Everything Changes Form

As we ascend, we change our forms. And as a collective, humanity has transformed into expressing as the 6th root race. All those that are born now, are utilizing this new human template. And those of us that have been here a while, are transforming our existing form to the same template; as that of the 6th root race.

Though many have not given consideration to the fact that the “animal kingdom” is also partaking in this transformation. Since this is a planetary-wide ascension, many forms of animal and animal species are choosing to depart. For they too are “transitioning” form to express anew in the 4th/5th dimensional planes of Gaia.


This means that many species that have gone “extinct” are, in fact, choosing to embody on the ascended version of Gaia. Leaving the 3rd dimension in their own Divine timing. And there will be a difference in many of these animals’ forms, in the new dimension. As they “upgrade” their bodily forms for these higher dimensional realms. Thus, we will be seeing “new” species coming into being.


Our planetary body is transforming, as well. We are seeing weather pattern shifts and electromagnetic shifts in polarity. And the continents have begun greater modifications. As everything we exist on transitions and transforms anew. Even beloved Sol is bellowing solar flares that are alerting all planetary bodies of the directives and timing chosen to express transitions brought forth from stellar and cosmic levels.


Rest assured that even as we speak, we are receiving upgrades in frequency that are moving us into greater expression in 4th density. As we must be able to embody these energies, as we proceed. And these take “adjustments” to properly handle these higher frequencies. This is why we have not had a single event that would transform us, in an instant. There is a great variance of energetic frequency held throughout the whole of humanity. And ALL must be accommodated.


All of us are at varying states of integration and embodiment of higher frequencies, as well as state of consciousness and awareness. No two being exactly alike. The process must accommodate a gradual integration of these energetic frequencies. An entire range of available frequencies that accommodate all of the diverse whole of humanity. So that all Divine timings that unfold for everyone are accommodated and actualized.

Already we are seeing a greater reflection occurring more quickly, with respect to our creations. For we have entered a dimensional realm in which time is more fluid. And our ability to express has also become more fluid. Our desires and creations are manifesting with less time between conception and actuality.

This can readily be seen by any who are somewhat aware of the “Law of the Circle” or in more basic terms, karma. What we sow, we reap, and so forth. The “reflections” of our creations are returning more quickly back to us, as their creators. Or, in other words. We are seeing our intents being reflected back to us, more quickly.

All countries are seeing that what they sow, they are reaping rather quickly, as well. Look at the countries that are involved in displacing people, as a result of war. These countries are facing “refugees”, as well, in like manner.

As a result of these manifestations coming forth more quickly, we are seeing more readily the energy we carry. For when we hold/carry fear, we are seeing our reality “assure” our fears, more so, in a visceral way. The universe stating “as you wish”. Or, in other terms, the quantum field in resonance with our energies we are emanating bringing us more in similar resonant vibration.

The same occurs in a more positive way. When we hold the state of unconditional love for ALL, we lose the blockages that are derived when we stop the flow from within, due to fear. Our Divine prana flows freely, when we are in the more positive emotional states. Clearing anything that may “come up”, during the now moment. Without our “holding” onto “past” occurrences.

Those that feel they are deceptive, are realizing more and more that this new reality is not one in which deceptions may hold sway, as easily as the previous dimensional realm. For our inherent telepathy has been enabled. And this means that we may more readily sense who carries deceptive ways and attitudes. We are ALL becoming better “readers” of each other’s energies.

Those that recognize the advantages of being heart-centered, in consciousness are keeping in the flow. And being in this flow allows us to align with ALL aspects of consciousness. The within and the without of consciousness, merge into oneness, once more. This being the goal that allows us to achieve ascension through the seven rays, or chakras. Which brings about a change in perception that is rather significant. Why?

Because when we truly open our heart-centers and allow the Divine flow to proceed unimpeded by our ego or any fears that would alter it. We begin an activation/integration process that assures we truly recognize that the Divine is truly held, within. Never to be sought solely through the without. For each of us carries a truth that is wholly unique in each of us. And this includes our individuated aspect of the Divine. Or, the Divine in us.

This realization that we must ever turn inward is a significant spiritual integration/transformation. As in our reality we are always tempted to seek the truth through an “outer” external source. And this will only get us so far along the path. For without attaining the knowing that all is held, within. We may spend a great amount of time “chasing after the wind”, as the expression goes.

However, for those that recognize the need to turn inward. The alignments achieved throughout the incarnation expression are great contributions toward progressing in a spiritual way. As this is the true way home, as it were. And no other knows our true home, as we do, ourselves. This is why we ever strive to achieve an alignment with our Higher Selves.

As we expand our inner awareness, we align once more with the truth of who we are. We open to the expanded history/future that is ours. As we integrate knowing our past and future lives. We gain a greater perspective, as to our chosen path. Coming to a remembrance of why we have come here. And being perfectly aware of how to proceed to attain fulfillment, here and now.

This alignment and integration that is occurring, as we ascend, allows us to release ALL that no longer serves. And many of us are discovering that we have held many disharmonious energies and/or beliefs about ourselves that are now being let loose. Though, the necessity to seek these and root them out is no more. For our focus should be on the present, here and now.

This means that as we ascend, anything that must be cleared, will be. And this confidence allows us to stop spending time on trying to “fix” past issues. Knowing that we are better off utilizing our energies for creating from our passions and joys, in our now moments. As this state of being we attain when we are joyously expressing our passions, will naturally bring anything to the forefront that needs to be “cleared”.

Thus, creating abundantly and joyously expressing our passions is the order of the day. This is the focus that keeps our ascension on pace. While allowing the most expeditious and smooth transmutation/transcendence and transformation of ALL that must be released, and integrated.

Healing through expressing our passions. Joyously releasing the denser energies that kept us beholden to 3rd densities polarity. As we express ourselves in an open source system, in which our reflections reveal all of the greater attributes in ourselves and creation as a whole. Seeing the Divine in ALL. These higher frequencies do actually “favor” and expand benevolent energy, greatly.

Remember the “Law of Attraction” works unfailingly. So, realize that when we are “attracting” experiences, there truly is a reason behind this. We have/carry an “attracting” energy, in like. And this can work to ones benefit and/or detriment.

Since we have free will, we must decide which expressions/experiences we prefer. Those that are beneficial or those that are detrimental. The “Law of Attraction” and the “Law of the Circle” are ever present to demonstrate to us the energies we truly do express and carry. And the universe says, once more, “as you wish” and brings us more of their kind.

The only way to change is from within. This is the area that brings forth our reflections in the without. Thus, when we ourselves carry the energies we are desirous of being reflected back to us, these will truly be reflected back to us, outwardly.

Knowing that our “highest” gift we give the Creator and ourselves is the embodying of the complete truth of who we are. Recognizing, remembering, realizing and relating to the FACT that we are the Divine, in manifest form. Ever striving to align with ALL aspects of Self. Losing the “veils” we purposefully placed between conscious/subconscious and unconscious. Perceiving through the Unity Consciousness that Humanity is “birthing” anew, in this ascension. Holding the Divine attributes, we hold most dearly, and expressing them equally inwardly and outwardly. And being the living example of our own truth, personified.


Everything changes form!

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life
Gabriel F. Duran

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