The New Year Ahead!

The culmination of another year has occurred. This means that the transition is moving ahead, into our new timelines/year. And as we all transition, we all also transform ourselves anew. Dawning more of who we are, which is ever Divine Luminous Beings of Light. Immortal Spiritual Beings, or ISBE’s, if you will.  

The truth of what we have and continue to hold onto, will continue to be brought forward. So that we may transform and/or transmute and transcend anything we have held that no longer serves. Which affords us great opportunity to realize that much that has caused us “grief”, so to speak, has been false beliefs and/or definitions that we have either held about/concerning ourselves and/or perhaps others.

Now! The amount of Light we have been able to embody, as we release ourselves from all manner of “limitations” has been steadily increased at record pace, throughout the past year. This means that we are truly holding onto more of our Divine attributes that are ready to unleash as we lose ourselves from our own “manufactured” limitations. And our stellar/galactic families and our ancestral families and even our inter-dimensional families have been with us throughout this entire endeavor. Assisting us, greatly, indeed.

For this to have taken place, we have had to “integrate” much. In a state of what sometimes seems like “perpetual” release and integration. As we have “similar” energetic feelings come forth after already going through what seemed to be a rather significant release/integration. Though, we know that we are transforming ourselves at ever deeper levels, as these occur.

However, we now see the truth behind the necessity for this process. As these Higher Frequency energies/vibrations require a more “purified” expression in order to “take hold”, or be rooted. Thus, we must “clear” the old that no longer serves in order to make room for these “new” ways of Being. And this has gone forth in a most harmonious unfolding that has superseded our highest expectations.

Now the process of living anew, begins in earnest. As we “re-member” this expansion is one that expands us in both directions. For as we expand into more of who we are, from our “inner” realms. We simultaneously, expand our “outer” reality into wholly new levels of awareness and interactions, as well.

With all of this comes a “new” history and future that is unfolding. For even what we have held as the “fixed” past, is showing signs of change that our perceptions have to change and adapt to. As we “suddenly” see other “pasts” that we have been unaware of, previously, coming into clear view now. Even as we are, simultaneously, ALL aligning to our “new” futures that are coming into view, even here and now. And, this is helping us to “integrate” our new reality into a cohesive continuum. In which we are seeing in more visceral ways the fact that ALL time, is in fact, available to us; at and from any point in time. For, there truly is only the NOW moment of time. From which we “construct” an ever-changing future/past scenario. Through “innumerable” timelines and parallel realities.  

The timelines that we have derived at, as a collective are “departing” into greater and greater time chasms. Where those that are desirous of going into more 3D “separation” constructs are “segregating” from those that are ascending into more of the Oneness that we ALL, already are. This does not mean that we won’t be able to see this unfold. For as the timelines separate, we are each given ample opportunity to see and distinguish our own chosen path. So that we may make any necessary adjustments to our own individual timelines, in accord with our chosen expressions.

So, remember, where our “attention” is, there we are. If we “focus” on a timeline that is not to our “liking”, then we must realize we are the ones that are “keeping” these timelines in our purview/reality. One can just as easily know that there is discord about, and yet not allow these to “influence” our chosen state of being, directly or otherwise. This is what is meant by the expression, “be in the world, but not of the world”.

What may be considered the “inner” senses are in fact maturing and expanding in many. And when we expand into the direct use of these “inner” senses, we achieve the “balanced” state, between the “intuitive” and the “intellect”. And this is what is known as wisdom. For we have all begun to realize that the “intuitive” aspects of Self, truly does transcend, merely logical awareness.

For in these “new” realities. This “intuitive” nature comes forward in a more profound way. Many refer to this as the “dawning” of the Divine Feminine. And gender matters not, with respect to this unfolding. As these are attributes that we ALL embody, no matter the gender. As we each embody the attributes of the coming new year. Which adds up to 3 in numerologist terms.

Thus, the Divine Feminine unites with the Divine Masculine to bring about the trinity of the Divine Child. We are embodying these principles, anew. As we “re-member” these Divine attributes, we become the Christed Child, born anew. Completing the Divine Trinity. And this “theme” of “trinities” will be expressed and experienced, all throughout the year, as it unfolds. In various means/ways.

This is the “birthing” of greater aspects of the Higher Self, into more of our day to day reality. As we become the living “Christs” that instill the Christ Consciousness into our reality, in more visceral ways. That will allow any and all who “resonate” with these expansions in consciousness and awareness to bring about a “gestalt” that is like none other. All flowing through the Divine High Heart. Ensuring that all is enveloped in the action of the Higher Self, Love Divine.

For as we ascend, so does Gaia. And Gaia has already established the Divine codes that we crystallize into our reality, anew. Gaia, too has been “integrating” and “re-membering” Her cosmic attributes. As She has been “re-establishing” Her networks, of old. Calling forth Her own “birth” into the “new” cosmic ascension state She is/will be embodying and deploying. As She takes her place, focused, once more, in tandem with the rest of Sol’s planetary bodies. An ascension of planetary bodies, completing another Divine unfolding.

These new states of conscious awareness and expansions bring forth many blessings for us all. As now, it is much more difficult to “deceive” one another. The “intuitive” has been integrated so greatly that many have “literally” missed recognizing that our “telepathic” abilities have been greatly amplified and embodied.

However, those that are “willing” to invest some time in “expanding” and working with these “inner” senses, will readily see that this so. The human collective has, indeed, surpassed the level of activation that was thought achievable. Yet, the recognition of these “newly” expanded abilities, will unfold in greater and greater ways throughout the coming new year.

What these attributes signify is that we are ALL operating from a more “Soul” level, throughout our day to day experience. Whereas, from a certain perspective, it could be said that before we were operating from a more “ego” consciousness level. Now! We are operating from a more “integrated” aspect of Self. Which innately considers and uses these “higher” attributes, we have previously “dismissed” as “not the norm”.

This means that as we proceed into the new year. Our ability to manifest our desires has been greatly amplified, in us all. The amount of energy we used to have to “expend” in order to achieve a “noticeable” change, has been greatly expanded. Thus, we achieve our desires more readily. With a lot less resistance, when compared to the recent past.

For those who chose to, will “interact” in more visceral ways with those that have always been with us. Though we have been “unaware” of these ones, for some time. This means that many more will begin interacting with their “stellar/galactic” families as well as “inter-dimensional” families more and more. With many “past” memories coming into our purview, as we recall our various interactions that are taking place, in our ever-present unfolding, now moment.

This will assist us ALL greatly, as we “remember” our Soul agreements to assist, not only ourselves and Gaia, but also our extended familial “roles” will go into greater expansive awareness for us ALL. Which greatly assists us in realizing our higher expressive paths, we came to fulfill at a “planetary/stellar/galactic/cosmic” level. As we “rejoin” our cosmic/galactic place as citizens of the galaxy. Going from Homo Sapiens to Homo Galacticus!

The “new” reality will readily show solutions that work for EVERYONE. And this will keep our collective focused, in greater ways. For now, we perceive through “greater eyes”. As we hold ourselves in a focus through our newly expanded awareness. We see how easily and readily the needs of the many, may be fulfilled. As long as we are not beholden to acquiesce to the “wants” and desires of, but, the few. Remember, Power to the People! As ALL are innately Divine!

We have many more “enlightened” Beings with us, in this expanded awareness. And ALL of the inner aspects of Self, are “tuning into” these Divine Ones, as we sojourn at night, in sleep. We are being “taught” and “awakened” at all levels of consciousness, now. When we sleep, we are partaking in schoolings that have been greatly intensified. Showing us what we are to “change” anew.

Let the compassion and love Divine that has been given to us so readily from so many be brought forth into our awareness more and more. For those that “resonate” with the following…

[Beloved God in me I AM! Let it be shown clearly to me ALL that I Am already receiving. For I know that I Am fully supported, here and now. And everything I need is already being given to me. Let me thus, be fully aware of ALL that I Am being shown and given. That I may act in accord with these Divine energies. And bring forth more of the truth of who I Am.]

Blessings to ALL this new year. Our beloved stellar/galactic families are excited to see our progress. Our support from the “inner” planes is tremendous. As the Ascended Host and Angelic Host assist us in creating together a new reality. In which Humanity the Elementals and the Angels transform ourselves anew. And simultaneously we transform Gaia anew.  

This next year is laden with the synchronicity of 3s. Remember the “triangle” covers ALL angels within the Divine Trinity. The three lower Chakras form a triangle that “grounds” us in our expressional experience. And the three higher Chakras that are “above” our High Heart-Center, establish a “conduit” that “grounds” the Higher Frequencies into our reality, here and now. And together these pyramids form the Divine Merkabah. One triangle pointing below and the other above. This is what is spoken of as bringing “Heaven to Earth”.  As we enable and embody our Divine Luminous Merkabah, we easily portal anything into our reality that we need. For we are each, individuated Divine Portals of the Oneness.

Thus, uniting Heaven and Earth, once more. We establish, embody, instill and expand the Divine attributes that are ours, innately. As we recreate the “new” Heavens and Earth, here and now. Remembering our Oneness in All That Is. Being courageous enough to stand as the Luminous Shining Ones, we already are. Enacted, enabled, integrative and expansive. Our “collective” Lights shine forth into the “new” awareness we embody. As an infinitesimal spark of individuated Divine expression within the collective of the Oneness. Divine expressions of the “trinity” brought forth to transform another planetary body of the Divine Light. Happy New Years beloved Brothers and Sisters in and of the Oneness!

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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