3/3/3 A Divine Activation Date

Today is an auspicious day, numerically speaking. The number of each aspect of date resolves to three. March = 3; the 3rd day; of this year being 2019 = 3. Thus, this day is a 333 day. And this is a great sign for the ascension energies that are abounding. As this means that we have our beloved Angels and Guides assisting us greatly through this transition/integration.


The number three has always had significance, with respect to the Divine. In Biblical terms, we always hear about the Divine “Trinity” of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And this is not the only “trinity” that is strewn throughout our reality. For we have the trinity of Father, Mother and Child. We have the body, mind and soul/spirit. The three aspects of “time”, past, present and future. We reside on a planet that has a great influence of a trinity, as in the Sun, Moon and Earth/Gaia. The states of being, as in birth, life and death. Gaia, being the 3rd planet from the Sun, and so forth.

This is an extremely great time to focus on our intents and desires. For through the energy that this highly Divine and Creative number brings, exudes an ability to bring forth an impetus to achieve our goals and desires, rather easily and with a great amount of creative energy, backing it. The universe, our guides and angels are behind our efforts in bringing forth our greatest creative manifestations of love, joy, and abundance; another Divine trinity.


Any ceremony, meditation, visualizations and intents that are focused on our higher aspirations, is certainly in order. And do not let “linear” time, get in the way. If one comes upon this realization, after the fact, know that we may project this occurrence from any point in time we are at. Thus, partake in this most auspicious of energies, this 333 day. Bringing your greater empowerment to the whole of this Divine energy.

This number is also highly associated with the Ascended Masters. They are just like the Angels, in that they take advantage of these numerical energetic currents to add their Divine Masterful energy for ALL to benefit from. Being Masters of the energies that we are “learning” to use, these Ones are a powerhouse of Divine energy that increases and reflects these higher attributes that we all use, creatively. Thus, they add greatly to our creative endeavors of Love and Light.

So, let us recognize that we are in a very high point of frequency this day/week/month. And this greatly assists us, as we deal with the transmutation and transcendence of the “past” energies that are coming forth for resolution and “letting go” of. There are many energies that are influencing us, throughout this transition. Thus, having this occur within this Divine timing, assist us greatly. For the positive attributes of the Divine Hierarchy help offset our transmutation efforts, greatly.

Remember, what energy we “put out” is the energy we will “get back”. So, taking advantage of this time to move our awareness to our Heart Center and “tapping into” the pure stream of Divine energy that is inherently ours. Allows us to project through the greatest power in Creation, Love. And when we instill our desires and creations/intents with Love Divine, we assure these will unfold and benefit, not only ourselves, but everyone. As we magnetize similar/like energies that reflect our true intents. We receive as greatly as we give.

This day is a celebratory day for ALL Celestial Beings. And, in case we have forgotten, WE are Celestial Beings, on beloved Gaia. Gaining our ascension, in order for Gaia to reflect this to us. As She ascends another “class” of Humanity. Therefore, let us recognize the other Celestial Being, the Great One, known as Gaia. Without beloved Gaia, none of us would be gaining our Luminous Bodies.

The “Great White Brotherhood” is a term that has been used to describe the whole of the Heavenly Hierarchy that is involved in assisting ALL on beloved Gaia, to return to the purity of their Divine state of Being, once more. From Source, to the Elohim, to the Great Cosmic Host, Ascended and Angelic Host, to the Terrestrial Members that have attained a level of frequency that is far beyond the majority of Humanity. These ones are fully dedicated to assisting the WHOLE of Humanity and beloved Gaia, to ascend.

Those who have attained membership in this Divine Order are the pillars of beloved Gaia and Humanity. And let no one mistake the fact that these Ones are working with those Elohim that are responsible for the evolution of our Solar System, as well. For the Hierarchy proceeds to/through the Cosmic level. Yet, being wholly different from other “hierarchies”. How so?

ascended host

Those of the “Great White Brotherhood” recognize that ALL of us are created equal. And though the majority of these have attained a level of frequency that is well beyond our current state. These Ones view us, as an Elder Brother would view his siblings. This hierarchy is a true reflection of the Oneness that is ours, inherently. Without the attributes that our current society puts on the term, “hierarchy”. As these are limitations that are solely Humanities. These Ones are our Avatars and examples to strive for.

The Divine plan that we each came to manifest is calling us forward to bring these into greater expression, now. Far too long, have we gone without demonstrating our TRUE Divine abilities. And now we are being let loose, to invigorate all of our Creations with all of our Divine attributes. Seeing that we ALL are contributing to the Oneness that is forming on Gaia. As we ascend together as a planetary body and people.


The “Rainbow Tribe” is streaming forth in the lead. This Divine Rainbow of Humanity now circles the entire globe of beloved Gaia. And this Rainbow is rich in ALL diversity. Bringing about the brilliance of ALL of the sacred colors of Creation. Showing the infinite expression that is available in all aspects of Creation. Causing us ALL to realize the Oneness in ALL colors of the Rainbow. For the One is the All, and the All are the One.

All along, 333 abounds. We now transmute the discordant energetic “trinity” triangle of victim, perpetrator, hero, into the Divine Energetic Trinity of Love, Power and Wisdom. Where we transmute the “victim” into “Love Divine” and the “perpetrator” into “Power properly used” and the “hero” into “Wisdom embodied”, here and now. Illuminating the power of 3, magnified by 3. Instilled in completion. All here and now. So be it!

trinity knot2.jpg

We are the Divine in manifest form, here and now. We are the Divine Trinity of our Beloved “I AM Presence” our “Christ Consciousness” and our “Individuated Sparks of the Divine”. The Divine Trinity in physical form. With the purity of our Divine Will, instilled in ALL of our thoughts, feelings and actions/expressions. This, allowing us proper use of thought, feeling and action. So that ALL we bring into Being is a glory to All That Is.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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