Equinox Activation – Return to Balance and Truth

Equinox energies are blossoming as our full moon is in Libra. Which means we are in an energy that is ever seeking to balance the proverbial “scales of justice”, as depicted by Libra. And another “scale” of sorts is influencing us, at this time, as well. As we still have Piscean energy that is “calling” us. So, how do we respond?

As we each have “callings” that are influencing us, from “past” experiences. And this equinox is an excellent time, to “release” and let go of, anything that does not serve. However, the Piscean energy may bring forth old energies, that may keep us, in the “past”, psychically speaking.

This “new” energy that we enter, as we transition to the sign of Aries, is an expansive and allowing energy. That coincides with this equinox energy and full moon in Libra, that allows us to expand and enhance our creative energies. As long as we “get out of our own way”, so to speak, by letting go of the “past” energies that may drag us down a very familiar path.

This timing allows us to clear energies that we have held, that are “occupying” valuable space. And our transition to the new astrological year, affords us the opportunity to release the “laggard” energies. This “release” is entirely up to us, as to how we accomplish this. Know that when this release occurs, we simultaneously free up our energies for our creative endeavors.

Allowing, is a very high frequency. As a creator we must always be allowing for the reality to express our creations, in any manner. And this is a state of being that we must achieve, for ourselves. We must be very allowing of ourselves, as we go through this process of releasing. As we embrace ourselves in compassion and grace, our ability to allow ourselves to release and forgive, if necessary, is a strength we must remember. As this is 5D, living.


This frees up much of the energies that we are needing for the “new” year, as we enter Aries. And our creative endeavors are that much more expansive, as we integrate these newer frequencies that seek out balance. How we choose to express this balanced state, in our reality, is what we need to take to heart. To know, how to use our energies, wisely.

As we “project” into our future desires, our creative energies will contribute, greatly. Through a balance of creative energy that has been heightened in this full moon, we may attain greater states of our creative expressions. Be they painting, writing, speaking, researching, acting, creating of any sort; our expansive “inner” senses, will allow more harmonious expressions to be birthed.

Each of us, embodies our own version of truth. And this is as it should be. For in Creation, no two are alike. Thus, know that more of what comes forth, to express, will be in steeped in our truth. We will express and explore more of our truth, in ALL of our creations and expressions. As we desire to establish balance, in all we do. For truth comes forth through balance. Knowing we are aligned from within, we do achieve a balanced state, that naturally brings forth our truth.

Thus, the energies are beholden and beckoning us to create ourselves, anew. To surrender the “past” and engulf our energies in all manner of creative expression. For we are “birthing” a greater aspect of Self, anew. When we embody more of our Higher Self, we naturally expand into greater luminescence. As our Divine Light, shines more brilliantly, we align with the “new” reality.

Since we are entering Aries, we are forging ahead through psyche and thought. And this can be “centered” in the mind or in the heart. The truth will come forward more readily for those that are centered in their hearts. And this transitions us from being in steeped in thought to a return to the psyche and intuitiveness. Which are the higher attributes that demonstrate, living in 5D. As we return to knowing, instead of thinking.


The 5th dimensional realms, are achieved by many, psychically speaking. As the more creative “juices” come forth, these are retrieved from these higher planes of awareness. In which a sojourn in consciousness that is heart-centered, through our meditation of choice, “calls” forth our highest attributes, creatively speaking. And this unlimited well of knowledge and wisdom, is expanding in us ALL.

These states of being, will begin to blend more and more with our “waking” reality. As we integrate the “newer” energies, while releasing the “baggage”. We begin “walking” in the new reality, as we simultaneously create it. For we bring forth these ascended states along with beloved Gaia/Sophia. And together, we bring forth a more visceral living, day to day, in higher frequencies. As we spend greater amounts of time, in the higher dimensional states/realms of 5D and beyond.

Many have forgotten, that when we first arrived on this planet, as a people. We had to “dream” the reality we desired. And this “dream” did come forth, as “reality”. We “imagined” that we could eat, like the “animals”. And as we dreamed and imagined this, we brought forth this expression, in creation, ALL from the “dream” realm.

So now, we are “dreaming” anew. We are imagining and dreaming the reality that we desire, as an ascended collective. As a planet and a people, that includes more than just Humanity, as a people. We are bringing about an ascension that is far more inclusive, as we expand into our dreams of returning to the stars. And many are discovering that this “dream” is well underway.


This ENTIRE ascension, is being brought forth, from our “collective” choices, we have brought forth through our “dreams”, as a people. And we have chosen to “clear”, much through the dream realms, when we “sleep”. Thus, KNOW that we may desire and intent to accomplish our “releasing” of what does not serve, when we are “dreaming” in our sojourns, at night. And this is manifesting, creatively. For this aspect of Self, is not bound by “linear” time constraints, that we experience in our “waking” reality. This, is 5D living.

Many have “gone home” at night. Literally returning to their home planet, even staying there for weeks/months/years. All the while, returning to the same point/place/time at night, after the experience. “Waking up” the next day and going to work, as if nothing has occurred, but a night’s rest. All the while, giving consent, once more, to returning to wearing the “band of forgetfulness” and “waking up” in the game, once more. Though, thoroughly refreshed, at another level of Self. Knowing, full well, that ALL is going as planned. All is “on course”, occurring as we had planned it ourselves. And some do retain memory of some of this. Thinking they had a strange “dream”.

At a more “local” level, we are bringing forth a balance that simultaneously expands us, within. Which is where the REAL changes are occurring. And as we turn inward in all sincerity and recognize the Divine, we are. We must shed, all the false beliefs and limiting concepts, we have held. As our creative efforts are beckoning to come forth. So, is our multidimensional Self.

The multidimensional Self, will bring forth an expansion that will occupy our creative attributes in ways we may not have expected. For our multidimensional Self, seeks to express fully in truth. And this will take some getting used to. As we have lived in the “illusion” for a great amount of time.

Thus, knowing the energy we “carry” or “hold” is going to become more pertinent and more obvious. And in truth, we have become so accustomed to accepting energies that are not the Self. That many of us do not even recognize when we are in a certain “state”, energetically speaking. However, we will begin to expand this knowing, as this natural attribute, returns.

This allows us to achieve a level of coherence that then creates a “circular” paradigm of greater and greater harmonious creations. Where we successfully “change” from operating through our heads, to operating from our heart-center. For our heart-center knows truth. And our heart-center feels ALL that we are.

So, a heart-centered expansive and creative future abounds. As we embody more of our Higher Self, we contribute our efforts in planetary service, for the whole. For each of us is involved in planetary “gifts” that we have come, to fulfill. Realizing our greater gifts, is 5D living. Gifting creation, at a planetary level, is natural. Let not the notion, bring forth any fear. As this occurs, just by living, as a 5D being.

Though, none stop at these initial gifts, alone. For as one expands with beloved Gaia. The desire to serve in other capacities is naturally expanded, as well. And all manner of creative endeavors come forth. Creative expressions that bring luminescence in recognition of the Divine beauty in ALL.

quantum activation.jpg

Know that equinox activation’s, abound. Knowingly or not, we ALL participate in these activation’s. As we have just done so, now. So, on to the next activation. Enjoy the equinox energies, by expressing these in the greatest likeness of our truth. For in the Oneness, we balance, All That Is, here and now.



Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life
Gabriel F. Duran


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