Information and Emotion changed to Knowledge and Wisdom

As we are well in steeped in the information age, we all expect access to anything and everything we desire. And our ability to find this throughout the “barrage” of information, is getting better. Although, as of late, many “official” sites are setting up algorithms that skew the results of information available to the “masses”.

And as we gain access to more knowledge than we have ever had, in the “past”, we feel very “informed” and this gives us privileges that we felt where previously inaccessible, before. Now that information is available, so freely, we are able to quench our thirst, more than ever. Yet, this hasn’t brought about a “change” in our state of Being, emotionally speaking.

In truth, we see all manner of emotional impetus being expressed as more “truthful” information is being shared. Which seems to lead us into greater search for more “truthful” insights into whatever information we have already gathered, to begin with. Keeping us in a never-ending circle of information gathering. Followed by emotional impetus being felt very viscerally as we realize that ALL of this information, truly does very little. With respect to people’s understanding and willingness to change.


In many ways, the amount of information has been a downfall for many. As being able to ascertain or discern what is truly useful information and what is merely information purely for the sake of being “informed”, has many besieged. Which then causes us to go with the “herd” mentality. What is this?

Well, most of us have been “conditioned” to view and propagate socially “acceptable” information. As we have heard the executives of various “high profile” social media companies, realizing that they have contributed to the “herd” mentality of social “acceptance”. Which seems to be another form of “limiting” views, within the whole.

With the “moral” judgements being held and wielded by corporations, rather than individuals, per se. And though we are BEYOND needing governments and/or corporations to tell us, what is acceptable. We see that they are more than willing to step into these roles, whether we like it or not. So, how do we transcend this limitation?

When we “get over” the natural high that consumes us, when we initially gained access to all of this information. Where we found out, first hand, through all of this information. That the reality was not as it was being purported to us. Especially by ALL of the “institutions” that assured us they are “in the know”. We, eventually, find a balance, once more.

discernment curriculum-higher-consciousness

For now, we have entered the age of discernment. In which we are ALL as individuals and as a collective, having to decipher for ourselves what is truly accurate and representative of our over-all best. As we each have had to delve into the vast “data mining” that is so necessary with this information age. We have had to sift through the “barrage” of continual false information. Which is even spewed, as fact, by the mass media.

Discovering, along the way, that the most “cherished” institutions, have been rather untruthful with their “information” they’ve dispensed to the “masses”. Many a times, these points have been purported to be “pure” scientific fact. While after much research and detailed sifting through and discerning of the “scientific” data, in the end, has disproved, many. Even within scientific circles, we see many “opposing” conclusions. On all manner of varying scientific principles, that are perceived to be “fact”.


All of this illustrates the challenge of today’s times. For now, we are in the era of discernment. As all manner of “sources” come forth “claiming” to have “valid” scientific data “proving” their theories. We have seen, instance after instance, which revealed that the “scientific” data, has/had been heavily skewed to match the conclusions desired by those that funded the research, to begin with.

This is the challenge that ensues when we limit our perceptions to only viewing the information, and solely through the lens of science. And not being discerning enough to “validate” the “scientific” conclusions, independent of the scientific community, itself. Any time we rely on just “forwarding” the conclusions that another has gathered, on our behalf, we are throwing discernment and “caution” to the wind, as the expression goes.

activation 1

Meanwhile, due to the “times”, humanity begins the awakening process in earnest. And even “non-scientists” and “non-politicians” and “non-medical providers” and “non-educators” and on and on, can readily see and discern that the truth is not being expressed, sincerely in many forms of “officialdom”. We are ALL suddenly realizing that very little is truly held in full integrity and measures up to even “minute” scrutiny.

The result of this “sudden” information clearing, that we are all receiving, is an emotional turmoil, like none other. As the “newly awakened” realize just how much they have been misled. We see a great rising in the over-all emotional frustrations, at ALL levels of society. Knowing that very little truly does hold up to the morals and scruples of even the most basic concepts of “right and wrong”.

Unfortunately, for those that don’t turn inward. The zeal for change to “correct” these visceral “wrongs”, causes one to chase their own tale, so to speak. How so? Well, the truth is that we are ALL expressing “outwardly” what we have held “inwardly”. As the reality stems first and foremost from our within, individually and collectively. And then manifests in our without, or “outer reality”. Thus, our ability to bring about change is always the most powerful, when expressed from our within, firstly.

This brings about the impetus of CHANGE that is occurring on a grand scale. As the scales in our ears and eyes are “falling away”, as we awaken. We are ALL having to take a good hard look into the amount of “mis-information” we have ALL “bought into” and allowed to propagate. In truth, merely for the sake of “financial gain” for a very select few. Which have no desire to see their “treasures” being shared, with the whole of us. Due to the very nature of the “financial” systems construct.

And this “change” allows us to turn our focus, in the most discerning way, to where it needs to be, to begin with. As we turn inward, we naturally leave the state of “learning” and return to the state of “knowing”. For the Heart knows and the mind thinks. Thus, as we turn our emotional impetus, inward. We touch our truth, first and foremost. And our ability to discern is magnified. For the heart KNOWS what holds up to discernment and scrutiny. Whereas, the mind, “needs” much “evidence” and “proof”, that never seems to be truly enough, before actually deciding.


Thus, as we transition, into greater forms of awareness and consciousness. We stop the limitations that we ourselves have erected. As we delve into greater truths, concerning ourselves. We naturally, ethically and knowingly change to perceiving through knowledge and wisdom. Having successfully navigated the barrage of external “information”. We come to a true realization that within, we have ALWAYS held access to truth.

This brings us, more and more, into perceiving the reality the way it was meant to be perceived. Through a recognition of the WHOLE Self. We transition into proper use of ALL “information” by vetting it through the constructs of our intuitive aspects of Self. This is the part of us that tells us when “something smells fishy”, as the expression goes.

As we ALL awaken, we ALL activate using our brains, as a whole, once more. Marrying the intuitive and intellect is the balanced and aligned way of perceiving. Look at the “greatest minds” in science, and you will see that they were willing to perceive through physical science and physics as well as metaphysically and spiritually. They did not put “arbitrary” limitations on perceptions within Creation. Choosing to study one and summarily discounting another as fictitious.

This is the state that we are ALL achieving. As we transition from the “information” age, which brings about all manner of emotional frustrations and turmoil. We transform ourselves into the age of KNOWING and WISDOM. Wisdom is proper use of knowledge. Which means giving of our knowledge for the benefit of ALL, not a select few, that have a very specialized agenda.

Thus, notice WHO are responding in this “information age”, as those that are teaching/revealing a true KNOWING and enabling and embodying this through a WISDOM that matches this knowledge. The saying, “you will know them, by their works”, is still very apropos. Who are the ones that are merely putting out “information” with no “solution”, in sight? Are these ones truly helping? Do they have a vision for a remedy or solution? Or are they merely inciting emotional turmoil?

The truth is, that information and emotions truly do change to knowledge and wisdom. As we learn/remember that information, just for information’s’ sake, serves no one. That bringing about emotional turmoil, without a “proposed” resolution, is merely being a contributor to an already tumultuous state. None of these are attributes of a true Creator.

As a Creator brings forth their creations through knowledge and wisdom applied in its creations. While being in a state of allowing, as the creation unfolds. Bringing about knowing’s and realizations at the proper time. For ALL creators go through the process of creating, preserving and dissolution. While instilling their creations with the attributes of grace through both concealing and revealing, in Divine timing.

Thus, revel in this time. For now, we are in the revealing of ALL. As we transition and transform our reality, anew. Into the Oneness that beloved Gaia, has in store for us ALL. As we let go of the old ways, which no longer serve. We bring about a transition from emotionally charged “information” for information’s sake. To a TRUE knowledge and wisdom being aligned with and embodied by any and all that desire to return to Oneness.


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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