Bridging the Gap!

Bridges are always uniting streams of flow between two points that seem “insurmountable”, without the bridge. Allowing, “supposed” separate realms to unite and realize the diversity and beauty of the Oneness. Thus, “bridging the gap” between various realms and/or even attributes, within Creation.

As one embodies as an expression, so does one gain in experience. Through expressing a given life-path we gain experience through our creative reflections or “effects”, which we ourselves have “caused”. As we go through life feeling any and everything that we are creating, very viscerally.

Thus, we gain wisdom as we proceed in expressive experience. And each of these physical sojourns helps us to bridge the gap of awareness as to our creations and their reflections we experience. Doing this in the most loving way for ourselves assures the most rapid progress, in the least amount of time. Yet, love Divine is expressed wisely by means of empowering the Self. This is a rather large bridge that each of us “builds”, without realizing it; for the most part.


Those that have “built the bridge” of awareness, as to how creation works in love Divine. Realize, whole-heartedly that they are, indeed the creators of ALL of their reality. Thus, in wisdom these latter ones tend to co-create a more harmonious expression and experience through the creative empowerment of love Divine.

This realization is very important. As this shows that we are ready to proceed to the next step of embodying more of our Higher Self. As the Higher Self is our co-creative aspect of Self that has the purview of creating at the planetary level. We must be beyond the constraints of “victimhood”. As this aspect of Self is wholly concerned with fulfilling a plan that is beyond the creations concerning the individual self, solely.

As we bridge this gap of awareness, previously held, we boldly go forth realizing that we have great power in creating. As long as we maintain the balance of our Divine creative attributes. What, or which Divine creative attributes? What balance is this? And what occurs if we are imbalanced?


Perhaps you have heard of the “three-fold flame” within our Hearts. Where each of the three flames has its own Divine attribute, or God quality. The blue flame represents power. The pink flame represents love. And the yellow or golden flame represents wisdom. These three attributes must mature in balance, as we bridge the gap to our Higher Self.

And we ALL increase this three-fold flame in our Hearts, as we embody more of our Higher Self. Instilling these very powerful and potent attributes in balance is of great import. Why?

When we increase an aspect or attribute of a single flame, without balancing the other two qualities/attributes, simultaneously. We get skewed in imbalance that greatly “limits” our progress and our ability to “retain” what we have already gained. As, until the balance is achieved, we have stunted our growth. How so?

Well, when we “gain” in wisdom, without any “application” of this in physicality. We lack the anchoring quality that makes the “gains” actual manifesting attributes that we embody, permanently.  In other words, we will “forget” the wisdom “gained” if we do not use it, practically through the attributes of Divine love and power, while in physicality. This wisdom will remain “illusive” if we do not achieve it through the balance of the other two attributes of power and love. However, when achieved through the balance of power and love. The wisdom remains a permanent attribute one holds, or embodies from hence forth.

This is why we seldom see a “genius” returning with the same genetic attributes that instill the same level of “geniuses” previously attained. As, in order to make these attributes a permanent aspect of the Self, we must be actively using these “gifts” of wisdom through the proper balance of love Divine and power; while in embodiment or while on the physical plane.

Simultaneously, those that have gained the proper use of wisdom and power. Yet, lack the Divine love attribute in like balance with these other two attributes of power and wisdom, are also lacking. These are usually the ones that we see strive to achieve “perfection” according to their “unique” definition of what this is. Though, failing to expand the love aspect in balance; their lives are “suddenly” cut short, so to speak.

An example would be the person that can keep their bodies perfectly “fit” and of great stamina. Yet, while riding their bike one day they have a heart attack and die. Though being perfectly “healthy” from all “outward” appearances to most onlookers, in truth they are not. As they are lacking the balance of the love Divine portion. These ones, perhaps, have not expanded their love to the aspect of Self that has One’s Soul plan.

Thus, not recognizing this aspect of Self, the Soul having no chance of fulfilling its Divine love, cuts short the life of the “supposed” perfectly healthy individual. As we ALL come to mature in physicality as well as in spirituality. We must therefore always seek to balance the love Divine as we increase in wisdom and power.

Lest we forget those that are; what is known as, “type A” personalities. These ones are very astute at wielding their “power”. Though, without the balance of love and wisdom, this power is extremely illusive and very unyielding. And those that seek ONLY power, without recognition of, or striving for the balance of love and wisdom. Are typically viewed historically as being selfish and power hungry, yet unloving.

Power unchecked by the balance of love Divine and wisdom is one of the most dangerous of imbalances. As most that are maturing view power as the ultimate goal. Not having matured enough to realize that the greatest power there is, is love Divine. These ones have a tough lesson ahead. As there is the potential to become “drunk” with power, once attained. Which is another great stumbling block, to bridging the gap to the Divine Self in manifest form.

Thus, we must bridge the gap of awareness in balance. We are reminded of the Divine attributes of our three-fold flame (love, wisdom, power), so that we may elect to increase these through balance of expression and experience. This is known as the “middle path”. Or, “the Way”. These attributes expanding in our awareness/consciousness through balance achieve the state of being that IS the embodiment of our Higher Self. Thus, achieving Christ Consciousness (wisdom) from a Heart-Centered (Divine Love) perspective Enlightens (power) us with the complete balance of our three-fold flame of power, wisdom and love.

When this balance is achieved and maintained, we have bridged the gap between the persona (ego, lower mind) and the Higher Self (super consciousness). This is known as being in alignment with and the embodiment of our Higher Self. Then we are referred to as Being “the Way” or the path. The Divine in manifest form.

Bridge builders are those that bridge the gaps. Any and all obstacles that are on the path are easily surmountable through the balanced expression of the three-fold flame of our Heart. Through the balanced attributes of Divine love, wisdom and power, we may achieve the goal. Ascending permanently from the “need” for re-embodiment.

As we have cast our lots in with the immortals. That we too may drink from the Divine well of immortality. Having aligned with and become the full embodiment of Divine balance expressed within our three-fold Heart flame, here and now. We create the pristine form that our Higher Self may enter into our abode, in all holiness, as we become the Higher Self or the Divine in manifest form here and now! Eternally sustained wisdom! All powerfully active! All love enfolding!


Much Blessings, Love, Light, Life and Truth

Gabriel F. Duran

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