Ever-Present Ascended Host

I was listening to a talk by a prominent speaker, once. And I was surprised as the speaker took questions from the audience. As one of the participants of the conference came forth questioning the actions of those from the Ascended Host, i.e. the Ascended Masters. In particular, the audience member was under the “misguided” belief that those that have already “ascended” have, sort of, left us “high and dry”, as the saying goes.

I was surprised that the individual believed that those of the Ascended Host have “moved on” and are no longer of service to the rest of us. As this is the furthest from the truth of their actions, not to mention their motives. No one would be a candidate for ascension and be given membership with the Ascended Host, if they were not on a path that increases their individual and group service to All That Is/Source.

When we look at the history of those that have come before us. We do see that the first 3 root races had successfully completed the human experience/journey. And they did ascend into the higher realms of frequency. Donning the “seamless robe”. Never needing to reenter the cycles of “birth and death”, any more.

However, when the recalcitrant souls came to the Earth from other star systems, when the 4th root race came into being, simultaneously; much changed. The effluvia that the recalcitrant souls brought with them, brought about a marked change in humanity. For, before their introduction, humanity had direct access to their “higher” powers of senses. What we refer to as the “Clair” senses. Those of clairvoyant, clairsentient and so forth.

During the previous 3 root races. Humanity had access to and visible interaction with those from the higher “inner” planes of frequency. In other words, we could interact directly with our Spiritual Guides, the Angels, the Elohim and the Elementals. There was no veil, whatsoever that clouded our consciousness/mind.

Also, humanity never had a “fog” around their aura’s that “clouded” their own sight/sound/knowing and so forth, from these higher planes of frequency. Direct access to our own, inherent, “I AM” Presence and our Christ Self, or High Mind, was clouded over, as well. This is commonly known as the “fall of man”.

This change brought about all manner of activity from the Ascended Host. To have certain measures in place that would be able to “counter” these “new” limitations that humanity would express. Much action, on their part, was brought forth to assist us.

We are in a period now, spoken of as the “harvest”, by certain ones. In which many souls are ascending to greater planes of awareness and consciousness. Where we integrate our Divine, inherent, High Mind and Heart. Which brings about the permanent Golden Age, of Ascended Master, Saint Germain.

Those that are of “service to others” are considered part of the positive harvest. Whereas, those that are of “service to self” are considered part of the negative harvest.

Those of positive harvest, have enabled and embodied each aspect of the 7 Chakras and the 7 rays of expression. With the High Heart, “renting in two” the veil to the “Most Holy”. Allowing this “Most Holy” center to be the focal point and director of our efforts. Adhering to the call of the Divine, within.

Those of a negative harvest have bypassed their High Heart in order to proceed. Which means they are ascending with 6 Chakras active. Leaving the High Heart out of the “picture/equation”. Going forward into, yet a “higher” form of limitation. Rather than ascending into, our inherent, greater freedom of expression.

As all who have tried to ascend through “eliminating” what has been given in Divine Love, find a very long journey of a great many “lessons”, ahead and in store for them in their future. Only to come to the same realization that could be had, here and now.

So, recognize that we are always assisted and guided by the Ascended Host. None, have ever left us. For even from the inner planes of Shamballa and the various Retreats the Ascended Host have established, on our behalf. They and we are ever working together. Ever aware of our situations, individually and collectively. They know us each, by name.

Many a times, as we are “asleep”, we are carried away to these various Retreats that the Ascended Host have created, by our Angelic Guides. So as to be bathed in the Violet Flame of transmutation and transcendence. So that they may “lighten our load” of effluvia we have created, for ourselves.

With the advent of the recalcitrant souls, none of us could have ascended without the quick action of the Ascended Host. They have brought about all manner of Divine intervention, and sought every manner of dispensation that Cosmic Law has allowed. They put the word out throughout the Cosmos, and many Divine Beings responded. And their efforts have been unparalleled. Having been thrust into a situation that was hardly conducive towards assisting and nurturing a developing consciousness. They readily acted and began the process which has successfully led us to our assured victory. Instilling us all with the true motto… “The Light of God, Never Fails!”

I was a little surprised that the speaker had not addressed this, with the questioner. For the “error” in his question was answered with a “hearty” comment from the speaker, in which he said “I will not leave you when I ascend”. No doubt, with much consternation, when considered, afterward.


The Ascended and Angelic Host, read each and every one of us, very easily. And it is as simple for them to see beyond our perceived illusions/distortions that we give them and even give ourselves. It is readily apparent for them to perceive our state of Being. For they are ever in Divine Truth. Thus, calling out that same energetic frequency in ourselves, Divine Truth. Which reveals, all.

Remember, all change begins from within, firstly. If we “think” we can ascend and not have to “clear” our “transgressions”, we are missing the point. For the point is to instill the Divine Purity we have/had when we began this process. With the addition/integration of our Wisdom gained through these expressions of experience.

The time has come. The revealing of all is occurring. The knowledge we have always sought is there for the “taking”. The integration is happening whether we are consciously aware of this process, or not.

Everyone is going through a transmutation and transcendence, that stems from within. This is why many “issues” are coming to the forefront, in our day. And this process will continue to increase for a period. As we each “let loose” that which no longer serves. Both individually and collectively. Even at the level of race, tribe, family, nation and country/continent.

We are leaving the limitations of 3D and the perceived, duality. What comes to the surface must be allowed expression through love Divine and compassion. Being fully ready to instill forgiveness through compassion, when necessary. With the loving intent to resolve what is brought forth, rather than “deny” or “bury” these expressions coming to the forefront for resolution. As we lovingly “release” the past “wounds”. Knowing that our ever-present now, is where we are needing to focus. For we must leave the past, with the past. Or use this moment to “rewrite” our past, in the moment, and then move on.

The many dispensations that have been granted have assured that ALL of us are indeed ascending. Even the recalcitrant souls have “acquiesced”. Knowing this entire process is for the benefit of All. And, no doubt, having been given a “glimpse” into their future paths, should they have chosen otherwise, they recognized the opportune moment, at last. We are told that enough of those that agreed to proceed, created a “catalyst” that affords a dispensation for ALL recalcitrant ones.

Proving, yet again, the “Light of God, Never Fails!”



Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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