In the Beginning

Most are “familiar” with the Biblical account of creation. And the account of Adam being created as well as Eve. For most, the account is one that is perceived as being, literal. However, we may see a greater “allegory” that transpires, if we look at the scenario a little more “scientifically”.

Most do not realize that the accounts given through this allegory depict a change in a dimensional state of being. As we look at the information under a different “light”. See if this makes any sense, as a reasonable means of identifying the “truth” behind the verbiage.

As man was created, the first task was to “name” all of the creatures. This level of “awareness” that Adam expressed was from a higher plane of consciousness. In other words, Adam was existing in the higher 4th and 5th dimensional states of Being, in the beginning.

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The tree of “knowledge of good and bad”, was the forbidden tree to eat from, within the Garden of Eden. Gen. 2:17. With the express admonition, that should Adam and Eve eat from this tree, they would surely die. This is a “clue” as to the state of Being, this “tree”, would “figuratively” induce.

For the tree is “figuratively” representing the “lower” 3rd and 4th dimensional realms or planes of existence. Where “birth and death” are the means of evolving, (i.e. incarnation), back to the higher dimensional planes, which are beyond the need for repeated “incarnation” into physicality.

When Adam and Eve “partook” of the fruit. They were suddenly aware that they were “naked”. This is in reference to the fact that at this level of awareness. Physical bodies are a necessity, from which to perceive from. This plane of awareness must be experienced and expressed from the “plane” of physicality. In other words, a “physical body” is necessary.

Thus, when God saw their situation, the response was to “clothe” them in “skins of flesh”. In other words, they were given “physical” bodies, to exist from, within this physical plane. And then God began “teaching” them about how to perceive and sustain themselves from this level of reality. As being physical, in a dense sense, was new to them.

Anyone that comes to this “plane” of existence, requires a physical form, from which to perceive from. This was the “coat of skin” given to Adam and Eve. As they were no longer able to “ascend” back into the higher planes of awareness. Why?


Choosing this form of expression, (i.e. partaking in the fruit of the tree of knowledge of “good and bad”), was choosing an evolution through a certain form of expression of/in consciousness. And this chosen form of consciousness would require much “cycling” through various life forms. As one “gains” the knowledge of good and bad. Or, in other words, perceiving through “duality”. Developing an ego consciousness along with the analytical mind, through physicality.

This means of growth and evolution of awareness and conscious expansion, requires much experience through the “lower” dimensional realms of 3rd and 4th density of consciousness. Before, embodying and integrating the “lessons” learned through experiencing through this means of expansion of consciousness. And returning, once more, to the higher planes of awareness. As in, the higher 4th density and beyond; levels of consciousness. And the expressing through the higher dimensional planes of awareness that are native to the 4th and 5th dimensional planes.

The fact that the woman chose to be the first to “partake” is rather significant. Though, differing much, from what is “traditionally” held. For as we look at the principle of what the feminine energy does, we see that this feminine energy is truly the “impetus” behind Divine Creational energy. The female principle is the energetic “go doer”, throughout Creation.

The snake being the “figure” that led Eve to “partake” is of significance, as well. For the snake has always been depicted as the “pure” Kundalini energy that must be “awakened” in all of us. For this energy is, in itself, the “impetus” that brings us back to our original state of Being. This energy is the means by which we ascend, to the higher planes, once more.

All the while, we integrate and embody the wisdom gained through expressing an evolution through this outer form of consciousness being developed, (i.e. ego/analytical consciousness). Where we develop the interpretation of “other than” Self, through the expression of an ego construct. Knowing “good and bad” or “duality” in a very visceral way. As we each live an expression that partakes, very literally, in both expressions of this duality.

Yet, when this “evolution” is complete, we begin the process of merging these “separate” aspects of Self that we have purposefully separated for the experience. We bring together the Divine Feminine and Masculine, as we enter the “mystical marriage”. For we re-unite, once more, into the complete Being that we truly are. Integrating back into the Oneness we have always held, within.

Though the analogy given above is but one interpretation of the events given in reference to the Biblical passages. It seems to offer a perspective that addresses some long-lost “Garden of Eden”. For the angel that stands guard at the “threshold” to Garden of Eden, is indicative of a “border” that one must cross through, to be “allowed” back into the Garden of Eden.

A frequency of conscious “attainment” must be met, before on can ascend back into the planes of higher frequency, referred to as the Garden of Eden. Access to this level of awareness occurs, when the “schooling” is complete. And one perceives, once more, from the 4th density of consciousness and beyond. Where our inherent, Divine attributes, once more hold sway. Allowing our manifestations to arrive at a much easier and swifter pace.

As we embody our Higher Self, more and more, each day. We begin to perceive the “illusions” of separation, for what they are, illusions. And we begin establishing rapport and relations, once more, with our multidimensional aspects of Self. After attaining Self-Realization from within. We, “literally” become the Higher Self, in physicality. Knowing we are ever at the proper place, at the proper time. Fulfilling our Divine plan.

As “beginnings” go. We are at another major beginning, as of now. For as this process occurs, and unfolds, within the whole of humanity. Our “ancestral” roots are coming to the forefront, more and more. And many are “finding out” that these ancestral roots, emanate from the stars. As we come into our own, so to speak. So is our beloved Gaia.

For Gaia too, is “re-membering” Her stellar “roots”, as well. And as Gaia “recalls” this knowledge, so do we. For we are no more separate from Gaia, as we are separate from our fellow brothers and sisters. Thus, as Gaia brings forth the knowledge of Her stellar roots. We too, will be “re-membering” our stellar history, more and more.

Already, our “inner Earth” and “cosmic” families have increased their activities with us surface dwellers, greatly. Those that are sincerely reaching out to their “cosmic” and “inner Earth” families/relations, are already interacting with these ones. And ALL are invited to expand their awareness into these realms of interaction within their own reality.

Know that an intent made with sincerity, to begin and/or increase these interactions, at bedtime, before one sleeps, works well. For many of the ones we commune with, have an easier time, interacting with us at this level. For at nighttime, when we are “asleep”, there is less “limitation” of interactions through frequency. We are “loosened” from the consensus reality and the “limiting” frequencies we inhabit during daily conscious awareness.

As we extend our “psychic” reach to our “stellar and cosmic” families, as well as our “inner Earth” families, we increase in frequency. For these forms of interaction are an aspect of what raises our frequencies. Knowing fully, that our own Higher Self, is the director of these interactions. And that NONE take place, without the “authorization” and direction of our own Higher Self.

Once a certain level of expansion has been achieved, on inner levels, more visceral interaction with these ones, begins. For our ascension is one of expansion in consciousness as well as frequency and physicality. And as we gain greater awareness, at inner levels, we bring this energetic construct “down” with us to our daily sojourns. This is the “bridge building” that occurs, between the dimensional realms.

More balancing activities, ceremonies and journeys that incorporate, Gaia, are encouraged. For during this time of many “activations” and “integrations”, Gaia helps us, tremendously. As our journeys are ever interlinked, with each other. As Gaia, ascends, so do we. And as we ascend, so does Gaia. And both Gaia and us have been making the “call” to our extended family, for some time, seeking assistance and guidance. In great numbers, have been “their” responses, to our calls.

So, let us honor the four directions. Perform abundance, healing and soul-retrieval ceremonies and journeys, in gratitude. Showing Gaia that we are honored to be awakened at this time. And being an able-bodied Being that brings about the ascension. A true Light Worker in the here and now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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