Integrate Inner Senses

When our perceptions expand, we see the world anew. We have more zeal recognizing that what we have held in the past, has been integrated and even expanded upon. In greater ways we are now able to perceive the reality. And this moves us to yet further expansions. Going up the ever-eternal spiral of ascension.

Our ability to go within and perceive through our inner senses is suddenly set loose in greater ways. And as we gain in experience from turning our awareness inward, we bring forth gestalt after gestalt as we perceive through greater and more expanded senses of awareness. As these are our “true” senses that we utilize throughout ALL forms we manifest in expression and experience throughout all dimensions and densities of consciousness.

These inner senses have a greater purview than our “outer” senses. As our outer senses are focused points of perception that are “tuned” towards our outer reality, more exclusively. In other words, we are meant to perceive through a very focused set of senses in our waking daily reality. And these are very constrictive, as they are finely tuned for the outer experience, solely. They keep us focused on our 4th density reality and experience. While wholly tuning out any other sense data received and/or perceived.

When we exercise our inner senses, we readily recognize that these are not as “limited” from perceiving within the greater reality. As space and time do not carry as much weight, as far as “limitations” are concerned; when we utilize our inner senses. We can easily smell a scent from a house down the street or within our own kitchen utilizing our inner senses.

This is how remote viewing works. We purposefully tune out as much of our “outer” senses as we can. In order to turn our awareness inward and perceive from our inner senses, directly. And these inner senses are not beholden to the constraints of our chosen matrix reality. This is why we may just as readily see, hear, smell, feel and sense just as easily; and in fact, more intensely through our inner senses. And we are not “limited” from perceiving in the “linear” sense. This is how we can easily see past, future and present events, using the inner senses while remote viewing.

This should give us great appreciation for the multidimensional aspects of Self that we inherently are. And the remembering and utilizing of these aspects of inner senses of awareness that are innately ours, is the objective for those that are desirous of experiencing the greater freedoms that are available to us.

When we turn inward, we momentarily leave the constraints of the outer reality. This allows us to take advantage of these greater freedoms in precise ways that will assist us in our outer expression. As this is the realm from which our inner reality manifests the outer experience that we express. The “template” from which we construct our reality is constructed and changed from the inner realms.

Knowing that we are the creators of our chosen experience. We may make intents that when we go to sleep, we will work in either resolving a perplexing experience or manifesting a more harmonious future or any manner of further explorations and/or resolutions. And the aspect of Self that is at the level of manifesting and integrating the chosen expression and experience, will begin gathering the necessary constructs that allow the given experience to unfold in our reality.


When we work conscientiously in tandem and harmony with these other expressions of Self from within, we begin the process of manifesting the Divine in our daily reality. As we recreate these inroads of awareness anew, we establish a conscious recognition of how we manifest thought forms into our physical manifestations.

The objective of our experience in this reality is to go from the 4th ray or chakra all the way up to the 7th ray or chakra, while in space time, not time space. In other words, we must be incarnate for this progress to proceed. And when we cross the Divine threshold of the High Heart, we activate these higher chakras. The 5th through the 7th become activated and proceed to draw down to us our 6th density Self, known as the Higher Self. Until we are the embodiment of this Divine expression of Self.

Knowing ourselves as a persona. Remembering and integrating the various aspects of Self that are incarnate in various planes of existence, here and now. While having the ability to perceive as the Over Soul. Knowing of ALL of these aspects of Self. And manifesting in accord with our Divine path. Unfolding all that we have come to achieve, in order to realize more of who we are.

This process changes our experience in greater ways. As we transition from expectation to direct knowing. For as we see these truths of how our Being and our reality operate in tandem together, we easily transition from belief to the state of direct knowing. In which we know so viscerally that the reality is truly freer and more open than we have previously held. We expand into utilizing our greater attributes.

We recognize that we are not limited to a single construct. We may bi-locate at will. We may turn inward and establish a conversation and agreement made with another who is aware of their “open source” reality. We easily see “precognitively” what is transpiring in our reality. As we readily tune into our guides and listen to what directions we are being given from our teachers and guides.

Knowing that time is a construct we utilize for our benefit, we may begin to have aspects of Self that are already in the “future” assist us in magnetizing our passions and desires into our current, now moment. While calling forth aspects of Self that may have “left” in a disharmonious experience, as we easily retrieve these aspects of Self / Soul that have strayed. Integrating more of who we are. Knowing that ALL time is now, we may allow / forgive / accept / and love all of these aspects of Self. Keeping our “temple” Holy so that our vessel is prepared for the Divine “alchemical” marriage. As we embody all attributes of our Divine Masculine and Feminine in the most balanced of ways.


These greater attributes of our inner senses that we all already have are beginning to be expressed in our reality more and more each and every day. More and more in every way. And this experience of expansion gives us great joy. Knowing that we are not beholden to some “outer” reality, in which we are merely a “victim” of outer circumstance.

For in truth, we are the creators of ALL that we perceive. And anything that we are desirous of changing in our experience, is always accomplished from within, firstly. We must envision and think of what we are desirous of experiencing. And we magnetize this into our reality by remaining resonate with the desired manifestation.

As like attracts like, we must be the state that we are desirous of experiencing from our within to the without. As ALL know, one never solves a “problem” from the same state as the problem exists. One must go to a “higher” level where the “solution” already exists and can be found, in order to bring the solution into manifestation.

We do the same, when we turn inward. We go to the level at which the resolution / solution / expansion / integration and so forth is already manifest. And from these “higher” levels of resolve, we bring down the answer / solution / expansion / integration into our ever-present, now moment. Turning the inner reality into the outer reality. Expressing in balance the desires and passions of the inner and outer realities.

Living the Divine state that we ALL are, innately. Remembering that we are multidimensional expressions, here and now. Knowing that we are able to change to the parallel reality of our choice, as readily as we may turn inward. Co-creating the highest timelines for our chosen experience. Manifesting ALL in Divine timing. Knowing that we are ever at the proper place at the proper time. Ascending into higher levels of existence and awareness. Integrating the knowledge that we are unlimited Beings, here and now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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