Transformation Is the Way

When we take a look at what is transpiring on an individual and a collective level. It seems readily apparent that we are ALL in a transition. The roles and views that each Country has as well as their various populace are all undergoing a transformation. Though the transformation takes place through transmutation and transcendence, first.

Since Creation is fractal, we are accomplishing within us what our planetary body, solar system, galactic system and even beyond are accomplishing. And this accomplishment comes into being as we clear that which no longer serves.

Beloved Gaia has been transmuting and transcending ALL that we have brought about through discord that we ourselves have not transmuted, consciously speaking. Hence the various weather anomalies and Earth changes. As the cellular memory of our “past” comes forth for clearing. So, too does Gaia reflect these cellular memories of our “past” back to us. In fact, it is Humanity that “causes” this “effect” to occur on Gaia, firstly.  And as a populace and a planetary body we both have much cellular memory to clear.

However, for those that are aware of their own Divinity within. These know that they may “consciously” do their part at clearing cellular memory that no longer serves. This clears our own individual etheric/astral body, or “memory” body. Which allows us to receive from on High our insights and re-establish our communal relationship with our Higher Self, firstly. As well as with those that are assisting us from the inner planes, such as our Guides from beyond and the Angelic and Ascended Host. As well as contact with our Cosmic and Stellar families.

ascended host

As we clear ourselves, we consciously clear beloved Gaia from “past” cellular memory as well. With our own chosen form of transmutation and transcendence we clear all that no longer serves. And even above and beyond that, we may choose to then expand this call to include our planetary body our Human race and/or ALL people. With one simple statement such as, “As I make this call for myself, I make this call for every man woman and child on the planet”. Or something to that effect.

As the aspect of us that answers the call to our requests. Is the aspect of Self that knows there is no separation. Therefore, at this level of consciousness we have the ability to work at the planetary/cosmic level. Thus, we are always advised to think beyond the “little” self. This is known as embodying our Higher Self and directing our affairs from this level of consciousness. Which is more wholly concerned with the bigger picture.

Acknowledging our Divine right as co-creators, made in the Creator’s image. We best serve ourselves, by serving one another. The ability to serve at the planetary level instills in us the attributes that allow our higher gifts to manifest. As when we make the call the answer must be made. And we then become a direct channel or conduit of manifesting change. A Light Worker. By gifting the world with ALL that we have come to share, we are the embodiment of the Divine in manifest form.

Many chose to build and design. Others chose to express through all manner of varying artistic expression. Some focus on service directly with beloved Gaia. Others on various aspects of nature and chemistry and biology. And on and on. All have Divine gifts that they chose to bring forth. And this accomplishes a clearing as well.

passion flower.jpg

For when we are in our creative state of Being. And living in and through the joy and passions we have come to share. We are naturally in a state of Being that is harmonious. Which naturally repels anything that is not of its kind. Thus, we are a living magnet for higher frequency energies. And these attributes we magnetize are then shared throughout the collective as we simultaneously expand these same energies through our direct radiation as a Light Beacon / Light Worker.

Altogether, as a collective we are achieving an amalgamation of change as we ascend to the next level of evolution in Humanity. So many are awakening to their calling to serve in a greater capacity of planetary service. And this too causes a greater magnification of these similar energies. Transformations abound all about us.

galactic beings star family

Our cosmic and stellar families have brought about information concerning this transition that we are all accomplishing. And the reports show that Humanity is achieving their goals at record pace. However, we must balance these higher frequency energies and/or downloads with the populaces ability, as a whole, to integrate these with the least amount of overall disharmony.

Many would bring in download after download without consideration for these integrations. However, we have a very mature galactic family of cosmic servers that are bringing this transition about as smoothly as possible. In accord with our ability to integrate and assimilate these higher frequencies. And by many accounts, we are still achieving this process at a greater pace than expected.

As we continue the process of clearing our memory bodies, through our own unique form of transmutation and transcendence. We achieve a bridge to our Super Consciousness. And through the process of turning inward, through our meditation or yoga of choice. We establish a direct path with this bridge to this expanded state of consciousness. And we begin perceiving our reality from this aspect of Self more readily and steadily.

This is known as the transformation. As we change our focal point of conscious perception, we adapt to the multidimensional mind and we become an expanded and illuminated presence in physical form. That is more readily concerned with co-creation than being involved in the ego/carnal mind minutia such as materialism and all manner of “glamour’s” and “illusions”. This is when many finally stumble onto the Way. Having no other option, but to acknowledge and embody this great change that is occurring within the Self.


For many that have come upon this path. The reasoning’s, though many, probably ALL lead to or stem from the awakening of the Kundalini. As this Divine “serpent” energy rises. One can not help but perceive the world in an entirely new light. It is this energy that awakens in the persona/psyche the reality of Oneness, once more.

And since our societies, for the most part, know not what this energy is or does. The vast majority of Humanity go through this rather significant process of change, totally “blind”, as the expression goes. Never realizing that within us, our Divine nature has arisen.

We now know that our entire chemistry in our bodies and brain changes as this energy rises. And the end result is usually a person that is entirely different from the “old” or original person. With only the most loving and compassionate of people being able to successfully tolerate such a change.

This is why many, when they awaken, spiritually speaking. Don’t seem to “last” with their original partner and/or even their family. For none can understand the change that is occurring, save even the one that is going through this awakening process.

This, in and of itself, is a major “initiation” that we go through. And since the knowledge concerning this ancient power is scarce, these days. At least, accurate and safe knowledge. Whereas, there are a flood of “gurus” that claim to know how to get this energy “going” in its accent.

We are rarely given the proper way to slowly and methodically cause this energy to ascend as gracefully as possible. And the consequences of this when fully activated cannot be reversed. From hence forth, one who has arisen their sacred serpent energy must perceive reality through this newly and greatly expanded lens of awareness/consciousness. Which is not very “forgiving” as to the machinations of 3D ego/carnal mind attributes.

This is why transmutation and transcendence of the “old” ways that no longer serve, are prerequisites to attempting to “activate” and ascend this extremely potent creative energy. Those that have not accomplished this are like the locales of beloved Gaia that are accomplishing their transmutation and transcendence unconsciously.

There is much experienced that seems rather harsh and violent when this transition occurs unconsciously. And the same occurs with the “issues” we have not transmuted, when our kundalini is “activated”. We must go through the process in a very methodical way, when this energy is activated. And unless we are experienced at transmutation, transcendence and transformation. This process is, indeed rather harsh and at times discordant. From the aspect of ALL of our lower bodies. The emotional the mental the memory and the physical.

However, when we consciously chose to accomplish this transmutation, transcendence and transformation. We are given great assistance from our own Higher Self, our various Guides and even other aspects of Self we may know nothing about. Not to mention when we bring this about through turning inward, consciously speaking. We are given advise, well in advance, as to how to proceed. Thus, we become the Way.

Though our ability to hear clearly the direction we are given, is an attribute that will expand greatly as we clear that which no longer serves. This purifies and crystallizes our newly expanded awareness and our consciousness gently guides us through the various states of initiation that we ALL proceed through.

Those that chose the “short cut” to awakening this energy. Must be able to grow and expand in consciousness and awareness at a very rapid pace. And the inability to accomplish this leads to the rather eccentric ways we see in some that seem rather unstable. As the potency of the newly acquired energy enhances ALL that we currently carry, both positively and negatively, which gets magnified and amplified in all of our expressive forms.

Balance is ever the most expeditious way. To walk the middle path is to achieve through balance. Being fully conscious and actively choosing to ascend. Leads one down the path of initiation. And these initiations are solely accomplished by the individual. And the individual must KNOW how to co-create.

Those that have already ascended to the next octave of Creation have the ability to accomplish this in REAL time, as it were. However, most of us require a little more experience with and integration of Divine energy before we may accomplish similar feats. Ascended Masters in the making. Remember transmutation, transcendence and transformation. These are the co-creative way, or the Way.


Much Blessings, Love, Light, Life and Truth

Gabriel F. Duran

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