Oneness Realized

When we look at our past expressions concerning our concept of God, we see a progress that reveals much. For we see that there has been a progression of different concepts held of the One Infinite Creator. Throughout our “past” we have a documented history of our perception of God. Let’s look at some of these differences, from a “reflective” view.

When we look at the Christian Bible and the Old Testament, we have accounts of a “wrathful” God. One who states that He is a “jealous God”, who exacts exclusive devotion. And we have several accounts of God sending out his “chosen” people to eliminate those that are not of the “fold”, so to speak.

Next, we have the Christian Bible reflecting a difference in God, in the New Testament. For by this time, the accounts we receive from the Son of God is to “turn the other cheek”, when faced with disharmony. We receive encouragement to seek the Kingdom from within. And we are taught that God is a loving God who shines the Sun on the “righteous and the wicked”.

Now, we are seeing another evolving of our concept of God. As now, we realize that the One Infinite Creator is more “infinite” than we have previously held. We know that in truth we are individuated aspects of the One Infinite Divine Creator. With the same Divine Oneness of All That Is within the core of each and every one of us. We know that there is nothing outside of All That Is. And that we ourselves are infinite and eternal expressions of this Divine Oneness.

This shows us that it is not God that is changing. In fact, it is Humanities perceptions of the One Infinite Creator that are ever-changing. For, as we change, we naturally expand into greater realizations of awareness and consciousness. And these are reflective in our concepts of Self and God. We perceive at a “higher” and “deeper” level, greater “truths” as we expand in conscious experience/expression.

It is said that Humanity switches periodically from the “male” to the “female” aspect of persuasion or polarization, as a species/race. And during these “periods” the whole of humanity experiences a level of “maturity”, or a reflection from the within to the without, that is based on the awareness/consciousness held within this particular male/female polarization of the entire race/species.

Now using this “analogy” we may see the reality a little more clearly, as to our “perception” of God and how they have changed. As during the Old Testament / New Testament time-frame, we were functioning, as a whole, as a very young male would. Humanity as a whole was full of “fear” and viewing everyone and everything as “more” than ourselves. Just like an immature young male, who perceives his naivete among other “elders”.

When we “matured” further, we transitioned to a society that functions at a purview of teenage to early twenties, male-polarized society. With ALL of the aggression that a young male would have during this period of his life. Thus, everything was solved with aggressive “logic”, as a whole. The “intuition” had not matured, as a whole. So, the reasoning and analytical aspects weighed heavily. While the emotional consequences were, greatly ignored. Thus, fear prevailed over intuitive reasoning/knowing.


As we entered and passed the 2012 time-frame, much changed. For one thing, we have transitioned as a whole society, once more to the Divine Feminine. During this time-frame our societal view as whole will be that of a purview of a woman of perhaps mid-twenties to early thirties “maturity”. And this, combining, with the return of the Divine Feminine to us All, brings about a great change in our society. One that we have all been anxiously awaiting. For our “youthful” male aggressive tendencies have brought us much discord, as a whole.

This change of perspective, as a polarized society that skews towards the Divine Feminine now, will bring a nurturing and patience that a youthful male would not yet possess.  And this will bring about a balance within the Human race that will allow us to integrate this change very readily. As the nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine is one that attracts us all. As this unleashes our creative abilities that will balance our “aggression” as we release that which no longer serves. Shedding false fears and limiting beliefs.

As a mother knows how to “keep the peace” within her family’s household, so will we as a society, be better able to navigate “tensions” through peaceful and communicative means. The loving compassion of Quan Yin comes to mind. As does the nurturing Heart energy of Mother Mary. These Divine Feminine attributes will permeate our societies, as we embody these qualities more viscerally.

The Creation always strives for balance. And we have transitioned the balance of influence back to the Divine Feminine. One of the last known “great” periods of a female polarized society was during the time of Atlantis. However, during this period, the societal level of “maturity” for those humans was that of a young girl of early/mid teenage maturity.  This “young” innocence was a contributing factor to the eventual dissolution of that society. As all eventually “mature” and shed their youthful ways.

Now we are in an even greater “integrative” period of experience/expression of the Divine Feminine. Our ability to relate to and realize the deeper and more profound aspects of Self/God is/will be more readily recognized. For our level of joy, love, compassion and wisdom will be greatly reflected all throughout our reality during this ascension and transition. As we evolve into demonstrating the integration that we have successfully accomplished during this transformation. Achieving a great balance with the Divine attributes of Feminine/Masculine.


Being “polarized” towards the Divine Feminine will instill an “intuitive” response/return to the recognition of the Oneness of All. As a mother always strives to keep the family as one whole unit, so to will our societies begin to reflect this Divine attribute. When we integrate the Divine Feminine within ourselves, we will reflect this throughout the whole of our creations. This balance that is achieved throughout Humanity will usher in a period of great expansion in all manner of creative expressions/creations/passions.

This allows us to appreciate the greatness of the diversity of the Oneness. Seeing All That Is, expressed in such expansive and diverse expressions brings about a level of gestalt for the whole society of Human Beings. As we simultaneously expand our notion of family to incorporate our stellar and cosmic roots. We realize that we have always been supported by loving Beings of a stellar/cosmic nature. With many of them “returning” to assist in this transition. Welcoming Humanity into the fold of our inherent galactic, stellar and cosmic roots.

We have greater interactions with innumerable Beings that have co-created with us, throughout eternity. And though it is us that are awakening to these relationships, we have always held. At levels of consciousness we are beginning to integrate, once more. This, in and of itself, is a very good sign. As we integrate/embody into even greater concepts of what God “Is”. Knowing that we have input from those that have traveled our path, long ago. We will be “realizing” the One Infinite Creator in greater and more expansive ways, yet again.

Thus, fear not the fact that it is our individual and mass consciousness perceptions and projections that have always changed concerning God, not God. For the One Infinite Creator has become more “God like” and less as a perception of what humans would perceive, if they were God. We now recognize that ANY definition of God, is in fact, a self-imposed “limitation” attributed to a truly Unlimited One Infinite Creator. And yet, we must produce some definition to appease our “limited” nature; which we are shedding.


Remember the Oneness. All of our ancestors that have already “tread” our path, have assured us that the One Is the All and the All Are the One. There truly is no separation. And this will allow us to readily ascertain a level of consciousness achieved by those we meet. For any that view “separation” as a necessity have yet to realize the truth of Oneness.

Oneness is known as the truth that it Is, throughout the cosmos. The densities of experience/expression that we “traverse” are a schooling in the proper use of the Infinite Intelligent Energetic expressions we co-create. As we gradually return to operating exclusively within this Oneness. Without the “need” to separate ourselves from this Oneness. Realizing that we can never leave our true Home, in this Oneness.

Therefore, let us resolve to keep harmony in the Unity Consciousness of Humanity. Integrating and embodying the Divine Feminine and Masculine. Expanding into more of who we are. As we turn inward and discover ourselves, anew. Knowing we are indeed, Oneness. Manifest in Creation, expressing infinite potential, in all manner of parallel realities. Infinite and eternal expressions of All That Is. Bringing expansion and harmony, by just Being, here and now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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