Activating the Merkabah

All of us have our choice moments, in which we are involved in something creative that we love to do. And during these peak moments, time seems to fly by, as the expressions goes. As we are so caught up in the experience that we are joyfully creating. Being involved so passionately that our entire being is flowing in an effervescent moment of continually being in the now.


Most of us don’t pay an attention to the fact that in order for us to achieve these states of being, we have to be Heart-Centered. As passion truly is derived from expressions of the Soul. And the Soul shares its Divine Truth from our Divine Center. For all that we receive from our Divine I Am Presence is channeled through the Heart Center. And distributed, accordingly, all within throughout and around our bodily form.

This is how we achieve the state of communing with those from other planes of awareness and expression. Through opening our Heart Center, we begin establishing access to the higher Chakras of the throat, third-eye and crown. And these Chakras begin the process of fully activating our Merkabah.


The lower three Chakras of the root, sacral and solar plexus have been activated in most. While the higher three Chakras of the throat, third-eye and crown have been somewhat dormant, in most, consciously speaking. And the key to activating this natural gateway that we each embody, is through the Heart-Center. Opening to the KNOWING that we are Oneness, which brings about the proper expansion of this Chakra to its fullest potential. And this opens us up to being the embodiment of truth.


This is the Divine Chariot that we each reside in as we commune with those throughout Creation. For the higher Chakras bring forth the aspects of “revealing” that open the doors to expression from the higher planes of existence. Thus, the bringing about of communication with those from higher densities of consciousness/awareness, as well as those from different dimensional planes of existence.

The Merkabah accomplishes much more and has many Divine attributes that we all benefit from.  And, as we remember ourselves anew, we begin “activating” these innate abilities that stem from the Soul/Spirit. These bring about abilities and/or manifestations that are known as Siddhis, in Sanskrit. Magical attributes and abilities that are expressed and experienced directly through us, on our journey back to Oneness.

And though these are not the “goal” of ascension. These are transitory “gifts” we express directly while incarnated, from these higher attributes of the Soul/Spirit. Though some get “caught up” in the “perfecting” of these attributes, these really are truly Divine emanations of change that manifest for us all, in some fashion.

Thus, we can see that the aspects of our subtle bodies, i.e. the Chakras truly do establish a microcosm in each of us that is identical to the macrocosm. Or, in “modern” terms. We live in a fractal reality. Expressing the axiom “as above, so below”, and its inverse. We are a literal embodiment of the Cosmos as an individuated expression, known as a microcosm.

As we learn/remember to master our energies, actions and thoughts/emotions. We bring these Chakras back into balance and alignment with our Divine purpose and passions. For these are one and the same. Either expressed consciously or intuitively, we fulfill our Divine plan by the activation of these aspects of our subtle bodies.

The culmination is not just to achieve “enlightenment”. But to express and experience this state of being, throughout our mundane existence. And the KNOWING that returns to us, of the FACT that we are NEVER alone, brings great comfort. As we slowly climb out of the shell of the “mental hermit”, we open ourselves up to so many Divine Beings. Showing us, literally, that we are always and ever being guided and loved. Knowingly or not.

Most are discovering anew that these attributes are opening up, greatly, from within. This means that our ability to bring forth greater expressions of our passion. And to make better contributions for the collective, as a whole, is increasing. As a crescendo of passionate expression, we each are bringing forth a balanced and aligned expression of these higher attributes, that contributes to All That Is in untold ways.

For those that are desirous of increasing their creations through free will expression. This is a mighty time, indeed. So, let us not get caught up in the machinations of those that are still living in fear. As this energy truly does bring about a dire consequence on our focus of energies. And it is this focus, on our desired state of being we chose to express, that should be foremost.

passionate quote.jpg

When we are fully expressing our passions, it is very difficult to “focus” on the discordant activity. For we are so engulfed in “the flow” that we don’t even notice these other discordant “realities”. And this is the attitude we should display, as the parting of the timelines continues.

Many a times, those with good intention bring about a level of focus on the “issues” rather than the solutions. And this serves no one. Especially, for the ones that are propagating these states of being. These are the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, if you will. As no Light Worker would “highlight” the discordant, without presenting and/or creating a solution.

I have learned this the “hard way”. The abodes of Illumination and Light are in search of those within our realms that are willing to contribute to energies that are of accomplishment. Otherwise, our energies are in direct opposition to that of harmonious expression. In other words, we are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Otherwise, we should have NO involvement. Or, maintain a “neutral” and detached stance, recognizing our choice of non-involvement.

And it appears that on Earth at this time, this is one of the more difficult abilities to master expressing. For we have been “taught” to seek for someone or something to “blame”. And we have been “taught” that we must “justify” ourselves, before anyone and everyone. Both of these are lower expressive forms of being that are not attributes of harmonious expression. Though these have been “ingrained” in us as “standards” from which to perceive from/through.

However, when we chose to live for our “passions” that we have come to express in this incarnation. We become so involved in bringing about these Divine expressions, that we find little to no time to involve ourselves with the minutiae of change that is coming about from everywhere. This is not to contribute to and/or condone an attitude of ambivalence, as to what is occurring. Instead, we are creatively changing our focus to that of our intended desires and their expressions.

Remember the axiom, “where our attention is, there we are”. Thus, our attention should always be focused on our desires, not our “plights”, if you will. The old adage is apropos. Do we see the glass as “half empty or half full”? The “law of attraction” and so forth. Focus of intent and faith are all that is needed.

And realize we all have 100% faith, ALWAYS. The only “determining” factor, is where do we put this faith? We are given ALL of the energy we need, ALWAYS. However, many times we dismiss our individual “tainting” of this energy, through false beliefs and wrong definitions. Thus, the admonition to ask for the realization of ALL that we are already being given, while we turn inward, in prayer.

This truly does work. As we are ALWAYS being supported fully, 100% of the time. Though, at this level of density, we often do not “notice” or realize how our prayers are being answered. Asking for definite clarity as to what we are already receiving, is definitely in order. Many a times, we haven’t worked with what we have already been given. And so, this clarifying answer to our petitions, does greatly assist us.

Many have realized that their “dream time” is a truly powerful part of us. And petitions to be “granted” a knowing or a creative answer to our creative expressions, occurs quite readily, during this time. Even Steven Hawking the famous physicist, stated that this was the realm from which he did his work. As have other stated similar.

Thus, let us never forget to live passionately in the dream “reality”. To express our Divine attributes through all manner of creative expressions. For this is leaving our mark on the world. This is working with beloved Gaia. This is achieving ascension, here and now. As we master ourselves, from within, throughout and around our entire Being. Merging the attributes of the gross, subtle and causal bodies. As we don the Luminous Purity of our Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature and Krishna Spirit, here and now.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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