Sensitized to Our Reality of Choice

Creative freedoms, abound. We are imbuing all of the traits and desires that we have “magnetized” to our reality. For we are the “dreamers” that have brought forth, this dream we know of as “reality”. And ALL of our dreams are manifesting more and more of our chosen reality. As we begin realizing that we have truly entered the time/space portion of existence.

Our sojourn in “dense” physicality, has begun to transition to the “lighter” frequencies of time/space. Where we, once more, “remember” how to manifest through conscious intent. As we recognize that our realities are ALL interconnected, we begin aligning as a “collective”. Knowing that “separation” is an illusion, we cease desiring another to befall what we ourselves would choose not to express.

As we each take full responsibilities for all of our manifestations, we change the reality greatly. We begin to sense, feel and know that ALL of our actions do bring forth an effect on the whole, period. And this is the impetus that moves and “separates”, if you will, those that choose to increase in co-creation. Those that are desirous of attaining a higher frequency of consciousness/awareness. And are “open” to creating in that “new” reality, do move forward.


All of us know this as ascension. And we are all “dreaming” ascension into Being. As we “dream” our “new” form and way of Being, we simultaneously “birth” this dream into Being within the whole. All of Creation partakes in this “dream” that we have brought forth. And so, it is we ourselves, that are “responsible” for this “collective dream”.


As we recognize, once more, that our reality is entirely created by us, even in our “dream” time. More will become, even more, viscerally involved, in manifesting this dream. As we gain in awareness, as to how to “move” the collective, so to speak. We will “awaken” in the “dream” of transcendence/transformation.

And this is when, we truly begin to move, as a society. For, this is a “sign” that we have moved beyond our self-imposed levels of constraint that we have held, consciously speaking, as an individual. Thus, “birthing” our awareness of our inherent multidimensional nature, as Self.

And now, for an interlude…

I like how Seth, describes our “beginning” of our universe.

Seth Book Cover Dreams Evolution and Value Fulfillment Vol 1

Quote from the book…

In the beginning CU’s, then, units of consciousness, existing within a divine psychological gestalt, endowed with the unimaginable creativity of that sublime identity, began themselves to create, to explore, and to fulfill those innate values by which they were characterized. Operating both as waves and particles, directed in part by their own creative restlessness, and directed in part by the unquenchable creativity of All That Is, they embarked upon the project that brought time and space and your entire [universe] into being. They were the first entities, then. I want you to try and imagine a situation in which (long pause) there exists a psychological force that includes within its capabilities the ability to act simultaneously on the most microscopic and the most macroscopic levels; that can form within itself (long pause, eyes closed) a million separate inviolate unique identities, and that can still operate as a part of those identities, and as a larger unit that is their source—in which case it is a wave from which the particles emerge. That description fits our units of consciousness. (9:26.) They built your world from the inside out. As physical creatures, they focused upon what you think of as physical identities: separate, individual differences, endowing each physical consciousness with its own original variations and creative potentials, its own opportunity for completely original experience, and a viewpoint or platform from which to participate in reality—one that at that level could not be experienced in the same way by any other individual (all very intently). This is [the] privileged, always new, private and immediate, direct experience of any individual of any species, or of any degree, as it encounters the objective universe.

Roberts, Jane. Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Volume One (A Seth Book). Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc. Kindle Edition.


Quote from the book…

In the beginning, then, these units operated both as identities or particles, and as waves. The main concentration was not yet physical in your terms. What you now think of as the dream state was the waking one, for it was still the recognized form of purposeful activity, creativity, and power. The dream state continues to be a connective between the two realities, and as a species you literally learned to walk by first being sleepwalkers. You walked in your sleep. You dreamed your languages. You spoke in your dreams and later wrote down the alphabets—and your knowledge and your intellect have always been fired, sharpened, propelled by the great inner reality from which your minds emerged. Physical matter by itself could never produce consciousness.

Roberts, Jane. Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Volume One (A Seth Book). Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc. Kindle Edition.


Quote from the book…

Units of consciousness (CU’s), transforming themselves into EE units, formed the environment and all of its inhabitants in the same process, in what you might call a circular manner rather than a serial one. And in those terms, of course, there are only various physical manifestations of consciousness, not a planet and its inhabitants, but an entire gestalt of awareized consciousness. In those terms (underlined), each portion of physically oriented consciousness sees reality and experience from its own privileged viewpoint, about which it seems all else revolves, even though this may involve a larger generalized field than your own, or a smaller one.

Roberts, Jane. Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Volume One (A Seth Book). Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc. Kindle Edition.


So, how do this help with “sensitizing” our reality of choice?

Quote from the book…

The important lessons have never really appeared in your societies: the most beneficial use of the directed will, with great expectations, and that coupled with the knowledge of Framework 1 and 2 activities. Very simply: You want something, you dwell upon it consciously for a while, you consciously imagine it coming to the forefront of probabilities, closer to your actuality. Then you drop it like a pebble into Framework 2, forget about it as much as possible for a fortnight, and do this in a certain rhythm.

Roberts, Jane. Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Volume One (A Seth Book). Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc. Kindle Edition.

seth-1-small_1_largeSeth as depicted by Robert F. Butts

The “BOLD” in the referenced quotes from the book, is mine. However, the contents have not been changed.

Continuation from our interlude…

As we chose to create our reality, we are the ones that inspire what we experience. And when we truly KNOW the energy we carry, we may direct it, more consciously, through our will. We thus, take on the attributes of a Creator. As we master the energies and the thoughts that we hold. We change ourselves and our reality, consciously and creatively. We bring forth the “dream” into manifest physical form. We create our actuality.

Though many of us have forgotten that this is how the reality works. We bring everything forth through thoughts and “dreams” that are greatly “inspired” by our feelings. As an individual and as a collective. And this “collective” exists, in fractal form, as well. Such that, no matter where we are in Creation. There will always be a “collective” that is bringing forth, some aspect of this “dream” reality. That we ALL co-create, collectively.

When we were in 3rd density and also the lower 4th density of consciousness, we were much laxer with our thoughts, feeling, emotions and actions. We were more “unruly”, as we perceived through denser forms of space/time. Allowing ourselves to create a greater fractalization of consciousness. We were greatly “veiled” from our intuitive and higher knowing. Thus, the discord was more significant.

Now, we are much more awakened. As we keep ourselves consciously awake and aware at a constant mid-4th density level of consciousness. We may now achieve states of Being, consciously speaking, in the 5th and higher levels of density of awareness/consciousness. This is where the “channeling” comes from, that we ALL may do, innately. And which we ALL will begin doing, as an individual and a collective, more and more.

Now, when we turn inward and have repose in meditation. We see more readily how we easily flow to these higher planes of consciousness/awareness. As we remember our innate ability to fly into these levels of the Oneness, consciously. We naturally imbue more of our Divine attributes, that many speak of as the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

For now, we are aligning with the greater aspects of Self, that we have been “missing” throughout this sojourn into “darkness”. And this illuminates us, greatly. As we embody greater amounts of this luminous form, once more. We must, clear all that is not the full illumination of our truth. As now, we are becoming greater aspects of this Divine, in manifest form.

Many refer to this as the embodiment of the Higher Self. The aspect of Self that is ALREADY in 6th density. This aspect of Self, is fully aware of and in support of the Oneness and All That Is, knowing there is no difference between Itself and this all-pervasive Oneness. This is the aspect of Self that brings forth our prayers, answered. And leads the way, for us, on our journey.

As we “sensitize” ourselves, once more, to these aspects of Being that we already are. Our reality opens up to the greater aspects of creation. As we recognize our multidimensional aspects, once more, and we embody such Divine attributes, innately. We truly do, manifest our entire “reality”, through “awakening” in the “dream”. As we let loose, the “self-imposed” restraints we carried, when we “dawned the band of forgetfulness”.

For now, we are tuning into the Akasha. And our “memories” are returning, anew. For recognize, we create our “past” from our present. Just as we are recalling our “futures”, presently. As this is known as the “Law of Attraction”. And we are “attracting” this ascension. For we are “dreaming” it, into Being, all from our here and now.

infinitry symbol

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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