The Multidimensional Oneness

When we come into this incarnation, we purposefully “fragment” ourselves, from much of our innate, knowing. For ALL of us, have ALL of the answers, inherently. As we are each a direct “spark”/”spirit” of the Divine.

We also are truly completely “balanced”, innately. Thus, to come into expression, we each don various “imbalances”, in order to perceive in a more visceral and detailed way, how important these balances are. While giving us direct experience in re-integrating these states back to balance. This brings forth a true knowing, how to transmute and/or transcend energies that we ourselves, create.

As we successfully donned the “band of forgetfulness” and come into being, yet again. We also go into the “closest” possible experience of “perceiving” ourselves as “separate” from Source/God/Creator/Great Spirit. This state of being separate, is wholly an illusion. As it truly is impossible to be separate from Source/God/Creator/Great Spirit. As Source/God/Creator/Great Spirit is your true home.


In certain terms, it is true that this reality is merely a dream. And the true Self, has never left home, but is merely dreaming this “reality”. And in a certain sense, this is fairly accurate. As the reality is “fractal”, in nature. Thus, the statement, as above, so below. And, as within, so without.

As an example, when we “die”, or more appropriately “transition”, we change our “focus” of consciousness. The consciousness we dawn, when we “go to sleep”, in our current reality, becomes the main focus of consciousness in “time/space”. While the “waking” consciousness that we recognize now, becomes the “dream consciousness” for us in time/space. We go through the “inverse”, if you will. From “physicality” in space/time, to “metaphysical” in time/space, in certain colloquial terms.


As we dawn this “fractalized” consciousness, and go through this experience in space/time. Realize, none of this could take place, where it not for the aspect of Self that is currently residing in our true home. As ALL of the “prana” that allows us expression, is derived from our true Self. And this aspect of Self has been known by various names. Though, today many refer to as the “I Am Presence”.

I AM Presence.jpg

However, the chosen form of consciousness evolution that Humanity chose for evolving. Required the formation of an aspect of consciousness that we refer to today, as the “ego”. Many other forms in creation chose to evolve without the creation of this form of consciousness. And there are some very “profound” esoteric “reasoning’s” as to why Humanity chose to evolve in this way. Though this is not the “focus” of this article.

The point is, that many throughout their sojourn in this incarnation, are truly under the impression that they are their “ego”, solely. Not truly realizing that they are, innately a multidimensional Being. They “focus” their reality, entirely, from this purview of consciousness, known as the ego. And, as the saying goes, “this barely scratches the surface” of who we are. And the “ego” is entirely beholden to these “other” aspects of our consciousness. For these “other” aspects of Self, have a more truer knowing as to the nature and makeup of the true reality.

This is why, we are ALWAYS instructed to turn “inward”. Be it for “prayer”, which is “speaking” to the Divine, within. Or “meditation”, which is “listening” to the Divine, within. And NO amount of seeking solely, through the “outer” reflection, will bring us to this innate KNOWING. Thus, in order to truly progress. We MUST turn inward, to perceive the reasoning as to why our “outer” reality brings us, our current “reflections”. As the “outer” is ALWAYS a reflection of the “inner” that we “hold onto”, believe or carry.

As we “remember” to change our focus, to “prioritize” the energetic “feelings” that are before us, that emanate from within. We gain greatly, in mastering ourselves and our creations. For the amount of “creative” energy that we “free up”, when we “clear” the “inner-strata”, is tremendous. And, this “inner-strata” truly consists of our aura and includes the energetic/emotional, awareness/mental, etheric/spiritual and physical/manifest bodily forms.


Notice, the “fractal” nature of Creation. For, as we turn inward, and gain awareness that we are truly a multidimensional expression. Made in God’s image, as it were. As Source/God/Creator/Great Spirit is multidimensional, as well. We thus, must give up entirely, the notion that we are “separate” in the multidimensional Oneness. As this is another “illusion” that we dawn, merely, temporarily.

As we turn inward and recognize that multidimensional aspects of consciousness exists in ALL of us. We see the impossibility of being “separate” from Source/God/Creator/Great Spirit. None, who turn inward, will find a “vacancy” in the Oneness, aside from the self. Everyone who turns inward, brings forth a multitude of aspects of Self. Just as Source/God/Creator/Great Spirit does, through each of us, “collectively and individually”. And in this context, “collectively and individually” is another form of the expression “fractal, in nature”.


When we perceive that we are the “ego”, in persona, solely. We limit ourselves, greatly. As the ego, has a very precise nature that allows us to delve this “deeply” into the “illusion” of “duality”. Of a perception of being “separate” from Source/God/Creator/Great Spirit. Yet, it’s ability to manifest the attributes that are of a higher frequency is not possible. As this was not it’s “designed”, intent. The Higher Self, has this purview, and is always, available. The Higher self, indeed, is truly desiring that we awaken to this knowing.

Thus, we have an “intuitive” aspect of brain/consciousness. And this aspect of consciousness allows us to “breach” the barrier that the “ego” constructs, in our behalf. For the “merging” of the two hemispheres’ of the brain, is a “fractal” representation of what we are doing, in the “greater” reality. As we return to knowing, and perceiving through Oneness. Bringing the “duality” of hemispheres within the brain, back into the Oneness of consciousness.


Realize that this perception of “separation” the ego brought us, is what affords us our “free will”. At this level of consciousness, 3rd & 4th density, we may only perceive “free will”, by truly feeling separate from All That Is. This is why, we must ALL chose a form of expression to move forward, back into Oneness. For we have been granted, free will. Thus, we ALL must choose. Being “service to others”, which also includes “service to self”. Or, being exclusively “service to self”. One being the attribute of “positivity”, and inclusion in the Oneness. While the latter conveying the attribute of “negativity” and segregation or exclusivity within the Oneness.

Those that are of a “separative” nature, will seek “power over” another. As this is the only way to “perceive” the reality as being one of “exclusivity”. Or, feeling “more-than” another. Or, even feeling “less-than” another. Thus, these ones chose to experience a reality in which ALL “compete” to show they are “more-than” or better than another. Endlessly toppling, one another. Perceiving “innumerable” aspects of Creation, as being “less-than”, is the “service to self”, individual. This is known, in some circles, as “the path, which is not”.

Whereas, those that are on “the path, which is”, are the Oneness that recognize that ALL are equal, in Oneness. And that practice the principle law within Creation, “energy in, is energy out”. Thus, Being the “living example” of reflecting this Oneness to All others. Through the avenue of “service to others”, which by default, includes “service to self”. For the barrier that “limits” our Love Divine, is the Love Divine we hold and carry for the self/Self.

If we love, unconditionally, then we love without “limit”. If we have “conditions” to our love, then our love is “limited”, by default. And this includes, love of self/Self. For, once more, our measure of love, is beholden to what we are able to give the self/Self. As true Love Divine, emanates from within, to the without. And cannot be found, through the “illusion” of without, exclusively. Even “examples” of Love Divine that we perceive externally, only get us so far. For the circle of creation, must ALWAYS include and culminate with the self/Self.

The donning of either path, “service to self” and/or “service to others” takes us into the next level of consciousness/awareness. In which we return to the “collective” of choice. As we integrate the lessons of “individual” awareness. While we expand and integrate our return to the “collective” or Unity Consciousness perception, for this next level of density. Thus, being a “productive” member in the “collective” we resonate to. As like attracts like.

So, now is the perfect time to see what we are perceiving in the “outer” reflections that come to us, in our own unique realities. For this is showing us, what energy we carry and hold. And what energies we are “resonating” with. As we gain in awareness of ALL of the energies we carry/hold/emit or “broadcast”. We may begin “adjusting” our reality to the parallel/probable reality, of choice. And this, is living 4th/5th dimensionally. As in co-creating our realities of choice.

We are ALL returning to “greater” avenues of co-creative abilities. And those of us that are “leaving” the paradigm of old, are realizing that we MUST be responsible for our creations. We must OWN, all that we bring forth. And this allows us to see, in truth, how we are “managing” our co-creative energies. Are we instilling our creations with fear, in separation or exclusivity, or power over another? Or are we instilling our creations in Love Divine, inclusively passionate and compassionate, along with equality for ALL?


The paradox of realizing that the Self/Oneness is multidimensional, innately.

When we discover ourselves, more deeply, we recognize that we ourselves are not “separate” from this multidimensional awareness. For we are individuated expressions of this Oneness. In fractal from; or in another vernacular, made in God’s image. As we re-member that we ourselves have many aspects of consciousness, that are ALL the Self in multidimensional expression of our Oneness.

This empowers us greatly. Knowing, that ALL of the higher attributes that we can relate to, are ours, innately. The ability to activate our telepathic nature is returning, greatly, as well. Many are perceiving through the “higher” senses, without even knowing, consciously. As beloved Gaia, ascends, so do we. Knowingly or unknowingly.

So, let us recognize we are the Divine, in manifest form. We are awakening to our Divine attributes, in all manner of ways. As we rescind the illusions of separation, we ascend into the knowing of Oneness. Gifting us with our innate abilities, once more. We loosen the “constraints”, we ourselves implemented. When we dawned the “band of forgetfulness”, to perceive ourselves, anew. Now, we join and gather in greater forms of expression, within the Oneness, collectively. As we recognize the multidimensional Oneness, we are. All, here and now.

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Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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