Emotional Expressive Flow

Many times, without realizing it, we carry emotional “baggage”. And it truly is amazing how we can walk around not even realizing that we have buried these feelings and emotions, within. Rather than allowing these emotions expression and dealing with the energies, we stop them and attempt to “move on”. Yet, these “unexpressed” feelings and emotions do not “dissipate” on their own. As many of these emotional issues we have chosen to repress or neglect eventually come forth as disharmonious expressions manifest on our bodily form.


Many physical ailments that afflict humanity are, in fact, physical “dis-ease” manifestations from emotional blockages. As these physical manifestations are derived from the emotional constraints and creations we have chosen to “bury” rather than express and/or resolve. And our societies are riddled with “taboos” on expressing truth, openly and/or emotionally. Especially, when emotions are involved.

However, when we chose to turn inward and honestly assess ourselves. We can begin to actively partake in mastering our emotional and energetic bodily structure. For by actively seeking to determine the energy we “carry”, we tune ourselves to perceiving through our “inner” senses. And these are the “senses” that we have greatly neglected, as a whole. As society, as a whole, has frowned upon being so “sensitive”.

As a whole, society views the “outer” waking reality as the prime concern. Focusing all of our efforts and energies towards expressing “outwardly” that all is fine. And yet, the “outer” is merely a very direct reflection of the truer “inner” reality. Thus, this is like focusing on the mirror and trying to comb our hair by brushing the image we see reflected on the mirror. This will not work. For we are not even “touching” the surface, when we try to comb the “reflection” on the mirror, rather than the actual physical bodily hair.


And the “inner” Self, is actually a very visceral part of our physical bodily form and reality. For ALL stems from within. So, why have we not been taught to turn inward? And why are we not taught the “mechanics” of manifesting from the “mental” and “emotional” etheric planes, to the physical manifest reality? Are we “purposefully” being deprived of our true innate and inherent abilities?

In truth, the answer is usually “somewhere in between”. In that, most of us are not willing to tune-into these knowing’s, because we haven’t developed and/or evolved in awareness/consciousness, up to this point. For to be contemplating how the reality manifests “physicality” itself, is a very advanced concept. So, until one has achieved a desire to understand the Self and to transcend the “minutia”, these concepts mean little.

However, for those that are desirous of understanding why we are created the way we are, this is truly important. For humanities’ power is their emotions. The expressing and the “feeling” of these energies that we “carry” is our true nature. We have been designed and created to manifest through these “emotional” forms of expression. As we master our emotions, we master using these to bring forth our every desire.

Some other forms of creation do not achieve the level of impetus we achieve through creating from/through our emotions. And these ones have severely “repressed” our expressing in this way. Since this means little to their form of existence. Yet, know this is not true for humanity. We need to create through our native expressive form; i.e. emotionally. And by so doing, we use our true “creative” powers.


Many of our “religious” and/or “spiritual” teachings and/or societal protocols are very discouraging of expressing “certain” emotions. In that, many tend to repress any expressions of emotions that may be “viewed” as disharmonious or “negative”. And this is an extremely imbalanced view. As our “negative” emotions are just as necessary as our “positive” ones.

We need to be able to know, discern and express fear just as much as we need to know, discern and express love. For we are in a “polarized” form of consciousness schooling. Where we “purposefully” embellish these emotional attributes and feel and experience them through a long drawn-out “linear” perspective. And doing so, reveals rather readily what it is we ourselves are “carrying” and/or “holding” onto, energetically and emotionally speaking.


The whole point of our expressive form is to master all of these energetic and emotional constructs that are available throughout our reality. And to master these, we must experience and express these through all manner of expressive creations. And this, we are doing. However, the “culmination” of the process is to be able to discern these so viscerally and so well; that we may readily change the course of these energies and emotions, at will.

Knowing ALL of the energy that we carry and “emit” is vital. As we are ALL energetic beacons or antennas conveying to ALL the entire scope of ALL of the energy that we ourselves carry. For, without fail, we each do project the entirety of our energy to everyone we interact with. Either knowingly or unknowingly, we are ALL that open. Though, the vast majority of humanity has not attained a state of being able to “read” our energies. There are those that are fully cognizant of what we hold and emit, emotionally speaking.

We usually refer to the ones that have the ability to read and interpret our energetic and emotional bodies as “seers” or “shamans”. As we “mature” spiritually and consciously, we become very proficient at “reading” our emotional and energetic bodies. We recognize the value of knowing very viscerally what energy is before us. And we develop our “inner” abilities to a much greater extent. Knowing the importance of being able to read ALL feelings and emotions, at this level.

Gaia has furnished humanity with a realm, in which to express all manner of emotional creations. And our stellar families have made certain that our emotional/mental/etheric/physical bodily constructs have the ability to interpret these to a very great extent. So much so, that even when we chose to “ignore” these, our bodily forms manifest “dis-ease” until we address these energetic and emotional “issues”.

Never, has this realm been designed to be an entirely harmonious expression of creation. There would be no learning/remembering as to what is “disharmonious”. The only way to determine the quality of “light” is to have “darkness”. The only way for a “light” to shine is among dimmer forms of light or total darkness. If ALL was brilliantly lit, there would be no “differentiation”. And this is why Source created “individuality” and instilled “diversity”. To allow for these “reflections” in creation. So that we may “know thyself”, as Source/Creator wanted. Both, individually and collectively, as a whole.

We purposefully manifest in “imbalance”. As our natural state is a truly balanced and aligned state of being. So, in creation we integrate “imbalance” as we incarnate, so that we have a “working template” to transmute/transcend as we transform ourselves back into balance, once more. All the while, achieving a very visceral experience with what it is like to perceive through the chosen imbalanced expression.

This allows the Soul to have experience in all manner of diverse expressions. Experiencing all manner of pleasures and pains. Getting to know thyself by seeing/feeling/knowing what inspires and moves us. We begin the process of instilling and integrating a balanced view and reality from whatever manifest form of imbalance we came to express, in each incarnation. Allowing us to realize how it is to perceive from the “other side” of either a balance or an imbalanced energetic form of expression.

This teaches and shows us the value or lack thereof, with respect to the energetic constructs we carry and/or hold onto. We get to know how it is to create through these emotional flows of expression. And this we all do at our own pace. With no two, being alike. We each progress through our own Divine timing.

Yet, the cosmic day flows onward. Allowing us to align with the version of parallel reality we prefer to experience and express. Bringing us into alignment with those that are sharing our same desirous forms of expression. And magnetizing all of the beings and energetic constructs that will necessarily bring ALL of our energetic and emotional creations into physical manifest form. From within, to the without. All, here and now.

So, let us strive to achieve as harmonious an expression, as possible. At least, in our own eyes. Knowing that ALL belongs. And ours is to align with what serves us. Even if, at times, it brings discord or disharmonious expressive experiences. And removing and letting go of all that does not serve, simultaneously. As we see ourselves anew. Mastering the “knowing” and “control” of our energetic and emotional constructs. As we align to the truth that we are creators in training.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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