The Reality We Conceive Is the Reality We Perceive

When we realize that we are truly the creators of our reality, we begin to question what it is we are creating. And many times, we recognize that we aren’t as zealous with what we are desirous of creating. And this is the “step” that may turn into a “stop” if we don’t “hold fast” to the emotional state that keeps us zealous about an expression or experience we are creating.

The reality expresses our desirous in the most precise ways. Which means, if we feel “mediocre” about our creation, it will manifest with this energetic expression. And in this “new” reality, people will “pick up” on this energy rather easily. This is one reason why sometimes we have “stagnant” creations.

However, when we have great zeal with what we are choosing to bring into expression. This same energy is easily recognized, as well. And these are the times when we see that others are desirous of “sharing” in our creations. For they recognize the energy and are desirous of expressing this energy within themselves.

Energy in motion is what “emotion” truly is. And the intent is to express an energetic emotion that moves, not only ourselves, but others that are in resonance with similar expression. This is the “vehicle” that produces the “viral” trends that we see. As “like minds” share in energetic constructs which induce similar vibrational energy throughout the “viral” energetic construct that is shared amongst the whole group.

Now, that we are in this new state of being, we are each showing our “true” colors more and more. For the “truth” of who we are is coming forth, like it or not. With the “impetus” being that we may change who we are, in a moment, should we so desire. If we see something that we feel is not representative of who we truly are, we may choose to release this from our chosen expression.

These energies have never been more advantageous for “releasing” anything that doesn’t serve us anymore. Allowing these vital energies to be “redirected” to aspects of us that are expanding into our awareness, more and more. As we “build the bridge” to our inner awareness, once more. We unfold and unleash aspects of us that are very powerful and “value” fulfilling.

The “inner” reality of us has access to many “channels” of us that are ever expressing and experiencing realities we are wholly unaware of. Thus, the admonition to go “within” and find that there are no limitations to us, as Divine Beings. Recognizing that when we unite these aspects of Self, and return to operating more holistically. We transform our reality into that of perceiving through our inherent multidimensional aspects of Self.

This brings us into our inherent power. For humanity as a whole, is an expression that is empowered through their emotional “insights”. The impetus for manifesting has always been through the emotional constructs behind the initial inspiration.

Though humanity has exercised the “disharmonious” expressions. For those that chose to express through harmony, once more. They will see that this “new” energy is by far more conducive to expressing through these attributes of harmony, love and compassion, now.

The “negative” expressive energetic constructs, will become more difficult to “effectuate” within this “new” energy. For these are inherently “segregate”, “exclusive” and “limiting” in energetic frequency. Which is more difficult to achieve, as this new energy is one of “expansion”, “unity” and “truth”, energetically speaking. And truth always bring forth “wisdom”, which ever seeks/manifests balance. As expansion ever seeks to be “integrative” and “inclusive” while expressing as a unified whole.

So, the “reality we conceive” is truly the “reality we perceive”. Being the creators of our own reality. We are the ones that are in the position to change much that we have felt, needs changing. And this is occurring in tremendous ways throughout humanity. As the holiday season has shown, many are very desirous and willing to come to the assistance of others, in need. Choosing to express in a giving and sharing that is inclusive, not exclusive.

This is the community that we all have chosen to express, as we strengthen the Unity Consciousness construct, we are each developing and contributing to. Recognizing that in Oneness, ALL belong. And “none” are “more important” or “less important” in Oneness. For the “individual” is ever as important as the WHOLE, in Oneness.

The expansion that we are unfolding is manifesting a reality in which we recognize that we are NEVER alone. And our stellar family is/has been ever-around. Interacting with us more viscerally, every day. In hopes of “bypassing” the “constructed” reality that some in “power” would choose that you believe. Ever exited to interact, once more, with us, are our greater familial extensions.

Bringing forth greater interactions with those of the “inner” realms, as well. We each get to expand into “remembering” our relationships with our various Spirit Guides and Angelic and Ascended Hosts as well as countless Interdimensional Beings. Which are accessible through our “inner” aspects of Self. All being orchestrated and directed through the ever-vigilant Higher Self.

As we turn inward, we recognize that there are multitudinous “channels” of Self. That have maintained our relationships with these ones, until the time of our “awakening” and “remembering” Then, suddenly as if anew, we establish these relationships and recreate a rapport with these ones.

And as all of this unfolds in our reality. We “suddenly” remember that we are truly the ones that we have been waiting for. We are the ones that are in the position that is most coveted at this point in time. For we have access to these greater aspects of Self, anew. Perceiving with renewed zeal and vigor. We are recognizing that we are truly “Masters” of transmutation and transcendence.

As we transform the reality into the greatest expression of Unity Consciousness. In which Gaia, Humanity and our Stellar families “reunite” together in tremendous gestalts of harmonious and peaceful interactions that bring forth an expansion of consciousness and awareness, like none other. That inspire “others” throughout the cosmos to seek this impetus for themselves.

Recognize that we are expanding into greater expressions of Self within the creation. And the “limitations” of “time and space” no longer apply. As we “loosen” the necessity to perceive through these limitations. We empower our creations, knowing that we are no longer bound by such constructs.

The awareness and consciousness of humanity has expanded greatly. Though as ALL gifts in creation, we must USE our newly expanded consciousness and awareness. Without the constraints of our “past” experiences. For we are truly in a new paradigm. In which we are held by constraints, no longer. Though the recognition of this takes some time to cognize. Be wise in the utilization of the ever-present NOW, moment.

Take action, now. As the reality is one of “action” and “identity”, combined. We are “beginning” to get a handle on our “new” identity. And we need to take “action” to gain experience and expression, in our current now. So, “take the helm”, so to speak. And “dare” to perceive the reality, anew.

For we have reached an achievement, or culmination, of sorts, as a species. As we transition into our new era, referred to as the Golden Age. Recognize that this new playground is ripe for expression. So, let us joyously and zealously inspire others with our own enthusiasm. Let us go about our day, knowing that we are, indeed, the impetus. That we are the Way-Shower. That we are the Light Worker. That we are Divinity manifest in creation. Further perfecting the already perfect energetic construct, we refer to as our universe.

By expressing all of our actions through our individual identities that we refer to as personalities. We instill a greater gestalt within the whole of humanity. By simply being/embodying the best and most balanced version of ourselves, that we can. As always through love Divine and compassion, we bring forth our inherent wisdom. Instilling our “new” reality with the creations we are so zealous of experiencing ourselves, here and now.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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