Divine Alchemy

We are all transforming in a great way. As conscious perceptions expand, we perceive our reality from a heart-centered soul perspective more and more. Giving our persona an enfolding within our soul means that we are less concerned with the “limiting” view from our ego/carnal mind.

As we embody this expansion, we see our lives, evermore through “new eyes”. We can not help but change our views throughout the process. For the soul has an expansive view that does not perceive through “limitations”. Yet, initially the soul has to acquiesce to the persona. Coaxing the personality as to viewing the reality without these various limiting views. Which takes some time.

However, eventually the persona/ego/carnal mind realizes that when heeding the admonition of the soul, life progresses rather harmoniously and expansively. Compared to the “tribulations” that we experience and express when we are “led” by the “temporary” persona that is ever changing, as well.


This is a great initiation that ALL of us accomplish. An initiation that greatly changes the self as an individual and in its relation to the collective, or whole. A process that expands us within and without. The desires that previously drove us to achieve in a material sense are greatly balanced with the realization that what we are in need of must be fulfilled from within. This is gaining a soul purview through self-realization.

And as we enfold ourselves within our soul, we begin concerning ourselves with our true life purpose. Our views we hold concerning what we desire to accomplish as an individual become balanced and aligned from within. As this alignment with our soul enfolding our persona infuses us into a greater alignment with the higher aspects of Self. We embody our Christ Consciousness and bring forth our I AM Presence while we gift our Causal Bodies spiritual fruits we have accumulated. For we are more and more concerned with changing the reality at the “group” or mass level.

What attributes reveal this has been accomplished? What sort of process occurs as we embody greater and greater amount of our soul essence?

The soul has a purview that really diminishes what the “persona” cherishes. Such as? The soul does not have any necessity to “prove” itself to another. There is no NEED to be viewed as being “right”. And the soul realizes that ALL are on their own journey, thus being completely allowing and not enforcing its views on another. Knowing that the best that a soul can do is to influence others by Being a living example. The soul has a great desire to live life for the sake of experience and expression in a completely sharing manner, with ALL. Knowing that all unfolds synchronistically in Divine timing.

Whereas, the persona is steeped in maintaining an “image”. Totally identifying the self with a carefully crafted persona, and anything and/or anyone that does not identify with this image is considered a “threat” to the persona. The persona is the aspect of self that fully believes itself as being separate from all else. And tends to view life through the lens of separation and fear. Thus, subjecting the self to the constraints of linear time and progression.

So, how does one transcend this view and enfold themselves into viewing life from the perspective of the soul?

Many folks know this as receiving “activations”. Our personal guides, our stellar and cosmic families as well as those from the inner realms, such as the Angelic and Ascended Host, are assisting us through this transition. These are the ones that work with us at the individual level. When we make the “call” these are the Ones that respond in answer bringing us these levels of expansions and activations. Entirely under the direction of our own Higher Self, firstly.

We are each increasing the amount of Divine Light or “prana” that we hold (embody) and emit (radiate). And each increment of increased light must be integrated from within, firstly. Which means that many of us go through “ascension symptoms”. Which are physical, emotional, mental and even “cellular” memories being cleared from our field or aura. From our personal escapades within exploration of Creation we have accumulated much that needs clearing and/or “releasing” as it no longer serves.

How do these “integrations” occur? And what are the symptoms of being recently “upgraded”, energetically speaking?


Typically, we feel a tension building, which is not exactly that harmonious, emotionally speaking which may induce or accompany physical pains and discomforts. Often times appearing as great fear and/or anxiety both mentally and emotionally. Many times, we may go through a process of what seems like a complete “break down” of faith, resolution and/or confidence in ourselves. Feeling that we have somehow lost everything that we have worked towards. Fears we thought we had previously gotten rid of will permeate, once more.

We usually have to make great effort to “surrender” ourselves to the process and feel these emotions and/or pains and/or thoughts very viscerally. By letting these feelings and emotions flow through us entirely, we achieve a great release; which is the whole reason behind the process.

Then, what normally follows is an entire release of this feeling, as we surrender to the process. Followed by a resurgence of this “newly” cleansed energy, replacing our “despondent” state with a newly embodied expansion of purified prana. We then suddenly “regain” our composure and achieve a great alignment that expands the embodiment of our soul and Higher Self in our reality. This then greatly increasing our Divine luminosity. Thus, embodying more of our Light Body.

This is a purposefully orchestrated and manifested crescendo of tension followed by a release that “clears” our energy in order to make room for the purified energy to transmute and transcend what we have accumulated through our sojourns in the 3rd density of consciousness. Expeditious and fulfilling as we master the process of flow and letting go of what no longer serves, we gain in frequency and we ascend.

This is the process known as transformation that is occurring within us ALL. Or in other terms, this is our innate Divine Alchemy that allows us to ascend to higher and finer frequencies that are more harmonious as we, simultaneously, loose our hold on the “lower” frequencies. Leaving the lower frequencies of 3D and 4D behind, we perceive more and more through the higher 4th densities of consciousness and beyond striving for 5D and beyond.


This Divine Alchemy is Humanities innate strength. This is the process that allows us to transmute, transcend and transform millennia of mis-qualified energy in a single lifetime. If one so chooses. The process is infallible, as ALL those that are now in a higher octave of existence may attest. These Ones that we refer to as the Ascended Host each have achieved this state of Being through this very same process.

Many of us are reluctant to have to foray ourselves, emotionally speaking, through the dredges of our mis qualified energy. As we all enjoy being harmonious and strive to maintain this state, as long as possible. However, we must never fear the process of “clearing” ourselves. As this is our true power.


If we pay attention to children, we see them easily accomplish this when they have discord. The child will scream and cry to “flow” this emotion of discomfort entirely through itself, without “holding onto” anything. Usually followed by a “release” that occurs very naturally. We usually hear them “whimpering” a sigh of relief/release as they regain their calm breathing after the process has run its course.

They have successfully processed the discordant feeling and realigned, once more, with their natural state of Being. Without this “flow”, they would accumulate these discords which would then manifest as greater and greater disharmony. Until the physical form finally manifests a “dis-ease” of some sort. All to get us to “listen” and/or address this energy that is resident in our field and/or aura.

Metaphysically, this is Humanity performing Divine Alchemy by changing “lead” into “gold” by the gift of mercy from the Divine Self. By means of the microcosmic form of Being we embody, we are all inherently Divine Alchemists. Fully capable of transmuting, transcending and transforming ourselves individually and collectively.

Thus, we are each and all responsible for this process. None can do this on our behalf as this would not allow us to demonstrate our creatively fulfilling our own Divine plan. And that is a demonstration of soul living. All of us must step into our roles as Divine Creators. Showing we know how to accomplish transmutation, transcendence and transformation.

We each chose a method of clearing and transmutation that is most easily aligned with our own unique belief systems. And the only concern we should have is the aligning ourselves with our inner guidance and knowing. This process will then unfold in a joyous way. With as little resistance as possible.

As we ascend this process becomes more fluid. With less “turbulence” since we are aware of the process and symptoms. When these highly energetic states of emotion charge at us we are aware that we must allow this process to flow through us as harmoniously as possible. Letting go of what no longer serves. Which many times comes as a full release of tears in crying out the “old” to make room for the new. Awaiting taking any direct action and/or course until we are once more in alignment with our normally pristine state.

This is the process of integration. Integrating through activation. This is the process of ascension. Showing us how we Master our four lower bodies (emotional, mental, physical and memory/etheric). When these are aligned in Mastery with our three Divine bodies, I AM Presence, Christ Consciousness and Causal; we have seven Divine bodies in Mastery. We are a living Ascended Master, here and now! All through the accomplishment of Divine Alchemy of Self!


Much Blessings, Love, Light, Life and Truth

Gabriel F. Duran

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