No Longer Waking Up Through Duality

When we begin to awaken and expand, spiritually speaking. We go through a consciousness process of change that many seem not to recognize, at first. And through this process of “awakening” we come to realizing how we personally hold our “world view”. As we begin to see through more “wholeness” or in other terms we become more Holy.

This occurs, due to the fact that as we “awaken”, we perceive more wholly. This means that we are expanding our awareness/consciousness perceptions of both what we perceive of as being harmonious and/or discordant. And this is a crucial period of awakening that we ALL go through.


How we have held our world view, in the “past” seems to influence or highlight our focus, at this point. For those that have held a rather pessimistic view, the “awakening” process seems to point out more of what is “wrong” within the world. As this newly expanded awareness/consciousness focuses on what we ourselves, have a tendency to focus on.

For those that embrace the “wholeness” of the newly expanded awareness in consciousness that occurs, when we awaken. The realization of the harmonious aspects in Creation, way, outnumber the disharmonious expressions that occur. For this has always been the case, within Creation.

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So, many quickly begin “focusing” their awareness and expanding into the more positive consciousness attributes. Having been longing for these since they have been sorely missed. This allows us to smoothly transition into bringing about our Divine attributes, we each came to express. Knowing Creation would benefit from our service, we readily become the embodiment of our spirituality, divinely expressed. This is known as Divine Love in Action. Or, fulfilling our Divine plan.

Whereas, it is readily apparent, when we see some that get “caught-up” in the highlighting of the “negative” attributes, being expressed by those that are still of the “power over another” mindset. Highlighting the “wrong”, without presenting a “solution” is merely bringing more flame to the fire. It is neither helpful nor neutral. Instead it is energizing the “opposing” view, if you will. Literally giving our energy to that which we do not desire and does not serve.

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This is why we must quickly transition from a “dualistic” mindset, when we awaken. Which many speak of as the Unity Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness. The realization that we are each truly an aspect of the exact same Oneness. This KNOWING, ideally, would be achieved and integrated rather early on.

This is “spiritual” progress. For by “attempting” to remain in steeped in “duality”, we entirely stop our spiritual progress. The realization that the reality is “this and that”, rather than “this or that” must be known. As this allows us to achieve the lovingly, yet detached state of being, which does achieve a “neutral” stance, karmically speaking. Where we may then wisely put our energies where they truly do serve.

Otherwise, some may halt their entire spiritual progress. By insisting that the reality is indeed, “separate” and/or “dualistic”. Trying, as they might, to “negate” another aspect of the Divine, is not the spiritually uniting aspect of Self that identifies with Oneness. The resolution to this “seeming”, paradox is the balance point, in between. This proves the Divine Trinity. Causing the Divine to rise above the paradigm from the effect. By ascending another limiting view/falsehood; i.e. “duality”.


Anyone that is truly maturing on the spiritual path recognizes that “ignorance” is the attribute of those that have not attained the expanded awareness and consciousness that is inherently acquired and required for those that are on the “spiritual” path. Thus, the “judging” ceases. As this would be like punishing a child for something, they knew not they did in error.

This is why we are taught to lead by example. As this is our best means of influencing another. When they see our lives unfolding in a harmonious way, they get curious. And our harmonious energetic presence does carry a tremendous influence. Causing many to seek an alternate means of accomplishing, seeing another do so harmoniously inspires them to do likewise. As like energy, attracts like energy.

Whereas, if we had instilled an energetic presence of “righteous” judgement. Even an “unawakened” one, will instinctively sense this. And this merely adds to disharmonious creation. And this “righteous” judgement would soon return to us, following the Law of the Circle. Giving us a taste of our own medicine, if you will.

Thus, for those that are on the path, spiritually speaking. Our energetic focus needs to match our consciousness/awareness focus. And as we ascend, we are magnetizing the group consciousness, the Unity Consciousness which is the Christ Consciousness. And this accomplishes a two-fold process.

One, is that we enfold the “persona”, ego or carnal mind; within our Christ Consciousness, Unity Consciousness or Higher Self. Thus, we become the embodiment of our Christ Self, or Higher Self. This is what allows us to achieve freedom from “duality”. As we align ourselves with our Divine Trinity, once more. We readily achieve the balance point, necessary, to transcend the limitations of the carnal mind and the “perception” of duality.

Secondly, is that as this process unfolds. We recognize and seize the power of the diversity, within the Oneness of the collective. As we allow our individual “personas” to take a back seat. Our unified group consciousness achieves amalgamations of transformation that hasten the ascension. Though not often spoken of, this must take place for those that are ascending in either chosen expression of polarity. No one is exclusive of this newly birthing group consciousness.

Though this second aspect seems to be the “stumbling” block for those that haven’t come to realize the power of group consciousness. This too, is another sign of those that have “peaked”, spiritually speaking, as far as progress is concerned. As this ascension is a group ascension. As we return to the collective mindset, inherent within the Oneness. The higher densities of consciousness in 4th and transitioning into 5th are of a collective mindset.

So, the revealing signs of those that are lacking in group consciousness are those that are singularly minded. As in those that must be the “focal” point, within a group. Or those that are in “favor” of certain ones within the group collective. To the exclusion of the “others”. Or those that are of the necessity to be “singled” out and “identified” within the group in any exclusive manner. These are ALL attributes of “separation”, “segregation” and “singularity” that do not serve and are usually the beginning and/or the “demise” of the group consciousness egregore.

Thus, know that those that are embodying now, are of the group consciousness focus. They are ALREADY of this mindset, at birth, i.e. innately. Whereas those that are “awakening” now, are those that are transitioning from a singular consciousness focus to the group consciousness focus. And these latter ones are the ones that will benefit most from knowing the attributes of singular and/or group consciousness focus.

The “newer” generation is coming in, with this as an embodied attribute. And these ones are doing so, due to the awakened ones, of our past and now. For this innate “conscious” knowing was gifted to the new generation, by their elders. As ALL aspects within Creation assist one another.

Thus, recognize that there will be fewer people “awakening” through a “dualistic” mindset. As this knowing, transitions to the collective “unconscious” we will ALL be born with this as a collective KNOWING/UNDERSTANDING. Without having to physically/psychically come to this realization. As we will be inherently of a unified/collective mindset.

The beauty of the Divine shines throughout the ENTIRE diversity of the Oneness. Embracing this Divine attribute, known as diversity, is our goal. In the Oneness the ascension is hastened through the combined inspirations of the wholly or Holy. All from our here and now. Know, All That Is, would not be All That Is, without YOU! Never consider yourself outside the Divine collective, as this IS the only impossibility.


Much Blessings, Truth, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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