Flowing In Truth

A higher octave of Divine Service has been achieved. Which means we are beholden to live up this level of service we have brought forth. So, for those that are desirous of being of “greater” service. The opportunity to be the “living” example, is the greatest “gift” we can give to All That Is. By means of our living example of ever-present now moments, we contribute to All That Is, continuously.

Thus, if we are in a harmonious and balanced state of Being, we contribute, positively. If we keep our emotions, thoughts and actions in a constant state of “flow”, we naturally return to a “neutral” state; after processing the emotions/thoughts/actions. This is the state of “allowing” that we must exhibit. For, through this state of allowing, we free ourselves from being caught-up in our own “negative” emotions/thoughts/actions.

When we are in a state of flow, we are the polar opposite of “resistance”. And the fact is that anything we resist, persists. As we invest our energies in a state of “negation” by resisting something that is before us. Rather than allowing this to flow through us as an experience. This “resistance” held, automatically reflects this same energy we are “attempting” to negate in a “looping” way, before us. Thus, the statement… What we resist, persists. Or, put another way. No “insistence” means no “resistance”. As we allow what is experienced/expressed to flow through us, as a means of process.

Being in a “positive” state of emotion/thought/action, is innately expansive. This contributes to the expansive energy of Oneness in great ways. The “ripples” of reflection from “positive” attributes being expressed from one’s self, are truly powerful creations. As these waves of positive energy expand in all manner of ways, we are unaware of. And yet, this expansive energy does “influence” All That Is, greatly.


A positive Being within a group of individuals that are primarily expressive in a “negative” fashion, has a tremendous influence on these “negative” emanations. As the integrative energy of positivity greatly diminishes the “separative” and chaotic energy of negativity. Much like the light causes the darkness to diminish greatly, or “scatter”, in the presence of the light. As light is “all-encompassing” or integrative energy. And the dark “scatters” and “separates” in the presence of light.

So, how are we doing at “mastering” our emotions, thoughts and actions?

In these “higher” frequencies of energies, it is easier to maintain the state of Being, we are desirous of expressing. For the energies that do not serve, are being let loose, in all of us. As we recognize that we create our reality, we are becoming “adept” at transmuting and transcending all that does not serve, from our reality. As these higher frequencies of reality bring about greater expressions of synchronous interactions, occurring with all of us. Which means, we will readily/easily “gravitate” towards others that carry similar energies that we ourselves, hold.


Thus, the “newer” energies are demonstrating, in greater ways, the reflections to us in our reality, that we ourselves carry. We are seeing in greater ways, all that we believe, being reflected to us; in other words. And scientists are the “reluctant” ones to have demonstrated this, in their own experimentation. As they have realized that the “observer” has a direct influence on the “observed”. As their own “experiments” have reflected this aspect of reality, that they themselves are still “grappling” with. This brings in the whole subjective/objective notions currently held, into question.

We have been “taught”, scientifically speaking, that we have “evolved” through chance. And the aforementioned “observation”, in and of itself, demonstrates a rather big hole, in this theory. As we have expanded into realizing that there are differences in “scientists”. And the “materialist” scientist is very reluctant to acquiesce to a “structured” and “ordered” Creation, unfolding. Though, the creation seems to contradict the “materialist” scientist’s view/notion at all turns. As we gain greater perspectives, we see a structure and order that we are only beginning to understand how to perceive.

As we integrate our “new” awareness, we will begin seeing more clearly the “limiting” views we have held. Such as the notion of looking into the stars to see “back” in time. For now, we realize that time is in fact, simultaneously expressed. This being said, we would be able to look out into the stars and see, not only back in time, but forward, as well. Being that time is more accurately expressed as circular, we should be able to see both aspects of time; past and future. Yet, ask a scientist how they perceive the “future” through peering out into the stars. As they claim this occurs when they look out at the stars, to “perceive” the “past”, using their own theory. And the “linear” perception of time will be brought forth as the “answer” to resolve this “dilemma” in the theory.


The “limitations” we have held, will be let loose. As we expand our awareness and consciousness, we recognize more of these limitations and easily shed them. Knowing in greater and more visceral ways, the truth of the reality. Until, yet again, we realize at even greater levels of awareness, the “new” limitations we have “unduly” set. This is why all scientific principles are based on conclusions that have been derived from scientific theory. And theory is structured for “perpetual” change. As we are ever changing/expanding these theories. Based on “new” proofs/conclusions.

The greater attributes to be held are the ability to navigate through all manner of changes. Perceiving the reality anew. Being bold enough and strong enough to handle realizing that we have not always held, complete and/or correct views. And being as bold and strong enough to seek to offer alternatives from the currently held views. As we continually question what has been given to us, as fact.

Our ability to accomplish this in a peaceful, communicative and cooperative manner is easily achievable. If we recognize that we are responsible for how we feel, think and act; at all times. And if we recognize that we are ALL individuated aspects of the Oneness, Divine from our core, within. None being any “greater” than another. All achieving an expansion of All That Is, that reflects just as powerfully, inward as it does, outward, here and now.

Being the energy of truth is the greatest goal. For anyone to understand/withstand the truth of their Being, is a great achievement for an individuated aspect of the Divine. As truth must be expressed both inwardly and outwardly. And for one to face the truth of what they hold and why the hold what they do, is a strength and power that few chose to wield.

Though for the brave of heart/mind/spirit. Truth, sought after, above all else; will bring forth an enlightenment that few have achieved. As truth realized while in expression is the ultimate goal. Leaving “illusions”, long held, is a great feat. Some will choose to await another chosen expression to “face” certain truths. While others will seek truth, as wholeheartedly as possible, in one life/expression; once awakened.

And for those that choose to face the truth of themselves, deeply. A great revelation occurs. Allowance is a great realization, as a concept. For it is by means of this allowance that acceptance of Self is achieved. As this state of Being, brings forth the attributes of faith, hope, gratitude, acceptance, forgiveness, charity and so forth; for self and for others, in like reflection. Or, in other words, in Oneness. And this is the impetus of achievement in the schooling of creation.

As those that achieve this level of “allowance” with One’s Self as well as Others, is key. As this demonstrates the attributes of a conscientious physical co-creator. Many have not perceived the fact that ALL creators must have this attribute of “allowance”, first and foremost. As one’s creations are experienced and/or perceived in all manner of varying ways. A creator must maintain the state of allowing, within the experience and unfolding of their creations. Thus, this energy of allowance, having been successfully achieved will hasten ones co-creations. Remember the axiom, no insistence means no resistance. As this hastens manifestations, as well.

The plane of existence we are in now is leaving behind what we have known. And creating a new reality from a culmination of the “highest” held attributes we have achieved throughout our sojourns as humanity. A recognition of much that has been “suppressed” from our awareness would achieve great levels of comfort and creative expansion. As humanity has progressed, indeed, rather greatly.

When we are ready to face what we have held/hold within, we will simultaneously express this in the outer reality. And much that we have “suppressed” within, that is “allowed” release. Will likewise, release much that has been “suppressed” in the without. As the outer is a reflection of what is held, within. This demonstrates, once more, where our true power lies.

As the Luminous Shining Ones that we ALL are expands in greater and greater waves of higher and higher frequencies, we easily shed the darker ways that have been expressed. By transmuting, transcending and transforming our creations, anew. Through the power of our truth demonstrated from our within to the without. All from our here and now. As we manifest the highest of co-creations for ourselves, our planetary body, our stellar system and our galactic/cosmic systems and so forth. Being a direct influence to All That Is, here and now, always.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life
Gabriel F. Duran

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