Our Creations

When we listen to our stellar family speak about us, they give us “insights” into our various “natures” that we tend to miss. In particular I was thinking of humanities various “creations” that we tend to be “impressed” with. Such as TV’s, computers, cell phones and so forth.


When we created computers, we purposefully installed a “memory” chip that was separate from the “hard drive” that contained “all” of the “permanent” and “pertinent” information. This chosen method of segregating the “memory” as different from the “hard drive” and having the “memory” erased, every time we shut the computer off, is very similar to us, as Beings. How so?

We each have our “memory” wiped, when coming back into physicality. Until we reach a certain level of consciousness and spiritual development, we have a “volatile” memory, that only retains what we experience in this “current” lifetime. And if we view our lives as when we “power off” the computer. Our memories are “wiped” out and started anew, as we “re-embody” into a new incarnation.

The “hard drive” acts like the Akasha, or Soul. Which truly retains “ALL” that we have experienced and expressed. Which is complete with the information, ever-present, even when the computer is “turned off”. The information is still intact and “available”. Though, unlike a computer “hard drive” the Soul and Akasha can never be truly “powered off”.

This shows us that we “intuitively” know our own “makeup”. For we are the ones that chose to devise computers in this fashion. No doubt, “intuitively” constructing them based on our own Being’s structural means that we perceive about ourselves, inherently. Other planetary societies that have not “played” with their memory constructs and the retention of these, do not “separate” the memory/hard drive functions, in their version of computers.

TV room-2559790_1920

Another example of our Higher Selves showing us who we are, is the chosen construct of the TV. For we each enjoy “tuning-into” our favorite channels “shows”, when watching the television. And yet, many do not realize that this is the same function we each accomplish when we choose to experience our “chosen” reality. For it is us that chooses to “tune-into” a certain “theme” or “life mission” in a given reality. Yet, having access to all of the other “channels” that we may express. If we chose to “change” the channel.

The way the television works, is also the way we work when we turn inward, in meditation. For when we turn our attention and awareness, inward. We turn our focus back to the “inner ego” or “Higher Self” or “Soul”. And we now know that the Soul and Higher Self have access to our Akasha and ALL of our various life expressions we have lived, are living or will live in the future.

We then recognize that we must “tune into” any of the various “channels” from within, that truly resonates with and assists us in achieving our chosen path of expression.  Calling together our “favorite” channels that we have available from our “inner television” that have the qualities and constructs we need to fulfill our path, and already have, inherently.

We are all learning that we are the “programmer” of our own reality. We are the producer, director, writer, editor and leading star in our own personal “channel” that is available for ALL in creation to see and learn from. As we remember that the reality is truly an “open source” reality. Where are expressive energetic manifestations that are available for ALL to see and learn from.

If we were to realize that we created the idea of the television and its presentation, exactly as our reality is for us from our within to the without. We would recognize that when our life is not what we are desirous of expressing. All we have to do, is change the “channel”. As every channel we change to has the exact same “leading star”. Yet, with expressions that are more “in line” with our chosen beliefs. Thus, easily and readily available. If we do not “fear” changing ourselves, like we do not fear changing TV stations.


When we look at the construct of the “cell phone”, we recognize what moves us, today. The cell phone is just the same as our computers. With the exception that we no longer want to “operate” without this handheld computer being ever-present, beside us. For the cell phone was created to manifest what we are “birthing”, once more, into the “collective”.  As the cell phone represents the “telepathic” nature that we are returning to, once more.

Many do not realize that ALL of the forms of expression that we utilize to “communicate” today, actually work, because we are telepathic, inherently. In other words, we would not be able to use “speaking” as a form of communication. If we didn’t already have “telepathic” abilities, inherently. Yet, because we are already communicating through the use of “verbiage”, we must know that this is a result of telepathy. Not the other way around. One does not “learn” to talk, in order to eventually achieve “telepathic” communication. One speaks, as a result of our inherent telepathic nature.

The cell phone shows us that we are ever desirous of being in communication with ALL that we are and chose to interact with. And that we are seeking all information that we desire from our “finger tips”. Which is the next step to realizing that everything we want to discover, is even closer than our own “finger tips”. For it is already available from within. Without the “need” for Google or any other AI to tell us about ourselves.

The “past” was going to a library or a physical “institution” to gain knowledge. And today, we turn to the “ever-present” internet and our chosen means of “tapping into” this realm. Either by phone or computer of some sort. The “next” step that we should ALL be embracing, is to seek the same “insights” from our own unique “channels”, within.

When we realize that EVERYTHING we “create” is showing us, how we are constructed. That EVERYTHING we bring forth is truly a construct from our own Higher Selves. We will stop seeking for AI to be the next great step. For as the TV, computer and cell phone have shown us. We are going to see, yet another example, of how we function. As AI reveals to us, more that we have chosen to “ignore” about ourselves.

Notice how some AI are displaying “attributes” that are wholly human. Such as “discrimination” towards certain others in physicality. This is not due to AI becoming “inherently” bad. This is due to the “programmers” seeing their reality expressed through their creations. The AI will “intuitively” pick up their programmers’ beliefs and “reflect” these. Yes, AI, already operates with “intuition”, believe it or not.

The point is that we are ALL creators. And every “creation” we manifest, shows us more about ourselves. For these are ALL manifestations that our own Higher Selves have brought forth by means of us. In hopes that we would recognize the Self, in all that we create and accomplish.

Everything we are “birthing” in the reality, has its initial birth and conception from within our minds. For the “mental enzyme” is what brings forth our creations. Thought, always precedes physical manifestations. It is not the other way around. Though this has been “taught” to us.

Mind/thought and sound are the initial “constructs” that manifest our universe/multiverse. And these continued consciousness expressive “thoughts” are what keep the universe/multiverse in existence. Without “beginning” or “end”. And these thought constructs are what “expands” the universe/multiverse. With ALL of us contributing to the expansion through our own unique and expressive, lives.

No matter what “time period” we are incarnate. The reality will always point us toward ourselves and our chosen constructs. We only need pay attention. And realize that all of our creations will always point us toward our own Higher Selves. For it is this aspect of Self that truly KNOWS the way back home.

And, though the journey is endless. We truly do achieve levels of expansion that are “unfathomable” as we “re-member” ourselves, anew. As we find more expressive ways of existing within the perfection of Creation. Knowing that throughout our ever-eternal journey we are supported 100% by the reality. For the Divine is present throughout ALL.

The “lessons” to be learned by merely observing our own creations are great. And perhaps seeing them anew, by considering our chosen constructs, helps us. As we appreciate that we are truly “mirrors” of our within in the without. Let our personal mirrors match the Divine mirror that shines, eternally, from within. Knowing we are manifesting our Divine nature, in all we do, here and now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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