Violet Flame in Me Now!

The time to go beyond the constraints of 3D living, is now. As in the “past” we always assumed that we were “victims” of circumstance. And this led to our perceiving through a very narrowly focused form of consciousness. Which further enforced the notion that we were “limited”, yet again.

This is known, as partaking in the downward spiral of evolution. The giving into the winds of destiny, through lack of will on our part. And today, we are shown again and again that we must achieve through some “external” source. A product we “need”, in order to achieve, some goal. Anything, but turning inward.


Yet, for those that do finally consent and turn inward. An unlimited and expansive universe of Self becomes visible and then suddenly, there is an inner-realization that it is ALL truly attainable. The expansion that is achieved by this process is such that the “limited” version of self becomes graciously enfolded in the Higher Self.

This expansion brings about what is commonly referred to as the Christ Consciousness. Or in other terms, the multidimensional mind becomes the focal point of our awareness. As this transformation occurs, we realize that we are, indeed the creators of our reality.

And one of the great revelations that has been gifted us, through this expanded awareness is the use of the violet flame. This is truly Divine alchemy. In times past, only a very select few were given the knowledge of this true Divine alchemy. For through the use of this spiritual and scientific process, we are able to manipulate matter, directly.

Through the proper call of invocation to the violet flame we are indeed accessing the “fountain of youth”. As any call that is made to the violet flame, begins the process of transmuting anything in physicality that is of discord, into its pure Divine state. Washing clean anything that has been “stained” through human discord.


This takes place at an atomic, as well as subatomic levels. For the whole of Creation knows the “key” of the call from the violet flame. Which when “sung” is the call to purify itself to the pristine state of its Divine nature. Without any possibility of human discord mis-qualifying this energy, once more.

And when we step into our innate nature as co-creators, we identify with this. For it is through the spoken word, that we manifest in creation. Always, we must “make the call” for those of the elemental and angelic realms to assist us in our behalf. As we are beings of free will. None can do this for us, but ourselves. This is the difference between a 3D Being of circumstance, versus a 4D Being as a co-creator.

When we step into our Divine innate nature, we create anything that is necessary to fulfill our needs. Through our thoughts we begin the process, followed by our actions. And “sounding” out our intents and plans is indeed a form of creation. For without the “word” there would be no creation. Recall the first edict or fiat that Source “decreed”? Let there be Light! And there was Light!

Thus, through our “decrees” or declarations, we sound out our chosen alignment with Creation. This is why we are always admonished to carry the “immaculate concept” of our creations, even of ALL who we meet. What does this do? What dos this mean? And why invest our efforts in this process?

The “word” aligns with our inner “visual” sight of the “singular eye”. In other words, when we chose to cocreate something. We think on it, then we decree or “sound out” the key to accomplishing this creation. While, simultaneously envisioning the desired outcome. This is the process of creating, in manifest form. This is how we carry our creations down from the mental plane of the ethers to our level of physicality. And we refer to this as manifesting, or cocreating.

immaculate concept.png

The “visioning” is always brought about by holding the “immaculate concept” of that which we are beholding. By envisioning the “best” version of our desired creation, we instill our “visions” with immense power to fulfill their manifestations in our likeness.

When we are interacting with one another, we are encouraged to see the “good” in one another. While “overlooking” the less desirable traits. This is a version of holding the “immaculate concept”, though not as powerfully. However, for those that are skilled at focus and concentration. This envisioning can bring about our desired creations in a most fulfilling way.

Thus, anything that is not in alignment with our chosen creations, we may clear from our reality through the use of the violet flame. If we feel we are “stuck” with another person, and our emotions are amiss in their presence. A call to the violet flame to clear all “cause, core, effect and memory” of anything disharmonious that causes this feeling is in order.

When we are given this tool, we are instructed to direct this throughout our four lower bodies. This is in reference to the seven-body system we have been given by the Ascended Masters. Which are the “I AM Presence”, the Causal, the Christed Self or higher-mind, the etheric/spiritual, the emotional, the lower-mental and the physical body. Of the seven bodies, the lower four have been influenced by our learning to be a cocreator. So, the lower four bodies are as of yet, imperfect. Whereas, the higher three bodies, the Christed Self, the Causal and the I AM Presence have never been “tainted” with imperfection. Holy, unto themselves.

Thus, we are instructed to run or course the violet flame throughout our four lower bodies. Cleansing us from all “cause, core, effect and memory” that has created this discord that is within us. This accomplishes clearing the issue for us, in our current now. While simultaneously, going all the way to the “root” cause of the problem. Which may or may not be from this current life expression. Hence, the call for ALL cause, effect, core and memory to be cleansed and made pure, once more. Through our calls to the violet flame.

This same violet flame can be used to “clear” any issues are having either physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually. Thus, the need to address the four lower bodies. Which have been mis qualified through our miscreation’s, while we have been learning.

When we make the call the angels and elementals respond, clearing all that is discordant and returning it to its pristine state of Divine purity. Thus, we complete the manifestation process. By thinking about what needs clearing and then making the call to clear the “issue” through the use of the violet flame. While, simultaneously envisioning the violet flame blazing throughout our four lower bodies. And grounding this within our Being and beloved Gaia. We have just participated in cocreating through Divine alchemy.

This is the same process that the Ascended Host, Angelic Host and Elementals use. Though they have used this process, by far, longer than most of us. Thus, their momentum achieves a more powerful effect, more instantaneously. However, we too, do build this momentum through our calls to using this Divine alchemy.

Our ability to manifest these changes, through less and less time elapsing between our calls being made and the actual manifestation is greatly increasing. As we are leaving the constraints of “linear time”. Thus, those that are more fluent with being present within the now, will have the least time lag, if you will.

This is why when we are in meditation, which is truly “timeless”, we are asked to do these calls. From the timelessness of the now, in our meditation, we are actually beyond the plane of linear time. Thus, the more we align with our creative “calls to action”, through the process of manifestation, given above; while in meditation. The less time seems to take place before their actual manifestations being noticed in physicality.

And in truth, when we ourselves fully realize that time is our “tool”. We will, indeed be able to bring these creations about, in the now. As we ourselves are beyond space and time. And when we fully KNOW this, time becomes a great tool and not a hindrance; as is currently perceived.

Sisters and Brothers, know Divine alchemy. Use Divine alchemy. And enjoy the power of Divine alchemy, through love and wisdom. Recognize that we have come here to clear ALL that no longer serves. And anything we are “carrying” that is of discord, we may release and let go of, now. Through the use of the Violet Flame. Whose knowledge and teaching of how to use, has been gifted to Humanity through our beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Know this same Divine alchemy is what ALL of us are bathed in, when we transition from our current expression. None are excluded from this process, as the angels transport us to this luxurious bath of Violet Flame, that has been given us through Divine grace. Thus, KNOW the Violet Flame is in us ALL, Now. Will you activate this gift?

Step up to mastering the Divine flames that are our birthright. As this shows that we have indeed left the old paradigm of 3D living. And we have transitioned to the 4D selfhood of cocreator. In alignment with the Divine, within; all here and now.


Much Blessings, Love, Light, Life and Truth

Gabriel F Duran

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