Ascension, Integration & Activation

Ascension energies are bringing forth a new momentum for all of us. As we transition to a “new way”, we always take the time to balance the imbalances that we have accumulated throughout our sojourns while on beloved Gaia. So, this means that energies that we have “carried” for some time that may be imbalanced, will seek a balance; as we transition into the new energies.

This brings about the point of “integration”. As all of us have emotional/mental/physical/spiritual bodies that have been involved in a variety of experiences and expressions, throughout all manner of incarnations. Some of which may not have been “completed”, energetically speaking. Or, returned to balance/neutrality. And this ascension energy/transition is bringing forth an impetus of “past” energies to give us the opportunity to achieve a balanced state, once more.

This means that we will “feel” this one, quite a bit. These energies are transformational energies that are powerful enough to cause us to “deal” with these “issues”, here and now. And this means we must be vigilant with what energies are coming to us. As our emotional states may be rather sensitive. We should, therefore, take the necessary time to try to “resolve” why these feelings are coming up, for us. And this will lead us to the correct path that we need to take to “integrate” these experiences, once more.

The purpose is to achieve a state of balance, with respect to the imbalances that we feel coming to us. These may be “past” experiences that we haven’t “resolved” yet. And as always, we may benefit greatly from the use of the Violet Flame. To transmute and transcend these “past” energies. Or, whatever preferred method one prefers, which achieves a TRUE release and letting go of, once and for all, energies/beliefs and/or wrong definitions that are newly realized. This allows us to truly cognize and realize the imbalance that we either experienced, or kept holding onto, energetically speaking.


Recognize, though, that this is an activation. Which means, we will be going through this while we are simultaneously forging ahead into the unknown. For we are truly in “uncharted” territory. And this means that our goal should be to keep our sights on our desired manifest future, while this occurs. Thus, we must keep our sight on our “new” chosen path, viscerally, while this energetic transition is integrated. As in this new energy, our desires manifest more quickly.

As we are now in the higher frequencies of time/space, rather than the denser frequencies of space/time. And this means that our creations and intentions manifest more quickly and more precisely. This is why we are to truly learn/remember how to interpret the energies we are receiving. As many a times, we “carry” energies that may be counter to our desires. And this will come forth into our awareness, more readily. So, this energy will reveal what it is that we are “emitting” more viscerally. Both to ourselves and to others that we interact with. Welcome to Oneness.

Thus, we are dealing with “past” energies that are to be “released” to make room for the “new” energies that are being downloaded to us, throughout this activation. Which means we must “integrate” the new energies, while releasing the old. The “release” is giving our “past” experiences, fully, back to our Soul for integration of expression. While harboring no “ill” and releasing/forgiving the experiences, if necessary; all from within. Which allows the Soul to simultaneously integrate the newly downloaded energies to replace the old.


These are the “new” energies that align us all towards achieving our desires. As the “new” operating system of energetic frequency aligns us all so that we may hold greater amounts of our Luminous Light Being/Bodies. The amount of Divine Prana that we are expressing has been greatly magnified. Which does, in fact, shift our bodies into a newer expressive form. What this means and what humanity does with this, will soon be seen.

Thus, recognize that our freedoms of creation have been greatly expanded. And though it will require the processing of some rather disharmonious energies. The proper perspective to hold is to follow the wise adage. It is not what comes to us that is so important. Rather, it is how/what we do, with that which comes to us. The universe is inherently neutral. We must “define” it, ourselves. And we create at all times. So, what definition/creation are we calling forth? How are we choosing to interpret this ascension energetic transition? Do we readily embrace the new, and release the old? Or do we reminisce on the past and forestall the future?


Keeping a balanced focus on transforming the “past”, while aligning with our desired creations for our future, now moments, also teaches us to perceive multidimensional. Knowing that at this level of creation, time is more circular, we work through all times, at once. Transmuting/transcending the past, while transforming this energy into the “future” now moment of creative expression. All the while, accomplishing this while being “present” in our current now moment of time.

Envisioning the most prosperous of creative unfolding into the 5th dimensional timelines that are manifesting, even now. Both individually and collectively. As more of us carry and hold on to these higher frequencies of energies that are available for integration. We each achieve a level of impetus that ripples these energies throughout our various locals, benefiting many. Reaching many others that are yet to awaken to these levels.

Thus, we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the Luminous Ones that chose to transition and transform this beloved planetary Gaia, back into Her Divine form. And neither Gaia, nor ourselves could accomplish this, apart from one another. For we are “mirroring” our ascension, together. A people and a planetary body, ascending together in like “reflection”. While ALL remain embodied, throughout this process. This, is a truly new expression in Creation.

Any meditations, ceremonies and so forth are definitely in order. As we are embodying greater amounts of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. Our Higher Selves are achieving as close as they have been to “full” embodiment, in each of us, in millennia. We are recognizing the Divine in ALL, more readily.

It is said that ALL will know when we truly are embodied as our Higher Selves, as this will be the time when no more human blood will be shed. We will all recognize that everyone is truly a Divine Celestial Being, of stellar origin. And this is closer than many think. As, many have spoken of an “event” that is or will transpire. What would this have to do with our topic?

Beloved Gaia has a Chakra system, just as we do. And Gaia will “raise” her Kundalini within similar time of this “event”. And when Gaia does this, ALL of humanity will do this, as well. There will be no exceptions. Thus, those that have successfully done their “inner work”, so to speak, will be “enlightened”. Whereas, those that have not, will have a more disharmonious awakening. Needing all of us to assist these ones. For they will be in a state of shock, having not been prepared.

We are in the new reality. We are gracefully releasing all that no longer serves. And we are achieving a balanced state, as best we can. That we may be the pure vessel, we have always been destined to realize. As we call forth our akashic awareness to bring forth any/all that needs transmutation and transcendence. Accomplishing this, as easily as breathing out. And if not, having the fortitude to maintain faith in the process/integration. For grace and compassion are greatly in order.

Ascension energetic “pains” and/or “side effects” are assuring us that this is occurring in us all. Remember, our inherent and natural healing abilities that we ALL have are activating, expanding and unfolding, now. So, take advantage of these rather intense energies, and live the expression; “healer, heal thyself”. For now, we have ALL become healers. This is the new energy. Learn/remember how to accomplish this for one and for all.

Know that our beloved Guides, the Ascended and Angelic Host, Stellar families and even our families that are “on the other side” are working with us all. Assisting us through this transformation to the 5th dimensional expression of Gaia. And we have made this, though many thought this would not be achievable. For we are Divinity, manifest in Creation. Ever at the perfect place, at the perfect time. Fulfilling our Divine plan.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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