5D Manifestation, Here and Now

When the Ascended Masters teach us about their reality, they assure us that they only see the highest expression unfolding, at all times. This means that when they see us, they see us as COMPLETE Divine Beings, here and now. They “envision” the best in all they see, at all times.

In today’s time, we refer to this as “positive thinking”. We keep our attitude optimistic and see only the desired outcome, before us. While seeing and seeking, only the best or highest qualities in others. This brings us to the proper application of “The Law of Attraction”. Seeing only the “brighter side” of life, we’ll surely get this reflected back to us, via the law of attraction. Like energy, attracts alike.

perspective-3201397_1920 (1)

Since we are ALL now partaking in a new reality, in which our “thoughts” manifest very viscerally our reality. And, most all of us are busy throughout our days. Taking care of sustaining ourselves and our families and “making a living”. We need to take advantage of our time, wisely. Which means that we must “envision” our desires, when we are “normally” doing the “mundane”. Take this, for example…

Beloved Gaia is undergoing some very painful transitions, due to humanities unwillingness to “curtail” the greed of a select few. Thus, we have been asked to “step up” our efforts in assisting our beloved Gaia. For we are the “awakened” ones. Yet, we are all busy. So, what to do?


How about “envisioning” Gaia as a TRUE paradise, planet? Perhaps, when we are out driving and “stuck in traffic” we can use our time a little more wisely, then “bickering” about the other drivers?

As we are driving, WITHOUT making this overly “distracted”. We could view a part of Gaia that we particularly like, while taking our commute. And perhaps, allow that “vision” to expand, picturing the whole of Gaia, being a paradise. Just “imagining” and “envisioning” all of our favorite attributes that we enjoy seeing, feeling and experiencing on beloved Gaia. Why? What good is this?

Folks, this is manifesting and creating in 5D! How so?


When we have a “thought”, we actually are creating a living form. Many, call this a “thought form”. In another lexicon it is known as an egregore. And since we are ALL from Source/Creator, we “create”, even when we “think”; just like our Creator. So, when we “think” the Earth is polluted and in despair, we ourselves contribute to this “thought form”. We help ensure to manifest this outcome.

Whereas, when we INSIST on seeing beloved Gaia, as a paradise. We have no choice, but to create a DIFFERENT “thought form”, then most. For we are “insisting” that the only Gaia we see, is in fact a paradise. And this is, in fact, a living egregore, or thought form. This is 5D manifestation.

Thus, the more that do this. The greater this “thought form” becomes. And these thought forms are truly MANIFEST forms of consciousness, existing in their own right, in Creation. Which means, that they seek to remain living and they even seek expansion and growth. Just as ALL other aspects of Creation do. Once “birthed”, they are ALIVE. So?

Those of us that are “awakened” and aware of our Divine attributes, are the ones that should take the “time”, to manifest, as we ALL do, in 5D. And this means “envisioning” the “healing” of Gaia. By seeing Her, ALREADY, in this state of being healthy. For our thoughts truly do manifest our reality.

The “how’s” of this being accomplished, will follow. We need not concern ourselves with this, unless this truly is our “calling”. If so, with the “added” strength of those who chose to manifest the 5D way. These “efforts” should be greatly assisted. For, ALL manifests from thought, firstly. This is why the Ascended Host, only see the highest and most loving attributes in us ALL. They purposefully chose to “energize” that which truly serves us. While abstaining from “energizing” the less desirable attributes. By not focusing on the “bad”, if you will.

This is why these ones are invincible from, what we consider, “negative” beings. For their “proper” use of Divine energy, or “prana” is so unerringly. The elementals follow their entire accord and edict, completely. Thus, the term Ascended Master. Having completely mastered the “proper” use of energy. They wield it precisely and lovingly. And the whole of Creation responds, fulfilling their desires.

This means that if we are to truly follow their guidance. We would not spend our time expanding upon and embellishing about all of the “issues” that are already known to be of detriment, that are occurring on Gaia. Rather, our focus would be on expending our energies on the “solutions”. These, greater details, that are “negative” are for those that are literally working on the solutions. We need not expand these egregores by “enlightening” everyone we meet, with this “knowledge”. For then we are the contributors to this expansion of “pain”, while energizing no solution. Get it?

All must take place in balance. From making “awareness” of these “issues”. To, “teaching” and truly bringing about a “solution”. Just keep in mind, the amount of energy we expend, in either pursuit. For those that pursue this actively and to much greater extents. Rest assured, beloved Gaia will unleash gifts of expansion in your experiences, that are untold of. For Her love is great, indeed. A beautiful, loving and giving planetary Goddess, She is. And She KNOWS who is truly a loving “caretaker” of Her beloved form.


In this example, we took a simple means of expanding our energies, appropriately. By envisioning the Gaia, we ALL love and know, we are telling the universe, bring me more of this kind. And this universe responds, just like a genie, “as you wish”. This is manifesting through a “group consciousness”, or thought form, or egregore. This is 5D manifestation.

Deciding, as a group of awakened and aware Souls. We are not expending our energies towards the support of the “ruination” of beloved Gaia. We chose to “spend” our energies on the Gaia, we know, love and desire. Through envisioning the best and highest attributes of Gaia being expressed in the most loving way. And this “group consciousness” construct, increases.

As ALL of creation seeks expansion, so to do thought forms, or egregores. Thus, all we have to do, is add our intent, in like mind. And this thought form, being greatly empowered, will bring about a transmutation and a transformation to our beloved Gaia. This is “doing our part” in 5D living/manifesting.

All those that have the “physical” solutions, will be brought forward. By means of this “thought form” we ALL chose to empower, we simultaneously empower those that have the “physical” solutions. As that was how we envisioned it. Rather than wasting our time, by throwing our energies towards expanding knowledge about Her problems, without furnishing any “solution”. Merely for the sake of “gossip”?


We are the graduates, newly emerged in 5D manifestation. Through our many sojourns in 3D/4D “schooling”, we have come to a visceral KNOWING that we are ALWAYS creating and contributing, creatively to our ENTIRE reality. It could not be otherwise, for we are made in God’s image. And, once more, what the Creator “thinks” is made manifest. Thus, the admonition, how are we thinking, speaking and creating?

If we are not a “direct” contributor to a solution, we are best off not saying a word or contributing “random” “judgmental” thoughts. Then, we no longer “energize” or contribute to the problem, by speaking for the sake of speaking. As this was/is 3D living. Blindly contributing, though knowing not if our contributions help or “hurt”. And none of us are going back to 3D living. For, now we know better. Our thoughts and our words, do count and do matter. For through them, we create everything.

Or, if we are moved to “speak”, then we also must realize that we are thus “energized” or “moved” to contribute to, or provide a “solution”. If we chose to “think and speak” about issues, we are creatively involving ourselves, by choice. For, we are a creator and contributor, inherently. Thus, it would be wise to consider what we chose to “energize”.

In all manner of thoughts and speaking and action, we are creating. Always, we are creating. This same example of 5D manifestation, is applicable to many other situations. And creating in 5D is a greater responsibility. This is why it is an actual ascension to go from 3D to 5D. The Soul has to be ready to involve itself more viscerally in ALL aspects of creation. As now, we are being “unleashed” into the “unknown”.

Our creations are manifesting more quickly. Thus, what we think, feel and say is important. The “illusions” of 3D “schooling” have gone. We may no longer think or speak and not face the consequences, until much later. We are at the threshold of space/time and time/space. We are now partaking in greater aspects of co-creation. So, we are ALL getting more and more a true “taste” as to the energy we carry. And our creations are “coming back” to us very quickly.


As the more powerful ascension energies arrive on the planet. We are ALL going to feel this to greater and greater degrees. The energies that stem from us, will make themselves known. Thus, keep aware as to the energy we are carrying and emitting. For they are the same thing. What we carry we are emitting, at all times. And as time ensues, everyone will be able to readily tell what one another is expressing. To greater and greater degrees, once more.

This is our telepathy manifesting, not just in hearing and knowing each other’s thoughts. But, also in feeling and recognizing each other’s energies and intents. This is the Unity Consciousness or egregore of Humanity expanding into 5D, as well. As we recognize our Oneness, we flow into this expansion of perception, innately. Realizing there is truly no separation. This, also, is the birth of our 5D compassion. Building an egregore of great compassion for now we know, we are our own saviors.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

2 thoughts on “5D Manifestation, Here and Now

  1. Definitely a balancing act.

    We must face both the dark and the light. We cannot be whole (healed), balanced and INtegrated (Unity) if we only look in one direction, if we insist on “either / or” instead of “and / both”.

    Here’s a couple posts of mine. The first would be to those who obsess on the darkness.
    The second would be to those who refuse to face the darkness, most especially within themselves.



    1. Ya know, I was thinking about this… this is like Janus:

      Some flippantly say that Janus is “two-faced”. Well, no, not in the conventional sense. He stands at the portal, yeah of past to future and hence the portal is the present where we create. But also we could think of the ascension portal as the one he stands in and can look in one direction and see the old paradigm and boldly faces it and sees it for what it is, as horrific as it can be, and he also can look the other direction and see the new paradigm and just as unabashedly see it for what it is also, even though it may sound too good to be true.


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