Synchronize To Your True Multidimensional Self

When we learn the true nature of the reality, we actually enable our multidimensional expression of self. We become better at mastering our mental/emotional/physical bodily actions. As we remember that ALL that interact with us, must “match” the frequency we “give off”, or carry.

For the truth of the reality is that each of us truly does live and perceive the entire construct of the reality, that we ourselves create from within. What exactly does this mean?

If you were to picture an entire “sphere” that you must create, which is your “unique” version of the reality. No other “sphere” perceives the reality precisely as you do. However, this “sphere” that you consciously create through “resonating” with the consensus reality, is how you perceive the reality in which you live, here and now.

Then when we interact with others in creation. These others must create a “resonate” version of you from which to interact with you. For they too are in their own “sphere” of perception. Thus, both have to “agree” with the matched interactive “versions” that share the same physical reality.  Well, what does this mean?

This means that if we purposefully chose to “hold” a higher perception of ourselves. Those that interact with us, must therefore “match”our chosen form of expression, in order to interact with us. In other words. We are looking at the “physics” or “mechanics” of the axiom, “like attracts like”. Or, you are the energy that you hold/carry.

If, in the reality that we are living, we are seeing others “reflecting” to us a behavior that we find disharmonious, yet repeatedly expressed. We must, therefore, discover what we ourselves are “holding onto”, energetically speaking. As this is the only reason that this “outer” reflection can keep appearing in our reality. For others must “match” our energetic frequency, in order to interact with us.

As an example. Perhaps we are seeking companionship. Yet, every time we search for the proper companion. We attract the same type of relationship with, yet another similar companion, as the previous one. This is a perfect indication that we ourselves are “holding onto” a certain energetic vibration that is “attracting” this type of individual/interaction, repeatedly.

Thus, when we truly know that we our responsible for our own energy. Including ALL that we “carry” with this energy, even if it is truly “baggage” that does not serve. Rather than “spinning our wheels”, so to speak. And trying to “attract” someone with a “different” energy than what we carry. We can recognize that the issue must be solved from within. Then it will be expressed in the without.

This is when we “truly” change our beliefs and/or definitions that we have “held” within, that are out of alignment with what we have chosen to “attract”, or be, as an expression of Self. Sometimes, we have held these, even, unknowingly. As we see that this solves our issue, once and for ALL. And the “outer” world, cannot solve something that we ourselves carry from within. This is what is spoken of as the “futility of changing Maya”. Chasing an “illusion” in order to have the “illusion” change the Self, is not wise.

This brings us back to the “true” construct of the reality. For us to “allow” others to interact with us, that are not of like energy is not as readily possible. As we embody more of who we are, we naturally increase in frequency/vibration. This is why/how we recognize our multidimensional aspects of Self, more. And this “causes” us to more and more, ONLY resonate with those of similar frequency. As like attracts like, once again.

So, as we are in the 4th density and timelines are “separating”, once more. Those that are of either positive or negative orientation will “magnify” these synchronistic expressions. This is the unfolding that separates the timeline experiences, once more. Where we see everyone resonating to their “version” of Earth/Gaia that expresses similar frequency in the “consensus” frequency held, planetarily speaking.  

The reality is truly “fractally” expressed, scientifically speaking. And in the “quantum” reality, ALL options play out. Thus, it would be more appropriate to “know” that we merely perceive the version of reality that we have “magnetized” ourselves to. By means of the vibration/frequency that we carry. Than to perceive that we “change” the reality, we are on.

In truth, we resonate to the “version” of reality we create, by means of the energy/vibration that we hold. So, we do not as much change the world, then we change to the world that “matches” our chosen perceived expression. As the reality is truly “open source”. We are not “fixed” in one version/timeline. We may and do move through these rather fluidly, and continuously.

The truth is that as the reality exists. We must “change” timelines all of the time. For this is the “action” that allows us to perceive a fluid continuous expression. This is the way a fractal universe achieves the “illusion” of a continuity, consciously speaking.

However, the “major” timeline “themes” that are a mass consciousness construct. With all aspects of consciousness that will interact in these, in any point in time, having full expressive input. Are the “major themes” we speak of, when we mean timelines are “separating”, once more.

This is what makes that axiom, as above so below, true. The fact that reality is fractal in nature. And that ALL must be in “action” to be in the reality. For the Creator has a “sphere” in which it perceives itself as All That Is, and in which it is at its center. And we are ALL in that “sphere” of perception. Expressing ALL possible actions. Though having the freedom to choose where our conscious focus resides. In other words, the version of reality we prefer to perceive from. So, what reality are we perceiving from?

Are we in a reality in which we are a “victim” to some outer circumstances? This would refute the observations stated above. And the physics of today’s science is proving/verifying all of what has been stated above. The truth is that we are the creators of our reality. Though we have been swayed from realizing this. Why?

Imagine that we gathered together as a group in Oneness in which we  brought about a reality that we “envisioned” where ALL of us, are truly empowered. As an individual and as a group. Where ALL are allowed to be educated to the truth of who they truly are. And as we ALL KNOW that ALL belong, we joyously serve together. Striving to assist EVERYONE in achieving their dreams. Knowing that if someone is here, it is Divinely inspired.

This would eliminate much “authority” from our reality. As we would be living as empowered Beings. Knowing the proper course of action, at ALL times. As ALL mature Divine Beings, know. And there are those that feel “threatened” by perceiving themselves or their reality without “hierarchy”.

For in a 3D hierarchy, right and wrong are “subjective” to the hierarchy. Thus, there is not true integrity. As the hierarchy always finds a way to exclude itself, as “separate” from the whole. As in, “the rules don’t apply to me, only to you”. This is negativity, at the mechanical level. Manifesting in the psychosis of those of “like” frequency/vibration. Perceiving that they are, indeed, separate from the masses. When, in truth, there is nothing “outside” or “separate” from the truth of Oneness.

The level of maturity and increase in awareness/consciousness expands exponentially, when we are empowered, individually and collectively. And really, this is what is occurring in our now. We are awakening to the fact that we must be responsible for our creations. And we are “remembering” that we already have the tools, within, to handle our reality perfectly. 

Look at the younger generation. They are very aggressive at taking on “challenges” and making the solutions seem very simplistic. This is wisdom, manifest. The hopes and desires that we have held, our “future” generations help bring about and make manifest. For we are our ancestors.

This is the next “evolution” of humanity. Where those that chose to advance in a greater way, will have more freedom of expression. Though the unfolding of this, is entirely up to us. Since we have entered a period in which humanity has been given the “reigns” to its own evolution. We have reached an advancement, as a people, in which we must be more mature with our chosen paths, individually, and as a whole. Why?

The vast majority of our stellar family is, by far, more mature than us, cosmically speaking; in a “linear” time perspective. This means since they have been around longer, they have integrated these aspects of Self that we speak of. Which means they see more richly the conscious “motives” that humanity creates from. In other words. Like a parent can easily see when a child is trying to be deceptive. So too, can these consciously mature ones readily “read” our every intentions.

This is why we are learning/remembering these attributes we have always held, within. Yet, these have remained dormant for some time. As we were integrating our chosen form of outward conscious expression, i.e. the ego. We are interacting more and more with our extended families. And we must be able to perceive the reality as it truly is. For we are now equals in galactic responsibilities, with our stellar families. We must “hold our own”.

For those that are ready. Our reality is going into greater expressions of multidimensional interactions. Where we partake of, more consciously and fluidly, altering our constructs/creations through various timelines. Peering into more of who we are. Where we are ALREADY doing much of this, though unconsciously.

As we gain conscious recognition of the vastness of the multitudinous expression, we call Self. We gain much understanding and insight into the nature of the reality. And this is when we recognize, more deeply, the truth of the axiom, as above so below. We are beginning to see how and why God/Source/All That Is, is the way it is. For we are merely the “reflections” of the above in the below. Remembering who we are, anew. Recognizing the “reflections” we ALREADY are, in the above.

Much Blessing, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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