A “Perception” on the Unfolding of Creation

We are told by those teachers that are in what is sometimes referred to as the “middle planes” of the ethers, that in order to have “physicality” we must have the “outer” reality, the “dream” reality and the “inner” reality. For this is the Divine Trinity that allows our manifest universe to unfold.

When the Oneness was gaining in awareness. The “dream” realm that it saw, had such magnificent creations that it wanted to manifest in “reality”. This caused the Creator to want to achieve these “dreams” in a more visceral way. And this was the impetus to begin the Creation/Universe/Multiverse.

This brought about in the Creator the “necessity” to have “other than” in order to “perceive” these manifestations. This notion of the Creator “thinking” into Creation, “what if there was/is “other than” the Self”? Or, “what if I were many”? For this brought about the first reflective Beings that Creator needed. We refer to these as the Angels.

Now this is where the axiom, “as above, so below” and “as below, so above” comes into a further “fractal” reflective expression in the Creation. In that, those “other than” that Creator/Source manifested would go into “developing” as the Creator had. We know these as the “individuated aspects of Source”. Our TRUE origin.

Thus, those that have developed in consciousness. Go through what we perceive of as the various densities of consciousness. Between 2nd and 3rd density, awareness comes into Being. And the development of awareness expanding into recognizing the Self, as an individual. A perception of “separation” of self occurs.


This brings us into all manner of experience, as we “recognize” the Self as a “separate” individual. We go through several lives, in which we focus our awareness/consciousness into all manner of expressions pertaining to seeing how our individual energies effect the Creation. During this period, Love Divine is not the “focus”. Which allows much disharmony to be created.

Eventually, we are “moved” to express our growth through love, Divine. We “transform” into the realization that we are TRULY One. And when we create discord in another, we are creating discord for the Self. This “moves” us to seek expression in one of two ways. Through “service to others” and/or “service to self”.

These are TRUE states of expression that those of 4th density and higher manifest. As each chooses their own course of expression. Those that chose “service to others” are rewarded doubly. For these ones have “service to self” in addition to “service to others”. As this route of expression is “all inclusive”. Being the balance of both expressions inclusively manifested.

Whereas, those that chose “service to self” exclusively, are limiting their creative expression, greatly. As the exclusion from “service to others” creates a “great” and “lengthy” lesson in expressing through a false perception of separation. This “exclusion” is perceived as allowing an “elite” to gain expression through the “agreeing” of those that will express through “non-elite” status. Thus, those that “have” and those that “have not”. Both, willingly partake in this form of expression.

This “belief” that “service to self”, exclusively is the “better” choice. Leads to an eventual realization that “separation”, in and of itself, is not self-sustaining. For those that express through separation are ever involved in usurping and/or overthrowing those that are considered to be the “exclusive” or “elite”. There is no way to “progress” through this false perception of “separation”. The “nature” is to be self-destructive.


Though the TRUE Creation is in fact, Oneness. There is no “exclusion” in Oneness. There is no “outside” of this Oneness. As there is no “division” from which to be “elite” or “exclusive” from. So, those that express through “service to others” automatically balance and express through “service to self”, as well. Thus, the quickest route back to Source is to express through the more expansive and TRUER route of both “service to self” and “service to others”.

These forms of analogy; i.e. “service to self” and “service to others”, are a means for defining what those that have moved beyond 3rd density expressions, are “learning” / ”remembering”. These are the “lessons” in expression we “learn” in “love” and “wisdom”. The learning/remembering how to bring about expression through “unity consciousness”. As those that proceed now “integrate” expression through conscious awareness of contributing to the “mass consciousness”. The “social memory complex”. The “service to others”. The self-realization that we are, indeed, within Oneness.

Either way. Those that have “learned” to love, move on to the 4th density. Either through “self” exclusively, or through “others and self” inclusively. The “realization” of the advantage of loving ALL, is the “culmination” of these “lessons learned”. The integration of proceeding through Love Divine, in/is wisdom. This is the “integration” of the “outer ego” into the “unity consciousness” from within.

Turning “inward” we discover our “multidimensionality” that we each inherently are, here and now. We realize that our “outer” journey of expression is afforded us, by means of this “inner Being” we are “re-membering” anew. As we embody this Divine “inner” expression of Self. This turns our attention toward the greater purview, as we see that we have participated in several lives.

And as we recognize and give credence to these other aspects of self, we integrate these aspects. At greater and greater levels, we bring “back into the fold” all of these “awareness’s” that are us, inherently. Which causes us to gain insight into the greater purview of our reality. We begin to “think bigger”. Being concerned for ourselves, our family, our society, our country and our planetary body. We suddenly have a desire to have a “rapport” with our stellar families and acquaintances.

The compassion that we each have comes to the forefront. As we can relate to those that have not “awakened” to their true potential. We recognize how many of those that are “learning” are living through the false illusions of “fear” and “separation”. Many of these feeling the need to be “separate” from those of other countries and/or nationalities. Not to mention those that are still “threatened” by those of different skin color.

Yet, these are the ones that allow us to see, feel and know that we have moved beyond these “illusions” of limitation. As they inspire us to be more of an example in sharing and contributing to the WHOLE of the Oneness. Knowing that ALL belong. We are moved to express love Divine to ALL. Even to those that have “missed the mark” of expressing through “service to others”. As there is no “separation” in/of the Oneness.

This instills our truth, in “our bones”, so to speak. Knowing we are the living example, we are inspired and impressed to demonstrate our actions. Proving that what we perceive is in fact doable. That we are able to live in a greater expansion. Recognizing that as we ascend, we add to greater and greater forms of “collectives” that are a part of us, even here and now. For now, we recognize that ALL time is indeed, available in our now moment.

Going from “initial” self-awareness and the birth of “individualization”. We have transitioned from self-awareness to perceiving of “other than”. To recognizing we are part and parcel to contributing to a “collective” in the Oneness. Influencing the unity consciousness in greater ways. As we ascend into contributing to the WHOLE in greater and greater ways. From contributing to the self/society/planetary body/solar/galactic and cosmic systems.


Through every “action” we create. Either through “thought” and/or through “manifestation”. For in truth, ALL thought has some form of “manifestation”, physical or otherwise. And our recognition of this, is a contributing factor to our ascension. As we master the lessons of physical/emotional/mental manifestations that are harmonious and instilled in Love Divine. We focus our abilities in creating in ever-expansive ways through this wisdom.

Then, eventually, we realize that we may maintain our entire awareness/consciousness as an individual “identity”, even without form. And within the higher octaves of the 5th dimensional realm. We lose the “need” to have physicality. As we ascend/graduate to having expression without the “need” for a physical form, in which to embody. Knowing that anything/everything we need and/or desire is available to us, in our here and now.

Knowing that we are no longer “bound” by a form that we must “maintain” in order to have expression. We partake in all manner of expressions in experience that we can hardly realize, at this point. Expansions unheard of and unknown, as of yet.

Moving ever-onward. As above, so below. As within, so without. The expansion takes place as a Divine Trinity. Which, throughout the whole of ascension in Creation, has a “dream” reality. A “manifest” reality. And an “inner” reality. Infinitely and eternally. Allowing an ever-unfolding ascension in fractal expressions throughout the entire infinity. For in truth, there never was any “beginning” and there will never be an “ending”. For in truth, there just IS. Just an infinite/eternal “changing” expressed through ascension in awareness/consciousness in an infinite amount of manifest/non-manifest forms of expression ever-always in action. As action is Love Divine.

With an ever-changing purview from which to perceive. The Divine unfolding in greater and greater ways. Both within and without, these are infinite realms. With no end, in “sight”. So, what is our contribution to the Creation Story? What Divine action is our passion we chose to express?


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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