Humanity Before Polarity

Most all when they “awaken”, spiritually speaking, notice very viscerally the polarization that exists throughout our world. At times we perceive the reality as being very “dualistic” in nature. Being filled with “good” and “bad” we see through the “eyes” of judgement, many a times. And this perception causes us much consternation, as we realize the impact this has on society, as a whole. As, we realize when we are finally “awakened” that the reality is in fact, Oneness. And this realization, in and of itself, changes us greatly.

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Now, that being said. We know from the likes of Ra, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert, that the human species was not always “polarized”, as an experiential expression. In fact, the polarization of humanity came after the Logos realized the potential to expedite the lessons of Love, necessary to be gained while in 3D. Why? And how so?

Well, before “polarization” was introduced to humanity, humanity was greatly different. How so? There was no “separation” or “segregation” of consciousness. There was no conscious and subconscious/unconscious. This means that having full access to consciousness, subconscious and unconscious; didn’t really “allow” for a full experience and realization to be had, in a timely fashion.

Those early humans didn’t experience a reality in which they truly felt as if they were, indeed, separate from God/Source. They had access to all of their faculties, so the “illusion” was not complete. There are several other details that can be easily “gleamed” when one considers the consequences. For example, they did not feel as if they were “restricted” to “linear” time, only. They could easily change their purview in space/time and time/space. They could “remove” the faculty for feeling pain, instantly. And so, on and on.


The point being, these didn’t allow for a fully enmeshed experience in 3D. And having access to ALL reasoning/knowing in consciousness, didn’t exactly help towards having any desire to “move forward” in any aggressive manner. Thus, the progress could be likened to a turtle’s pace, compared to the possibility of moving as swiftly as the cheetah, per se; according to Ra.

This caused the Logos to bring into the reality the experience of “polarization”. And this automatically brought about a “segregation” or “separation” of consciousness. We, thus, were instilled with a consciousness a subconscious and an unconscious. A Divine trinity. Which really did bring about an impetus towards progress in achieving the lessons of Love, necessary to proceed and progress to 4th/5th densities and beyond. In a much “timelier” fashion.

Thus, the “birth” of what we refer to as the “band of forgetfulness” or the “veil”, occurred. From hence forward, any humans that needed to experience/express the lessons of Love/Courage, would do so under this guise of “forgetfulness”; i.e “free will” or the “law of confusion” (more on this later). Having no memory of their “past” and/or “future” place in Creation. Feeling, indeed, separate from God/Source. And now, having to come to “self-realization” on their own, so to speak. Rebuilding the “bridges” in inward consciousness and expressing Love Divine both inwardly and outwardly. Knowing no difference between the Self and Another, only perceiving Oneness.

For from now on, those that enter this reality must realize the Oneness of All, in order to proceed to the higher densities. And this “realization” of Being Divine, within; became the paramount realization that provided the impetus to ascend out of this plane of existence. As a deep and profound realization that Love Divine is the true energy/power of all of Creation is achieved.


This also brought about a much greater realization of the Self. As now, we have to “purposefully” build the bridge to communing with ALL aspects of Self. Through our current “awakening” process, we must begin communing and uniting the conscious, sub and unconscious aspects of Self. Thus, another great impetus was achieved in causing humanity to go “inward” in order to fulfill the seeking to “know thyself”.

Another point to note, is that before “polarization” there really was not the concept being expressed, that we speak of, as “free will”. In other words, what we conceive of, as free will; must of necessity bring about polarization. Or there would be no other “choice” to make, would there? Thus, the birth of free will, was also what we know of as, the birth of polarization.

This brought about a law known as the “law of confusion”. For, in order for there to be “free will”, there must be a “seeking” that is free. And this “freedom” means being unencumbered by “knowing”, by default. Thus, the law of confusion. Which means what?

Humanity would have to come to a “self-realization”, in order to proceed. Humanity would have to invest its energies in discovering the Self, anew. Seeing, in all manner of ways, through all manner of incarnations, what this Self Is. Gaining access, once more, to ALL aspects of consciousness. Realizing the Divine, within. And recognizing and remembering the Oneness of All That Is. As well as recognition of the One Infinite Creator. No small task, aye?

This was/is humanity “fractalized” even further into greater denseness, in density of consciousness experience/expression. Though this proved to achieve a greater impetus in humanities desires to “move forward” in fulfilling the lessons necessary, concerning love/courage; in 3D. Greatly increasing, in “time”, the process of ascending into 4th density of consciousness and beyond.

We can easily see how this “polarization” moves us, all. As any “newly” awakened consciousness is very “sensitive” to these attributes that it “suddenly” finds itself surround with. Good and bad are noticed to a greater degree and at a deeper level. All of the sudden, great realizations are gleamed, concerning the “faulty” ways of expressing in a “polarized” environment.

This, in and of itself, further achieves the necessary “segregations” or “separations” that must occur as one must now choose, in a polarized sense, in which direction to ascend into 4th density. For now, we ALL must “polarize” to either “service to others” or “service to self”, in order to proceed. As the reality has been approached through the lessons achieved through this “polarizing” experience.

This choice of ascension, determines our place in 4th density, cosmically speaking. For in 4th density and greater realms of consciousness. The segregation of “polarized” expression/experience, is greater. What does this mean?

In 3D, ALL exist together, for the lessons to be gained. In other words, “service to self” and “service to others” reside in/on the same local. As one ascends in higher frequencies/planes of existence, one “polarizes” towards a particular group. For in the higher frequencies, there really is a segregation/separation of experiences in polarity. They do not “co-mingle” as freely as in 3rd density.

Those that seek “service to self”, exclusively, must “polarize” in a very steep way. They must express great desire to serve through the “constraints” of “power over” another. And these “others” must acquiesce towards the notion of “enslavement”, while partaking in this form of ascension. For those that are “lorded over” are ever at the mercy of those that are their “lords”. As this path is one in which there is an ever striving to achieve “power over”, at all times.


Whereas, those that seek the path of “service to others”, are not as constrained. For, they have chosen a path that is “all inclusive”. In that “service to others” honors in a balanced fashion; “service to self” along with “service to others”. Thus, those on this chosen path are “doubly” rewarded, in a sense. Achieving an expressional experience in universal love, which clears the path towards wisdom embodied, in the higher 5th and beyond densities of expression.

These “service to others” being not at all constrained, as those on the path to “service to self”, exclusively. How so?

Those that achieve 4th density ascension through the guises of “service to self”, exclusively. Greatly constrict their energetic focus, in order to exclude the “green and blue” rays being fully expressed; in order to achieve ascension in this way. For, as they strive to achieve “Intelligent Infinity”, they must purposefully “exclude” the “Universal Love” of the green ray and “truth spoken” through the blue ray, or Chakras, if you will. As those that chose the “service to self” path, may never speak “truth”, nor do they of their own accord, engage in Love Divine. Or, Universal Love, which recognizes that the All are the One and the One are the All. Oneness.

We now evolve through experience in polarization. There is no going back to the “old ways”. We have all embodied in this polarized form of expression. None, have access, by default to these “higher” planes of consciousness that we refer to as the “subconscious” and “unconscious”. Thus, chose wisely. For the next density of experience is a great journey. Being vastly longer than the average 3rd density experience.

We are ascending, here and now. Our Logos and Logoi chose long ago that the quickest way to achieve our end, was/is through experiencing our lessons through polarization. And this is in fact, the activation of our free will.

Thus, let us recognize the privileges we have been given. To achieve ascension through the “quickest” path and fully expressed through free will. Integrating into Oneness, once more. Knowing that by expressing through “service to others”, we simultaneously express through “service to self”. In perfect balance, we achieve the lessons learned of Love Divine and Courage. As we proceed to our next venture in evolving into the co-creators we have been destined to become.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life
Gabriel F. Duran

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