Dreaming Anew

When we first arrived on beloved Gaia, we had to “dream” ourselves into physicality. Our original higher form, in frequency, was far less dense than the form we hold now. And since ALL creation manifests from “thought”, firstly, we began “dreaming” and “thinking” ourselves into the reality of physical form.

When we began this process, we could only “maintain” short escapades in physicality. As our “native” state of Being was from the higher 4th and 5th dimensional realms, with a few that where residents from the 6th dimension, as well. To delve into the “lower” 4th and 3rd dimensional realms was truly an excursion.


Many times, we see the “gods” depicted as “carrying” what appear to be “hand bags”, at all times. And many of these objects where a form of technology that allowed them to extend their sojourns in physicality. Keeping these objects about their person, brought forth a visceral experience, at this level of Creation. Without having to retreat to their native density/dimension in some frequent manner.

bag of the gods.jpg

What is not always discussed, is the fact that our consciousness does have many “faces” or aspects. For instance, the consciousness we hold throughout our “waking” reality is different from the one we “dawn” when we go to sleep at night. The consciousness we hold when we “dream” at night, is a more inwardly focused aspect of Self. Which does perceive the reality differently than the “waking” persona, for most. As many of the “limitations” we partake in, while in the “waking” state, do not apply to this aspect of ourselves.


When we begin to recognize the multidimensional aspects of Self, we begin to more easily and readily tune into these aspects of consciousness. And this is the process of “expansion” that we begin to perceive from, more viscerally. As suddenly we become more aware of these other aspects of ourselves, we begin the process of recognizing that we truly do indeed stem from Oneness.

Knowing that we each have a multitudinous awareness. That achieves many focal points, or aspects of consciousness. All residing within us and accessible through the simultaneity of time, from our here and now. We easily shed the illusions of separation. As we tune into our High Heart-Center, we unleash the communing with all manner of aspects of Self.

Since the reality is truly an “open source” reality. We also discover that ALL of our guides, teachers, angels, gurus, family and whomever we choose to commune with, are ALL accessible through our within. When we tap into our inner senses through our psyche or Soul, we return to the knowing that we are not separate at all. And the “gateway” or “stargate” is the Heart-Center, that unleashes access to everything and anything. Otherwise known as the natural Merkabah that is innately ours. Activated, once more, through dreaming this anew.


Going back to the “dream” consciousness. Remember, as we “dreamed” our forms into Being, through our consciousness. So, to are we “dreaming” the ascension that is returning us to our less dense form. The more luminous and crystalline nature we held, at one time, is returning. And we are “lightening our loads”, physically speaking. As we activate and enable various genetic codes that allow us to transcend these denser frequencies.

Though this “dream” is very ostentatious. As we are unfolding this on a planetary level, as well as on an individual level. For all those that reside on beloved Gaia, are increasing in frequency, which naturally lessens the density that we hold. Just as beloved Gaia, is leaving the denser physical attributes of 3rd density, for a period.

While we exit the 3rd density, Gaia goes through a healing period for this 3rd dimensional realm. And, as we remember how to conceal ourselves from 3rd density Beings and reality. At which point our beloved Gaia begins hosting another 3rd density class. The one remaining planetary body from the Sirius star system that has yet to have gone through their 3rd density expression, will embody here.

The vast majority of Humanity has not been “in the know”, concerning these directions in Creation that are unfolding, planetary wide. Which means that many will be partaking of a very unique and special dispensation that has been granted. That being, that those that are in need of further expression in the realms of “cause and effect”, are being allowed to complete these experiences in their sojourn within the inner planes. Before returning to embody on Gaia’s 5th dimensional plane, once more.


This is indeed a special dispensation. As the standard is that one must be embodied on a planetary body, while completing these initiations and activations. With the inner planes being a place of rest and recuperation, until the next incarnation is begun. Thus, many “learn” the hard way, that they themselves are responsible for their evolution/enlightenment. And none, are in a position to grant this to another. Without “special” cosmic dispensations being granted.

Thus, ALL of Humanity will have successfully “graduated”, through the ascension process. This allows us to return to cosmic time and proceed on course through this in-breath of Brahma. While affording those that haven’t “awakened” an avenue to proceed forward on their evolutionary journey of the Soul. Without having to “relocate” to another planetary body that hosts additional laggard Souls.

Everyone of us is making “the choice”, now. Either knowingly or unknowingly, from the “waking” consciousness’s perspective. The inner aspects of consciousness, through the subconscious and unconscious are in direct communing with our Soul’s desires. Knowing how we are to proceed, even if our “waking” consciousness or ego is not fully or even partially aware. Thus, none can claim to be “victim” of circumstances.

As the reality we are moving into is beyond the paradigm of “victim/perpetrator/hero”. In its stead we are remembering and returning to our native reality of direct manifestation. Where “victim” transforms into creator in service to others and self, in balance. And “perpetrator” transforms into compassionate manifesting of service to others, through selfless acts. And “hero” transforms to love/light expressed as wisdom, to all.

Through our co-creations we manifest the reality of our desires. We transcend and transform the old reality, that no longer serves. As the beach washes away the sand, into the oceans of time, we will have left these older energy paradigms that no longer serve. As these discordant energies dissolve into the sea of tranquility; physically, mentally and emotionally, once more. Soon to be, long forgotten.

As the cosmos proceeds in expanding and unfolding, all in Divine timing, we complete our dense physical expressions. By transcending these denser frequencies, while in embodiment, we bring forth the “dream” anew. We transform our realm to the “dream” consciousness, once more. As our “waking” consciousness takes residence, where the “dream” consciousness, once was. We re-member, I Am, that I Am.

This brings us back to the greater freedoms we have held, previously. As we return to more interactions in time/space, we shed the “need” for the denser physical reality. We simultaneously embody more of our Higher Self. And, as a result, many are realizing this as their creations are manifesting more quickly. Turning our desirous into expressive experience, more readily, we all are. As we are seeing that what we sow is being reaped, in a timelier fashion.

This has brought about all manner of disgust from those that are desirous of halting this transition. As they are now having a quicker response, karmically speaking, from their “negative” machinations. Ironic, since many of these are the same ones that where embodied on Mars, performing these familiar laggard ways. When Mars reached a point, karmically speaking, in which any “ill intent” toward another, was quickly manifested directly to the one that was “attempting” to project this on another.

Instant karmic retribution was inflected on those that where operating through disharmonious machinations. And as we proceed down the ascension path, the same will bestow those of like mind, today. Being caught up in their own web of deceit. These ones will fulfill the prophecy of Native Americans that speak of a beast so grotesque, yet so large. That none dared know how to “counter” this seemingly impenetrable negative force. And yet, this magnificent fearsome beast, that none dared approach, started consuming its own self, from the inside out. In amazement, all who witnessed this event where baffled as they saw this beast consume its own self, before it could harm another.

As our time proceeds, we will be increasing in frequency to the point where there will be a direct knowing of what energy we are manifesting, at all times. Be it harmonious or disharmonious we will not be clueless, as to the consequences of our thoughts, feelings and actions. And this is when and how we are each deciding, our chosen path. Either “service to others” which includes “service to self”, or strictly “service to self” otherwise known as the “left-handed” path; or that which is not.

As we proceed many will feel the pull from their High Heart to the point where they merely want to be of service to any and all. And this collaborative and inspiring energy is what brings forth a collective consciousness that instills the higher attributes that are inherently ours. As we manifest the “collective dream”, into reality. We turn our focus of consciousness to dream and unleash greater freedoms, we have always held, in times past. But for our sojourn in “identity of self” and “duality”.

Which we now recognize as “Self-Realization” of the Divine within. And we simultaneously come to recognize that the “duality” is in fact a “trinity”. A Divine trinity that achieves the balanced point of expression. Knowing the power of perceiving beyond the constraints of “good” and “bad”. We graduate and return to our harmonious state of Being. Being beyond the constraints of Samsara, rebirth and reincarnation, we achieve Moksha, or “liberation”.

Remember the dream. For it is unfolding anew. And we chose to be here to dream this reality into Being wholly free, once more. No longer consumed with the enslavement of a people and a planet, for a fictitious monetary sham. With beloved Gaia, returning to being healthy and happy. Knowing She has graduated another class of Divine Creators. Instilling Creation with the fire-proofed teachings She has inspired in us all. As we recognize we are the ones we have waiting for.

awake in the dream

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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