Mechanics of Positive and Negative Energy

The differences in energy and frequency are very obvious when we look at what is perceived as “negative” and what is perceived as “positive”. For when we dissect these “attributes” we readily see where the differences are. And this allows us to chose the reality that we prefer.

When we look at “negative” energy. We see that this has an attribute of separation, exclusion, isolation, disconnection and so forth. Whenever we see examples of “negative” groups, we see that they are always looking to “overthrow” the competing party. This also carries the energy of “scarcity”, as the “divisions” of hierarchy occur.

Thus, competition and the desire to “eliminate” the opposition are prevalent at all times in “negatively” expressed energy. Which requires the need to “segregate” and “separate” or “compartmentalize”, in order to “control”. As these are the means of “manipulation” that bring about the “divide and conquer”, mentality.

And in this scenario, the attributes much sought after are cunning, deception, manipulation and control. While instilling fear, separation, segregation and control. Thus, being restrictive and dense, energetically speaking. All of this stemming from seeking and perceiving from/through an external source. With great “discouragement” towards turning inward and instilling “integration” from within.

Whereas, the “positive” energy differs greatly. For the attributes of positive expression are “inclusiveness”, “cooperation”, “integrative”, “Oneness” and “freedom”. As these positive attributes instill the knowing that Oneness is All That Is. Knowing that ALL belong, for the Creator makes no “mistakes”.

Bringing forth energies that unfold as unconditional love, joy, belonging, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, freedom and expansiveness. While greatly encouraging ALL to turn inward and discover the Divine, within. These are the various higher frequency expressions that allow us to integrate all of our experiences in the most harmonious and expansive ways.

When we look at these polar opposite energies, in a“mechanical” sense. We see that they are very easy to distinguish. One separates and segregates and views the reality as “separate”. With each “out for themselves”. And the other is inclusive and integrative, recognizing that the “whole” belongs. So, which energy is more expansive? Which energy includes more freedom? Which energy is experienced through fear? And which energy is expressed through love?

When we embody the attributes of positive energy, we integrate our multidimensional aspects of Self. We bring down the “veils” that we ourselves erected as we went into “separation”, consciously speaking. For we “re-member” that we have many aspects of Self that are working harmoniously within us. This brings forth a harmony we would not feel, otherwise. As we unite, with more of who we are.

When we take a look at emotional attributes that either expand or contract these frequencies. We know in an instant, which of these we are carrying. As the feelings of anger, depression, hatred and so forth; are very “contractive” energies that “isolate” and “separate” or “compartmentalize”. Whereas, feelings of love, joy, harmony, forgiveness, compassion and so forth; are very “expansive” and “inclusive” energies that “unite” and “integrate” ALL of the diversity of the Oneness.

The planet is greatly influenced by our state of Being. As the relationship is a symbiotic one between us and beloved Gaia. So, “truly” living the energies we prefer is necessary in this reality. As we cannot say we are a Lightworker and yet feel the need to “exclude” others. The planet picks up these attributes that we hold, knowingly or not. There is no “in between” energy. We cannot straddle both energies. We either carry positive or negative.

Though we cannot expect the world to unite in a moment of singing “cumbia my lord”. When we truly walk about our day carrying the energies of positivity and inclusion. We really do have a great effect on the whole. As the positive energy, since it has a higher frequency, is by far more “potent” than the negative energy. This is why a Lightworker is known as a “beacon” of light. As the darkness is always extinguished in the presence of the light.  

We are entering a period in which we will be shown in greater “magnification” what we have/hold, within us. As we increase in vibrational frequency, these attributes we have held will come forward more. And it is during these times that we need to use every tool in our arsenal to transmute and transcend these feelings; be they “negative”.

For we are either in love or fear. And if what comes up to the surface is fear. We should be loving and compassionate with ourselves as we seek out the “root” of the emotion. Which allows us to recognize the futility of having the “illusion” of fear. As ALL fears are easily overcome by love. As we return to the higher frequencies of courage and love Divine, while releasing these “false” beliefs and fears. We free ourselves and “lighten” ourselves into the higher frequencies.

At times these “waves” of energies that are being released as we ascend, may bring about a sense of “fear”, perhaps even unknowingly. And we should thank these new energies for making us aware of what we may have held, perhaps even unknowingly. As we proceed to unravel what brought these lower frequency energies to the forefront. Rest assured, this will allow us to easily and readily resolve and release any “illusions” of fear that do not serve.  

Turning inward, we gain access to the aspect of Self that is beyond these “illusions” of disharmonious expression. And when we turn inward and can identify/feel this energetic aspect of us. We get an instant relief from the strong emotions that we hold, with the “outer ego”. Many times, it is as if we have entered a “fortress of solitude”. As the energy that is held there, is ever harmonious.

Then, just as easily and usually quite suddenly, the answer to our “dilemma” washes over us, as we are turned inward in meditation/reflection. Giving us, not only the answer to our disharmonious energy, but also washing us over with the energy that releases our fears/anxieties/frustrations and so forth. Leaving us feeling a sense of harmony, peace and resolution, in the most loving of ways. For the “language” of the Higher Self is love. As we “intuitively” come to a knowing that was truly necessary for us, in our now moment.

We must empower ourselves. No one will empower us, as this power only stems from within. Every feeling we experience must be created from within, in order for us to feel it. This means we may alter our feelings at any point. For we are to master our feelings/emotions as well as our thoughts and actions. And mastery does not mean, “negation” of emotion. Mastery means flowing the “necessary” feeling/emotion as harmoniously as possible. While taking on the “challenge” of discovering what “triggered” the emotional state, be it disharmonious.

Suppressing energy does not work. We must express our energetic constructs as readily as we feed ourselves when we are hungry. With the point being to discover why we are feeling a certain emotional attribute. For this is to truly “know thyself”.

Keep in mind, that any time we feel we have “strayed” from what we find ideal. We are merely one thought/feeling/action away from reconciling this state. Energy is never static. In order for us to exist, we must always be in “action”. So, the next action can easily align us, once more, back to our truth.

Also, keep in mind, that the reality is a reflective one. If we are getting reflections that revolve around a certain emotional attribute, i.e. fear, jealousy, anger, frustration and so forth. We must take the challenge of looking inward to see why these reflections are “repeating” in our lives. We may even ask our Higher Self to “clarify” what we may be missing that is allowing these repeated behaviors to be expressed through our reality.  

I have asked my Higher Self to make things rather simple and clear for me to understand, at times. And I was amazed, how simple these “hints” came to show me what I was missing. I had to “own up” to the request. As things were made so very simple and clear to me, that I almost felt “insulted”, from a 3D perspective. Like a child that has just received admonishment from his mother, although knowing whole heartedly that she is right. So, trust me, this works!

We have been asked to stand united in love Divine with one another. For these recent energetic transitions have brought about a restlessness in all. And the fear that comes up must be transmuted and transcended. As we transform our reality back into Oneness. All are awakening now. And we must be at the ready. As examples, first and foremost. From our within to the without. ALL must “lead” by example. Knowing that ALL are included, who chose to expand into greater creations.

Our stellar families of Divine Light are always with us. The Ascended and Angelic Host are always with us. Though we are here on Gaia, here and now. Thus, we must do our part in our own part of physicality. Carrying the Divine Light, like a true Lightworker. Being a beacon of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual positivity and light. Showing that through the diversity of ALL of humanity, we bring forth a great blessing for All That Is. As we expand in our responsibilities to include the advice and directives of our galactic and stellar families.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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