Consciousness Insights

When we go through ascension, we bring about a return to Oneness. Throughout our sojourn in the 3rd dimension, we went through perceiving the reality through the illusional lens of separation. Being ensconced in the illusion brought about a fractalization of our Being, to a very great extent.

As we went to the lower frequencies, we had to perceive through a fractalized consciousness. And this brought about the “birth” of the ego, as we now know it. This aspect of Self is key to navigating through the denser realms of vibration, among other things. Imbuing the traits of the instinctive nature that is key for “survival” at these levels of frequency.

However, this aspect of Self was not meant to be the “focal” point of consciousness. For in the higher frequencies, the aspect of Self, known as the Higher Self or Christ Consciousness, was always at the helm, so to speak. This is the part of us that is known as the Divine, within. How did our consciousness “change” focus?


When we were in the Atlantean era, we went through a misuse of Divine power. And this brought about what is spoken of as the “fall of man”. As our consciousness went from the more wholeness of the higher 4th density, to the very base of self-identity. The lower 3rd and higher 2nd densities is what our consciousness “fell” into. This brought about the change in perception/consciousness, in which one could not recall the Divine, within.

This is the aspect of Self that the Bible refers to as “having no other Gods, before me”. For without this knowledge, we are unaware as to our Divine nature. And man did “fall” to this state of being, during this timeframe.

Though, as time ensued, we have taken on this nature more and more, once more. Regardless of our being aware, consciously speaking, or not. Humanity ALWAYS ascends to the higher frequencies, naturally. For we are ever drawing closer to our true abode. Which are the higher planes of frequency and vibration. Which are unfolding and enfolding in us, ALL, here and now.

As this enfolding occurs, we bring our consciousness back into more “wholeness”. This is known as the “renting of the veil”, in a manner of speaking, which gives access to the “Most Holy”, in like manner. For the “veil” that kept us “separate” from the “most Holy”, was a curtained wall that we ourselves erected. Being “fearful” to recognizing and returning to the Divine, within. We “erected” a “priestly class” to represent us. Much like during the times of Atlantis.


Though, as our consciousness becomes more whole, we begin accessing the realms of the subconscious and the superconscious, Higher Self, Christ Consciousness. Even the realms known as the “unconscious” or sub subconscious are being accessed. And this is bringing about a recognition and a reunion of these aspects of consciousness, more wholly or Holy, if you will.

As we combine these aspects of consciousness, we naturally “mature” the ego consciousness. Thus, the ego transitions from being the “lower” ego, to manifesting/integrating into the “higher” ego. Aligning with our Divine will and consciousness, we begin seeing the TRUE reality. The perfection of Creation becomes more certain in our awareness and experience.

As this occurs, consciously speaking, we begin TRULY realizing that we are ALL Oneness. As this re-integrating occurs in our consciousness, we naturally recognize the multidimensional nature of ourselves and Creation. And as being a microcosm of the macrocosm, we tune into our other multidimensional aspects of Self more readily. Giving us an assurance, in no uncertain terms, that we are truly eternal Beings.


For many are beginning to access these realms of consciousness/awareness that bring forth access to the aspect of Creation, known as the akasha. Through our innate nature, we have within our consciousness a “library card”, if you will. And through our desires to “know thyself”, we begin the process of trekking to the akasha “library” in the ethers, either through sleep and/or meditation. Which reveals our “past” and “future” endeavors, from our here and now.

Not to mention the akasha has all manner of wisdom that may be revealed to us through the higher planes of the ethers. And as we go into meditation, we ALL naturally achieve this state. Some more readily than others. However, this state of being is available to any that will take the time to allow this revealing to occur through the enfolding process.

Many of us have been in meditation. When suddenly we achieve a state, in which information just pours forth, freely. Revealing to us anything we desire to have revelation of. And this ability to tap into this realm, is increasing in us ALL. Though those that actively pursue this, obviously, will arrive at their “destination” more quickly. For we are in the era of “revealing” grace that Siva gifts us, as the “returning prodigal son”, to mix a Biblical proverb into this analogy.

As the Divine law is always in action. What one puts out, one will receive. Or, in other words, the law of cause and effect. Thus, the necessity of us to “call forth” this revealing in/of us. As we are in a free-will plane of existence, we must choose to make the call, individually. Thus, let us make the call that our spiritual eyes and ears be opened to the revealing of what we need from the realms of our akasha.


Many times, we tend to “look down” on the experience of “duality”. Yet, let it be known, that this is what allows us to experience free will. For the TRUTH is that we are already, Divine. So, to go through an experience of “learning/maturing” a Soul through the auspices of free will. We purposefully don the “band of forgetfulness”, mentally speaking. Or in other terms, we allow the concealing grace of Siva to “limit” our innate Divine perceptions.

This gives us the “illusion” of separation. In which we become so viscerally involved in “duality”. Such that many a Soul spends a great many lives returning through birth, transition and rebirth, again and again. Experiencing all manner of expressions in both light and darkness. Until the Soul matures throughout this process. Which brings about the state of initiation and alignment of the Divine, within, to us all, once more.

This brings us back to the state of reintegration through balance. As we return to perceiving more wholly, consciously speaking, we return to Being Holy, spiritually speaking. This allows us to perceive the reality without the “veils” that we previously perceived the reality through.

In a sense, this is the “resurrection” that we are ALL undergoing. Through the “death” of the illusion of separation. We transition from the denser realms of fractalized consciousness. As we “resurrect” our innate Unity Consciousness, expressed both within and without. As an expression of the individual as well as the collective, we are “birthing” Gaia’s Unity Consciousness together, as well. As a planet and a people expressing in Oneness. As Gaia takes Her rightful title as “Freedom’s Holy Star”.

Thus, ALL future generations will imbue this Unity Consciousness as they come into the “new” physicality. Which is, by far, less dense. As we perceive through time/space after leaving space/time. We are simultaneously changing our focus of consciousness from the individual to the collective. Thus, the NECESSITY to chose the path of Service to Others and/or the exclusive path of strictly Service to Self. Or the “path which is” versus the “path which is not”, respectively.

We then bring about the natural illumination of our Divine Light Bodies. Until we eventually achieve moksha (liberation) from samsara. (eternal birth, death, rebirth). We are then known, once more, as an Ascended Master. As we don the “seamless robe”, once more. We complete our sojourn through physicality.

Through being in the flow, we lessen our resistance to this process. And we ALL have to make a conscious effort to keep in this flow. For throughout the entire process we are transmuting ALL that no longer serves. And this must occur as we free up our denser frequencies for the more luminous frequencies of the higher 4th density and beyond. As we migrate up through the dimensional planes, we become the embodiment of our Higher Self, here and now.

The Higher Self resides on the 6th dimension. Being beyond physicality. This aspect of Self is known as the Christ. Krishna, Jesus and others known as Avatars have achieved this embodiment of Self. And this aspect of Self can reside as a direct manifestation, even at these levels of density, obviously. For these ones have come throughout all manner of times and eras to furnish us the living example of what we are to strive for.

When we call forth our Higher Self. We naturally go into balance, again. And our perceptions change as we innately alter our consciousness to perceiving the reality through our Heart-Center, as this Divine balance aligns us with our Higher Self. Recognizing the Diamond Heart that reveals to us all of the facets of Divine expression I AM, here and now. Multidimensional facets of our Diamond Heart reveal the beauteous expressions of our Causal Body. Revealing fruitful demonstrations of all manner of power, wisdom and love that we have expressed Divinely, throughout Creation.

Thus, let us become this “resurrected” living Avatar. The Christ Consciousness. The Krishna Spirit. The Enlightened Buddha Nature. The embodiment of our Higher Self, here and now! As we reveal the perfection of the Divine Creation, here and now!


Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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