Time and Timelines

The truth of the reality is that we are “Immortal Spiritual Beings”, which “predate” the constructs of time and space. For as an “ISBE” (Immortal Spiritual Being), we have always and will always be in existence.  As the “illusions” of past, present and future give way. There is ONLY the ever “spacious” present now, moment.

So, we are not subject to time and/or space. Although we use these quite cleverly to “perceive” the reality anew. And to “purposefully” limit our perceptions, so that we may attain a certain level of focus, that couldn’t be achieved otherwise. Which “birthed” our “outer ego” consciousness.

Yet, when we look into returning to Source. Some perceive that they will return to Source, blending into Oneness, once more. And this is true to an extent. However, realize that this Oneness has “several” aspects of Self. For since all time exists, simultaneously within the now. Source has many aspects of Self, reflected. How so?

Source may be perceived of as “undifferentiated” at its “beginning”. Wholly in Oneness without any perception of Self. Though at some point. An Aspect of Source “thought” what if there where “other than”? At which point the first “reflective” reality began. We often refer to these “first reflections” as the Angelic Realm.

This “thought” brought about the “first” identity. For an “identity”to exist it must have “another or other than” to perceive a “distinction” from its own identity/self. Or, in modern terms, Source “births” into self-awareness.

Then the “thought” what if I were many, brought about “innumerable” reflections of the Oneness. Which began the process of “unfolding” the reality construct that we perceive of as the multiverse. All of which came forth from thought, firstly. For consciousness “predates” creation. And consciousness is what “unfolds” creation in manifest form. Although consciousness is not the Self in its entirety. It is an aspect of Self.

Thus, when we journey back to Self/Source. We “return” to the aspect of Source that we refer to as “All That Is”. For this is the aspect of Source that contains the “culmination” of ALL that has/does/will transpire. Blending into this aspect of Source automatically blends us into the whole of Source. Without “losing” the expressional experiences we’ve all had. As none of these aspects of Source would go “back”, as it were, to “undifferentiated”. This would defeat the whole process of proceeding/perceiving through the path of Creation in manifest form/expression.

Recognize, though, that the aspect of Self/Source that is “undifferentiated” still exists. For in truth there is no “time and space”. Thus, these various aspects of Self are ever present from a certain focus of awareness. So, as the axiom goes, as above so below. And as below, so above.

Using this analogy, we may apply this to ourselves. In our reality we always have access to ALL of ourselves throughout time. We can just as easily “visit” a “parallel” timeline, in which we are still a baby or child. Just like we can just as easily “visit” our “future” timelines, in which we have already “transcended” this bodily form/awareness and even dimensional realm.

As we ascend in consciousness, frequency/vibration and oneness. We let loose the “illusions” that we have held concerning “separation”and “duality”. For as this ascension occurs, we ALL begin “communing” with more of ourselves. And we eventually get over the notion that we are a “separate”single individual. As we learn/remember that we are truly multidimensional expressions of the Oneness. With many aspects of Self, both within the “inner”realms and in the without of Creation or the multiverse.

This changes us greatly. For we suddenly have great empathy/compassion for all others. As we can recall what it was like to perceive the reality through the “eyes” of separation and duality. Knowing now, that such perceptions really do carry a certain frequency that “keeps” us beholden to that reality. For as long as we “perceive” ourselves as “separate” and the reality as “dualistic”, we ourselves remain in 3rd density. As “like attracts like”.

This is why the “first” frequency of “positivity” is in fact courage. When we have the courage to go against the “mass consensus” mindset of 3rd density dualistic expression. We become great beacons of light. As these higher frequency truths, by far, outweigh the illusions of 3rd density. This is why we become “immune” to these machinations. This is how the “higher” planes are in fact “impervious” from certain disharmonious expressions.

We ask you keep this in mind, as you follow the “news” and see all manner of 3D conflict and duality being expressed and “highlighted” in the media. As those that are desirous of “remaining” in separation, attempt to sway as many as they can to experience “their” version of expressional reality. Though we may “see” these constructs. They actually hold no sway in our reality. Although we are not to be “oblivious” as to these chosen expressions.

For the “positive” energy is always inclusive and ever striving for achieving Oneness. And the “negative” energy is always perpetuating “exclusivity” and “exclusion” as all is perceived through the “eyes” of separation.

Though recognize that ours is a calling of uniting ALL in this Oneness. In our chosen “timelines” our reality is uniting back to more of the Oneness that is ours. Which means we are transmuting and transcending all that must be left behind. So that our “version” of reality contains as many of humanity as chose to express in this harmonious expression of return to Source/Self.  

As we proceeded in the “culmination” of 2012, many various timelines have all merged into the same timeline windows. As we have each been given many “versions” of timelines to perceive from so that we have a choice as to how to proceed. While we are at the other end of this “culmination” of timelines. We are beginning to see these timelines separating, once more.

Thus, the admonition to continue to focus our awareness on the frequency and timeline that is more in line with who we are. As we expand into the “new” consciousness, we expand into perceiving through synchronistic expression, more and more. Which means that what we “truly” hold in our consciousness and awareness, will truly draw us to those of like mind or similar expression.

So, let us “meld” into the expressional timeline in which we achieve the greatest culmination for the “new” mass consciousness. In which the amount of diversity and levels of expansions are expressed and embodied in the most harmonious of ways. As we “master” the lessons of 4th density love and compassion. While expressing the higher attributes of 4/5th density and beyond gathering into greater perceptions of expressions as Oneness.

As these timelines unfold, recognize that this is the expansion and ascension that is occurring in our here and now. As we let loose the “constraints” of 3rd density dualistic consciousness. We begin to create a new reality in which we become more accepting of all of the various means that there are to express ourselves in this new reality. Recognizing once more the fact that the reality is truly a “trinity” not a “duality”. As the ever-present balance-point of the trinity is achieved.

Though “conformity” has its place. Our reality is one in which the “conformity” is a returning to an awareness we have previously held. In Which we recognize that we are, indeed, nature expressed in our current form. Not “separate” from nature. Rather, “nature” embodied in one of a multitudinous amount of expressions ever available on Gaia. From which to expand our joy of service and conscious expression.

The malleability of time is greater. Our awareness is expanding into “utilizing” this in our creations, more and more. As we are inherently “time travelers”. So, let us view this as a time in which we “master” time, to our benefit. As we give up the “need” for time being linear. We give up the “need” for various “limitations” we have held, as a result of perceiving through “linear” time constraints.

Remember multidimensionality. Remember timelessness. Remember spacelessness. Remember here and now. Remember oneness. Remember the Divine we are, within throughout and around us, always.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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