Active and Awake

All of us go through a period of “awakening” in which we recognize the world anew. We go through a transition of self in which we begin perceiving more and more from and through our Divine Higher Self. And throughout this period of awakening we “activate” greater luminescence. Clearing much that we have held that no longer serves.

It is as if we see with a clearer focus of awareness. And this causes us to activate a greater relationship with our beloved I AM Presence. The aspect of us that has been awaiting this transition with much fervor. Many of us thus coming to the realization for the first time that we each have a Christ Consciousness and a Divine I AM Presence.


And as we activate this aspect of conscious integration of self, we bring about an entire emotional, mental, physical and even memory body metamorphosis. Perceiving the world from a much higher and true perception and perspective. Having increased our luminescence greatly.

Once awakened we may never go back to our un-awakened state of Being. As this transition is permanent in this and even future lifetimes and embodiments. However, what we do with this determines our level of subsequent “activations,” if you will. So, what are these subsequent activations? And why do we proceed through a period of continuous activation after activation?

Before this awakening many of us knew not that we are co-creators with Source Creator. Having previously agreed to embody on Earth at inner levels we desired and knew that we would be developing our co-creative powers. Gaining great experience in working through Creations’ edict by Source/God. What is this “edict” that we grow from and experience while on beloved Gaia?


Source said that we would be working with ALL elementals and angels who were to be at our behest in co-creative intents. Thus, every action that we co-create has a direct effect and baring on three different forms of evolutionary expression as well as our planetary body. The elementals being the creator of forms in ALL manner of dimensional planes of existence. And the angelic evolutionary realm that works at higher levels of non-physicality in accord.

Both the elementals and the angels where to take the direction of embodied Humanity. Thus, we were to learn how to co-create as our Creator had done initially. Before we then graduate to even higher levels of co-creating. The Creator having fractalized itself into each of us. Thus, man/woman was made in God’s image and likeness.

However, the recalcitrant ones, commonly referred to as the “laggards” brought about a veiling from our awareness of our original edict. Through the discord that was brought about from the “laggards” reluctance to adhere to our original plan of establishing a paradise on Earth. These ones coming from another planetary body in which they refused to advance from/through. Brought about a “fog” and “mist” that we commonly refer to as the veiling of the various planes of higher awareness. Thus, we forgot who and what we were as well as our true purpose for embodying on beloved Gaia.

Thus, Humanity began acting in accord with these recalcitrant ones. Having previously never experienced discord we were greatly caught off guard, so to speak. As there were previous evolution’s that had successfully graduated through the school of Earth, though these “past” evolution’s had not been through the fire-trials of discord that we have. These previous evolution’s having achieved what is commonly referred to as Golden Age eras as their culmination of expression before fully graduating from this physicality.

Humanity being entirely unaware of the original edict as a result of the “veil” we lost access to our own Divine, within. We dropped from Christ Consciousness and we “fell” in consciousness to the lower 3rd dimension. Thus, the Creator closed us with “skins of flesh” for we were “naked”. Whereas previously we readily flowed from the 5th dimensional planes of awareness to the lower echelons of physicality. Without the need to remain in physicality throughout our entire lives.

This brought about all manner of discord that we currently experience. One of which was the “invention” of a monetary system. If one closely follows the stream of events carefully. We can easily determine that this is when we went from having lives that were nearly a thousand years in a single embodiment. To lives that had an average span of less than one hundred years.

The blood of humanity changed from a golden luminescence to a rich red color from the discord. The weather became entirely vulnerable to humanities’ discord. As did ALL other Elementals in creation. For before this occurrence roses had not thorns. In place of the thorns, originally, were roses that bloomed all throughout the stem. Whereas now these have been replaced by a single rose at the crest and thorns all throughout. Reflecting our creative reality to us, as was their original intent.


And Humanity realized not that they have a very visceral and direct influence on the ENTIRE Creation. You see Humanities discord must be carried as a “burden” for the elementals. The only way for them to “shake” this discord off is through a vortex of energy that they unleash as storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. The waters no longer held their borders and began the process of flooding that we know, only too well.

All due to Humanities unwillingness to live harmoniously and work in accord with the other two Divine aspects of evolution, Elementals (from the mind of God or El) and the Angelic Hosts.

The “animal” kingdom was altered greatly, as well. For before this time there was not one species “consuming” another. The “food chain” was Divine para that fed all of our needs. Partaking of fruits and vegetables was purely for pleasure and we were not beholden to sustaining ourselves through the physical consuming of physical food stuffs.

Beloved Gaia can only carry the burdens of Humanity for so long. Thus, She made the “call,” which compels the answer. And our cosmic families and those from the inner planes began an intervening process to bring Humanity back into alignment with their original evolutionary edict from Source.

In the meantime, those recalcitrant evolutions began a process of establishing a false hierarchy. One of those being the infamous Nimrod that constructed the tower of Babel, a literal fallen angel was he. These ones perverted the hierarchy and brought forth chaos out of God’s original Divine structure.

Posing as all manner of false gods that would use Humanity for their perverted purposes. Demanding that they be worshiped as Source. Equality that was the original intent between all three evolutions, Humanity, Angels and Elementals was concealed. And embodiment after embodiment these ones refused to acquiesce to their own choice of evolution that the Divine within had agreed to partake in.

The “veil” that was created began to reflect an “illusory” realm that we refer to as the lower astral realm. Bringing about all manner of “glamour” and “illusion” that seems entirely valid for those not knowing otherwise, this was the birth of Maya. And these astral realms began being occupied by those in between embodiment that refused to go through the process of transformation through the gifts of transmutation and transcendence between embodiments.

Many refusing to embody again began to be sequestered in what became known as the “compound.” Thus, this astral realm became the “perverted” reflection of the true higher planes of awareness. Deceiving many that felt they were accessing the Divine from these false planes of reflections from on high. These ones became ensnared in accumulating all manner of “karma.”

Thus, when we awaken, we began the process of transmutation and transcendence of these false reflections of illusory glamour, known as Maya that influence us from the lower astral planes. This takes place through various “activations” of our original awareness. A shedding of ALL that is false begins.

And based on our ability to come to further realizations we clear that which serves us not. We loosen the “scales from our eyes”. As we perceive anew. And this is when we recognize that the world does seem amiss. Suddenly we can easily see what our fellow brothers and sisters have yet to have recognized. Due to their still being “asleep.” Thus, we can never return to this state of false “reflection”, if you will.

As we successfully integrate these luminous activations that are instilled from on high. Our fervor and zeal to reveal all that has occurred is greatly spawned. Though many a time we find it baffling that others are unable to recognize and see through the illusion of Maya.

Yet recognize that a culmination is possible. For as an awakened group from the Divine within, we have tremendous influence on Creation. As our original co-creative powers are gradually returned from these higher planes. As we live in accord with the plan. We activate greater and greater co-creative powers which were originally our Divine right.

Suddenly those from the false hierarchy seem weak and impotent. The machinations employed on those “un-awakened” ones seem foreign and rather infantile. We activate our Divine form mentally, emotionally and physically. We begin working off the karma we knew not we held. How?

Just like beloved Gaia we make the “call”. And the “call compels the answer”. For in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. Suddenly we realize the power of the statement what thou decrees compels the answer. In other words, we recognize our Divine co-creative abilities and the proper use thereof.

Suddenly we are aflame in Divine luminescence. And once more the Angels and the Elementals are rejoicing in our co-creative abilities properly brought forth in accord with the original edict. Remember we are created in God’s image and likeness. Thus, we are the Word made manifest in Creation.

Then we get together and hold meditative intents of transmutation and transcendence. Knowing that none other than a co-creator may redeem us. We own up to our original intent for embodying on Earth. And this is increasing in wave after wave of illumination. That is the elimination of the false hierarchy coined the Illuminati. The perversions and illusions of Maya fall away. And we be come the Divine in manifest form, here and now.


Beloved God in me, I AM. I call forth the original intent be brought forth and established once more.

And the illusion that has swayed Humanity through discord I demand it be brought to an end.

For through the Divine, I AM I make this call which compels the answer.

Let me know and work in accord with the original Divine intent of these our evolutions.

Let me be the Divine luminescence I AM. Never to be swayed by the illusions of discord in Maya or the false hierarchy.

I demand this done today. I demand this done to stay!

I AM this done today! I AM this done to stay!


Much Blessings, Love, Light, Life and Truth

Gabriel F. Duran

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