Complete Faith

Complete faith is ever held within all of us. Whether we admit it or not, we all have the utmost faith, always. For it could not be otherwise. Which brings to mind the question, what are we putting our faith on or in? Do we view the reality as one in which our intents and our desires are met through our faith and actions? Or do we perceive that we receive otherwise?

When I was made aware of the fact that I always carried complete faith, I was a little astonished. Which moved me enough to consider what it is that I put my faith on/in. And it was not impressive. As I discovered that I held my faith in the “outer” reality, being a direct and all-encompassing influence over my entire and complete reality.

Many times, we perceive that the “outer” reality dictates our circumstances and situations. And in truth, the “inner” reality is what manifests our entire experience, first and foremost. Always as the axiom states, “from within to the without”. Yet, how do we view the “inner” reality that is “wholly and Holy” unique, within each of us? Do we recognize that we are already Divine within, and allow that to manifest, daily?

When we consider the notion that we give away our faith in the Divine expression of ourselves to the “outer” reality. We begin to realize that this is a form of absurdity. As the outer reality we experience is a reflection of what we hold within ourselves. We can realize greatly what it is that we have held within ourselves, by means of this reflection, we ever always receive.

And when we seek out “truth” this reflection becomes greatly “magnified”. As seeking for “truth” brings with it the ever-present “wisdom” that is inherent in truth. This is why those that are truly desirous of progress in consciousness and frequency ever seek out greater truths. Yet, as these truths come forth. We must face those “untruths” that we have held, erroneously.

To “clear” the way for our paths of higher expression, we must leave behind that which no longer serves. And each of us has held, at various times, aspects of conscious “self-reflections” that have not been of service to ourselves or anyone else. These erroneous reflections must be released, now. In order to prepare our way for these higher forms of expression, we will be embodying.

Know that as these higher frequency energies come about, in wave after wave. We will have the “privilege” of addressing what we have held or continue to hold that must be let loose. And this is when we get to recognize how “eager” we are to either see the world “anew” or to “hold onto” the familiar past. To ascend or to resist ascension, that is the question.

Recognizing that we always hold faith is a great realization. For through this “knowing” we may instill our hearts with our intents and desires with complete faith instilling visions that so move us. Envisioning the greatest outcome or timeline in manifesting our joys and expressing through the higher frequency emotions of courage, zeal, passion, harmonious expression and synchronistic joyous expressions of the ever-endless “now” moment.

To put our inherent and complete faith into the best outcome for ourselves, firstly. Will bring about the highest and best outcome for the all. For the all are the one, and the one are the all. Therefore, we must be willing to be of greater “service to others”, by means of putting “service to self” on even par. In balance, is the way we accomplish our greatest level of service. Serving from within, firstly. Then manifesting this in the “without”.

We have been told by numerous Beings that have “traversed” our path, already. That we each “literally” create a version of the person we are interacting with. From the Seth material to the Sassani, we are told that we must construct our own version of the Beings we interact with. And this means a lot. For even the Ascended Host have stated this, in like manner.

We have been told by the Ascended Host that they only see the “highest” expression of each of us. As they interact with us, they ever hold the “vision” of expressing and interacting with our “highest” Divine expression. And likewise, we have been told by others that it would befit us to see the “highest” expression of both self and of one another.


Through our interactions, since we each create our own physical representation of the Beings we interact with. We must be willing, therefore, to bring about the best and highest intentions for the Beings we choose to interact with. And should enough of us do this. The entire “collective” of humanity would and does ascend to achieve this state of intent we bring about through “thought” and “emotional” manifestation.

This is the process of living through Unity Consciousness. For the whole “collective” benefits from each individuated aspect of the whole, shining forth as the “Luminous Light Being” they inherently are. Bringing forth “gestalt” after “gestalt” of psychic and physical attainment. In which our awareness expands to its greatest potential of expression. As our consciousness expands into more of who we are.


This level of faith, in which we recognize that we are inherently part of the whole. Brings about a “re-member” that we are not apart from “nature”. Rather, we are, inherently nature manifest. In physical form. A part of, and not separate from, the rest of “nature”. And this “wisdom” returns, when we embody this aspect of “truth” that is recalling us. To “know” more of who we are.

As we drop “insistence” on a certain way, we go from “resistance” to “flowing” with the Divine luminous current. As this ascension “stream” of luminous “light current” takes us through the river banks of the ascension stream. We easily transmute and transcend all that no longer serves. As we “let loose” these “heavier” currents that have never been ours. The “luminous” Divine Light easily embodies us. Within, throughout and around our Beings, we shine forth, once more the brilliance that is ours, inherently.

Being fully ensconced by these “weightier” frequencies at one point. We dropped into FEAR (Forget Everything And React), momentarily. And this caused us to express through “veil” after “veil”. As we “forgot” who we were. “And” we “reacted” to “everything”. Attaining lower and lower frequencies of expression. While forgetting all that we have ever held, within. Which is direct access to all of these higher expressive forms of frequency.

Though, now these “illusions” are shed, once more. As we “re-member” that there are truly NO veils. And we transition this FEAR into the LOVE that we are, inherently. How? By means of the faith, we already have, fully. Proving that love prevails all through faith in love and faith in self. For love is the “true” power behind it all. Both “self” and “others” are ever Being through love Divine.

Faith is a concept that must be realized and understood. For it is through faith that the “etheric” substance of “thought” and through “emotional” intent, brings forth the “materialization” of any/all creative substance into physicality. This is the “wheel” behind the “law of attraction”. The motion of “emotion” through faith in the desired outcomes. Transitions the “thought” of “knowing” something into “physicality”. Through “attracting” the desired outcome by means of “faith”.

While utilizing the power of the “NOW”. We provide the “impetus” for the inspired creation to manifest physically by means of our faith and visions. As we instill the intent and desire to bring about a creation that will serve us, in realizing more of who we are. For we are Divinity manifest in Creation. Ever “perfecting” the Creation as we “school” in the manifesting of “etheric” energetic “thought constructs” into the physical and energetic emotional constructs that befit us all.

Remember we are “Creators” in training. And we have been “taught” by our stellar and cosmic families, as well as those from the “inner” realms, such as the Ascended Host. That we must “envision” and see all of our creations as Holy and Divine. The more we see the “best” outcome for ourselves and others the more this creation enacts as a “gestalt” (bringing in greater amounts than the “sum” of the whole). All from our here and now.

Our ascension brings forth “gestalt” after “gestalt” as we shed what no longer serves. And embody the Divine Luminous Being that we inherently are. Forging the greatest Unity Consciousness construct, that brings even greater “gestalts”. Holy and wholly occurring, ever now.


Many Blessings, Love, Light and Light

Gabriel F Duran

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