Reflections of the Divine

We are all individuated aspects of the Divine. Experiencing, through consciousness that which Creation has to offer. Delving all the way to the lowest frequencies of expression, known as corporeal form. We then evolve through reestablishing our connection with our innate Divine. Perceiving anew. With much more experience in realizing what brings us joy and what brings us discord.

Many find it hard to believe, initially. However, we have been perceiving through an aspect of consciousness that was designed to give all of our senses a very visceral experience of life. Yet, was never designed to be used as the primary vehicle of focal perception, consciously speaking. We know this as the “lower” ego, the carnal mind, the “persona”, 3rd density consciousness, the logical mind without the balance of the intuitive.

Our Higher Mind or Christ Consciousness was and is always the focal point of our awareness. Before what is known of as the “fall of man” took place, we all perceived through this aspect of consciousness. We could easily embody form, yet not be bound by our physical form. So, we easily flowed in and out of physical form, at will. Without the “need” for “death” and “rebirth.”

However, when the “laggards” came. The effluvia that they brought with them began to create a “fog” or “mist” over the etheric/astral mental planes. This began the literal creation of what we know of as the “veil” between realms or dimensions. And this veil is how we “lost” access to the Divine, within. Forgetting from where we came, we felt lost.

This veil was created by those that had left their Heart-Centered perception. As this is the portal to the Higher Self and the Christ Mind or Consciousness. This was what was meant by the commandment, “thou shall have no other gods before me”. Yet, these “laggards” had long sense left this aspect of our Divine Self. Having many “glamour” and “illusory” gods instead of the One true God, within. Teaching us to do likewise.

This is when the Creator found us bewildered and “naked” and “clothed” us when we were in the Garden of Eden. However, this “skin of clothing” God provided for us is in reference to our physical forms that we must embody with while ensconced in 3D. Forgetting our connection to God via our Higher Self we could no longer “freely” ascend to the planes of higher frequency; i.e. the 4th and 5th dimensional realms that we resided in before the “fall”. We could no longer return Home, as we had “forgotten” the Way. Thus, we began a period in which we must embody physically. Some refer to this as samsara. Being “stuck” on the wheel of incarnation until karma is balanced out.

However, when we turn our attention inward. This aspect of self is ever there, here and now! Through our meditation and/or yoga of choice we may begin to commune, once more with our innate Divine Presence, within. This truly begins the ascent that we all strive for in achieving moksha, which is freedom from samsara.


No longer being “bound” by the incarnation experience, after having balanced out our karma. We partake in greater freedoms within Creation. Having loosed our bounds permanently from re-embodiment, “death”, time and space as well as gravity. We ascend to the next octave of Creation.

Beloved Gaia recognizing when we have “graduated” loosens Her hold on us. We then ascend into the higher planes of reality in our “seamless robe” or Light Body as we align with the next octave of reality. Which many of us have already accomplished in previous embodiment’s.


However, having been moved by love Divine. Many of us working with those from the inner planes chose to go “back” in time. To take embodiment once more. To do anything we could to help awaken as many that would like, as to the true nature of living through Divine expression once more. And some are “recalling” that this is indeed a very high “initiation” to partake in.

back in time

We have come in embodiment once more to reflect the truth of the Divinity we ALL are, innately; ever to be found within us. This is why we are ALWAYS assured by our guides and stellar and cosmic families that we PURPOSEFULLY chose our birth. That we chose our time and place of birth. Fully knowing that we were bringing forth more Divine Light by means of our embodiment.

Yet, we too had to go through the process of “donning the band of forgetfulness.” Embodying through a dense “veil” that is difficult to perceive from and through on to the higher planes of awareness. Due to the fact that most know not that they create these effluvia through discord in thought, speech sight and action. So, we came prepared with our teams of Guides and Angels as well as Elementals that were on board with us and our cosmic plan.

From the planes of higher awareness, these Divine Ones would work in tandem with us, as long as we did our part. Many knowing full and well that we would not be awakening to this “knowing” until much later in life. For all must unfold and transpire within Divine timing. Thus, we each prepared our lives accordingly. Striving to fill our time with admirable pursuits that would benefit our beloved brothers and sisters as well as ourselves, until the “call” was made to awaken.

Once this “call” was made and heard and recognized. Our worlds seem to turn upside-down, as the expression goes. For this reality has many involved in all manner of glamour and illusions of Maya. And we must shed all that we have brought forth that no longer serves. And the awakening reveals the truths behind the glamour and illusions. Which changes us greatly. Usually upsetting our entire family system in the process.

For our families view us as greatly different after having awakened. And the longing for the “old and familiar” is usually the wedge that separates us even greater. As no longer do the “old” ways resonate with ourselves. And the “desires” we previously held no longer hold sway. For we have begun to lose ourselves from all that no longer serves.

This is when we begin to align with our Divine plan that we came to bring forth. Oh, rest assured we are still in the thralls of much “chaos” as the old leaves while making room for the new. And now we must align with this “new” reality. Which takes a great deal of time, for as this transpires, we simultaneously transition our consciousness from perceiving through the “lower” ego to perceiving at greater and greater levels and for greater and greater lengths from the “higher” ego or Christ Consciousness or Higher Mind or Super Consciousness.

This brings about a higher “battle” in duality of Self, if you will. As we find an inner struggle begin to ensue that is very reminiscent of the “outer” struggle we see reflected to us in Creation. We no longer align with our 3rd density consciousness. However, we are still “identifying” with our 4th density consciousness. Re-membering who we are as the Divine in manifest form. Thus, we are still defining ourselves, anew.

Until, eventually a culmination is achieved within us. We successfully make the transformation to perceiving primarily through our Higher Mind. And this is a great achievement. For no longer does our outer reality pull us in all manner of direction physically, mentally and emotionally. For we are ever more and more masters of our thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as actions. No longer being influenced and swayed by the glamour and illusions of Maya.

This is when our TRUE mission is invoked. We become the pure luminescence of the Divine I AM. We become the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness in manifest form. And this is our TRUE reflection of the Divine in manifest form. This also allows the higher planes to channel greater amounts of Divine luminescence from and through our physical forms.

Having attained the ability to more readily master our thoughts, feelings and emotions, speech, sight and action. We remain much more harmonious throughout our daily expression. Which automatically raises our frequencies to such levels that are useful to those from the higher planes to use as “beacons” of Divine energy or prana. Thus, we become embodied Light Beacons or Light Workers. Ever vigilant to maintaining their purified state of being. So that in a moment’s notice the Ascended and/or Angelic Host may use our form to “pulse” higher frequencies of energy that are needed wherever we reside.

This is the state of “reflection” we want to maintain as reflections of the Divine, here and now. And the signs are ever before us. For when we are in this state, we are harmonious. However, when we “stray” from this. Allowing the “ever-present” Human effluvia to sway us mentally, emotionally or physically. We drop in frequency, greatly. As discord is a state of frequency that is very low.

Thus, the entire reality is a “reflection” back to us. Which reveals our state of being. Which reveals our energy we are receiving as well as radiating. Which brings about more of its kind. As we are ALL bound by the “law of the circle”. Proving that what we emit will come back to us with more of like energy. Returning to the source of its creation.

Thus, let us be reflections of higher and finer Divine luminescence and frequency. As we must embody this state of Being in order to share or “broadcast” or “radiate” this Divine light as a Light Beacon to ALL in need. This energy must be present within us, firstly. And then we may gift Creation with our Divine Light that accomplishes the Divine “law of the circle” and brings us more of what we have created, in like energy. Returning with an abundance to the source of its creation.

Allowing us as the creators of this very Divine energy to ascend in full awareness and consciously, here and now. Returning to our permanent home or abode with gifts for the Creator as our guests join us, here and now, in like energy! We return with more of our kind, reflections of the Divine!

wicca ceremony

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran

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