The “Technique”

When I first began meditating, I found myself reflecting on my research and studies, rather than being silent, mentally speaking. Which is not exactly the “goal” of meditation. However, I would, eventually, attain the state of “stillness” that was the intended goal by using this process, nonetheless.

Then, as time progressed, I found myself using this process as a “technique”.

When I would go into “reflection” upon my research and studies, while in this state. I began realizing that the information would expand upon itself, on its “own”, rather seemingly. Much like “tapping” into the Akasha to retrieve more on the subject. I would just achieve a state of coherence, while in this state, in which the information flowed rather effortlessly and readily.

Many times, when I would receive some rather profound information, I would want to share this with my parents. However, much that I study and research, is rather deep information. So, I would not always have success in conveying the information in the proper manner, in person. And this is when the “technique” took on a new approach.

Knowing that we each have a Higher Self, I would go into meditation, and convey my findings to my mother, in the etheric plane. While intending that her Higher Self, direct the flow. Interestingly, when I would do this. I would see the information being conveyed from her, to me. In her voice and form, as if she was the one sharing the information with me. Is this a “key” to the technique?

Then as time ensued, I began “teaching” this information, myself. I would be the one directing the information. In my own voice. And once more, the information would expand upon itself, while in this state. So, I just viewed the time of “reflection” as a “class”, in which I would “teach” what I knew. As if figured, if I could explain it, as one would who was teaching, then I would know that I did truly understand it.

Then, once when I was out having lunch with a fairly new friend, she asked me what I did for a living. And without any hesitation I said that I “teach in the etheric realms”. Which promptly shocked both her and myself. So, none of us elaborated on the subject. We simply started talking about something else.

Though, this is not necessarily my “day job”. I, myself, was rather perplexed by the statement I made, in which, I so assuredly announced that I was a “teacher” in the etheric planes. However, I was not about to change the process, as it worked very well. Yielding what I perceived to be, rather great insights into what I was receiving/learning/re-membering. As the Soul “remembers” the Persona receives “learning”.

Sheila and Orbs 2

Some time later, my wife bought a camera for a trip we were about to go on. And so, she tested out the camera, by taking a few pictures in the backyard. At which point, we both discovered that there were many “orbs” all about our backyard. And they seemed to be rather friendly, and do easily “appear” for pictures, when we request.

Gabe and orbs on medicine wheel

I did not put together the statement of “teaching in the etheric realms” with these ones, the orbs, for quite some time. And I am not saying that ALL orbs are disembodied Souls, looking for a “teacher”. Though, I have seen a correlation, as to when we began seeing these orbs and my chosen form of “meditative” technique.

When I began to become conscious of the “connection” between these “coincidences”, I started putting the “intent” out, more viscerally, for those in the etheric/astral plains, to participate, if they so desired. And I do believe that many of these ones have taken me up on the request.

Gabriel and Orbs

When speaking at a recent conference, I was “reminded” of the invitation I had given to folks that are existing on these planes. As a “seer” had informed us that for every embodied spirit/soul in attendance, there was an additional five that were attending that are “non corporeal” spirit/souls. And I did hear from some of them, while we partook in the conference. No doubt, some of which are those that I had invited to my “meditations”. Many blessings and thanks for those that came by, both corporeal and non corporeal.

To that end, I do invite these ones to our “physical” gatherings, if they so desire. And it seems more and more that they are more than willing to partake. Sadly, even more so than some that are actually in “physicality”. As the French expression goes, “C’est la vie”, that’s just the way it goes.

While I began researching and studying consciousness and spirituality, I found a strong resonance with the Shamanic path and teachings. For they recognize the three inner planes of consciousness. The “upper” world, commonly known as the “heavens” or celestial realms where the Gods/Goddesses and highly evolved teachers exist, in the inner planes. The “middle” world, which is where we operate on throughout the day, has its spiritual counterpart in the inner planes. And the “lower” world is the inner plane in which resides the “deceased” or non corporeal beings and spirit guides and so forth.

shamanic fire

We have access to all of these inner planes of existence. Which is a depiction of the Shamanic Cosmology. These realms are inherent in the collective unconscious. Therefor, they are a construct of Creation. Whether we are aware of them, or not, they do exist. And we do go into these realms, when we are not focused on our daily lives. Many access these realms in “dream time” as we sleep. For further “teachings” and “insights” are ever gleamed through these various planes of inner awareness and existence.

That being said, we should recognize these inner planes and realms of existence as readily as we do the outer reality, in which we operate throughout the day. Many of our questions can and are answered by numerous teachers and guides that are more than willing to be of service from these other inner worlds/planes of existence.

And to that end, there are those that are within these inner planes that are more than willing and able to come to our “classes” to learn and exchange information on what it is like to perceive through “physicality” on Gaia. At our level of consciousness.

Those that have read Robert A. Monroe’s books on out of body experiences, may recall that he had exchanges with numerous Souls that were “touring” Creation and wanted a “preview” of what Earthly experience was like. Some where wholly new to perceiving through this level of physicality and conscious construct.

Any who are willing to share their unique “insights” may use this “technique”. So as to “attract” those of similar frequency and/or “like” minds. For the inner planes will bring forth both a greater teacher that knows our subjects/insights. As well as those “students” that are desirous of sharing in conscious expansion, with us.

Know that NO “ill” consequence may occur as this process is entirely controlled and/or “supervised” by our own Higher Self. Which means, we will not “attract” some malevolent being that seeks to “trick” us. Remember, the frequency one holds, is the key. Thus, make the “call” to bring forth the “highest” teachers that would be of service to our own unique path. Though many of us have made “agreements” to “blur” the veil between these realms, as we ascend. I being one of them.

And I have received many blessings from these ones that have partaken in my “courses” from both the “lower” world and “higher” worlds. For the “bridge builders” are always working in conjunction with the whole Cosmos. Seeking to assist in any plane that needs assistance. And as a result, I have been invited to their classes, on their own plane of existence/world.

Recognize that there are those on other inner planes of the reality that can assist us, tremendously. For when we access the Akasha, we are accessing these inner planes of awareness.

The whole of Creation is an “open” source reality. And we each have existence in ALL of these planes right now. In the simultaneity of time, we are many places, all at once. And, in fact, we are “everywhere” right now (omnipresence). Though we “rarely” perceive from that perception. This does not mean that we cannot access this, directly from our here and now.

Tap into the “technique” and call forth for your guides and friends that are resident in these other inner realms, to come share. I kid you not, they will respond.

Gabe Duran Orbs July 2016

Re-member the Divine Shamanic Luminous One that is inherent and innate in all of us. Call forth the expanded awareness that gives us access to ALL KNOWING, from our here and now. And share these insights in consciousness expansion with these other planes of awareness, as these ones are sharing with us in like, already. For this is the law of reciprocity.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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