting and false 3rd density beliefs, we once more have more of our multidimensional sight returned. We easily see more clearly and further along the potentials of possible parallel reality expressions of actuation that we prefer. Giving us greater options and even more probabilities that are in alignment with our desired experience and choice of expression.

These higher vibrational energetic “waves” are best processed through being grounded and heart-centered.

As a person who tends to be rather “headstrong”, I speak of direct experience. Staying out of the “mind” is the order of the day. For if not, you too, may end up spending an afternoon apologizing to all of your guides and so forth, for “blowing up” at them. For this is an internal process. Though rest assured, our guides are always there. Even if we are “out of line” with them, for a moment.

Illuminating Thoughts

Letting the head/mind rest and not going into mental chatter would/will help, tremendously. As these energies may tend to bring forth beliefs that we have held from past times, perhaps around religious views or ancestrally “ingrained” traits. Long held “false” mental and energetic views that do not serve may come forth at this time for release.

Letting go of those energetic thought systems and beliefs that do not serve and are “agitating” us, may come about rather easily if we allow it, at this time. With the “reward” of expanding our awareness and consciousness into realms not expressed throughout the whole of humanity, for some time. The “work” is well worth the effort. And since we have ALL been given these energies, there really is no other choice.

Though many speak of the “event” as a singular mass energetic wave from our Sun. The truth is that we are having numerous solar “events” that are gradually lifting our energies up, beyond the constraints of our 3D limitations and linearity. These ever-increasing event “waves” are carefully orchestrated. So as to have the greatest impact with the least amount of resistance, to/for all concerned. The planet, the solar system, the tremendous amount of life that will ALL be affected. The culmination will truly be something like none-other. Yet, this would not occur, as well, without these gradual “waves” of increased energetic frequencies.

As noted, I have been stressing letting go a lot. For there is a tendency at this time for some to think of going back to their old ways. Or perhaps, seeking the comfort of “yesteryear”. Reminiscing on the nostalgic ways of yesterday may become a hindrance. Notice the “traits” in our entertainment. Everyone seems to want to do a “reboot” of a series, again. Some, desperately, want to return to the familiar.

Either we move forward and ascend. Or we are going through another cycle of 3rd density living for several millennia. Those that are not moving forward, are bringing back the “old”, once more. As Berlin brought the “wall” down in the latter 80’s. We now have, Trump, wanting the “familiar” concept of a “wall”, once more. Different circumstance, yet the same energy is being revisited, again.

Many past “tendencies” or “habits” are being played out individually and collectively. Change is the order of the day. As the weather we are creating is rather tumultuous throughout the planet. With fires, tornadoes, floods and hurricanes clearing much that cannot move forward.

Again, we must be compassionate and loving for those that are using these events to transition to their “new” desired form of expression. No one goes through these transitions, unaware. Though this “awareness” take place for the majority at what is perceived as “unconscious” levels. The truth is that the “greater” Self, the I AM, is ever in the know of these decisions. And even the aspect of self that we are when we “sleep” is fully aware and desirous of the experience. Though we have been “taught” to deny these other aspects of self. As it turns out, these aspects of self are just as involved in our creations, as the self we recognize throughout our day.

Remember, balance is the midpoint. The Way, in which we achieve a successful integration of these energies. Try not to “numb” these harsher emotions as they come forth for release, with medication or other indulgences, even if they feel rather extreme. As this, greatly hinders the effectiveness of the release. Process, process, process.

Keep foremost in our minds that we are not “alone” throughout this process. For the Ascended Host, Angels and Guides are working in full force with us through these ascension shifts. Our prayers should be in asking for the clarity we need to perceive from in order to show us what we truly need to release.

Process these now. For as the energetic waves increase, these stagnant energies must be released. And the longer we delay, the greater the effort in this process becomes. The less we will be able to complete these as easily as we can, now. Always creating from the now. Release, renew and integrate, anew.

Ascension is here and now. We have and will continue to succeed. For the power is to the people, once more. As we see that old-order “hierarchies” no longer serve. Instead they hinder all of our innate creative abilities. All for the comfort of a select few. We thus, successfully “lose” these, as we get rid of all that does not serve.



Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran


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