Beloved God in me, I AM

Beloved God in me, I AM. This is a term used greatly within the Great White Brotherhood. Which is a name for an organization commonly known as the Ascended Host. Why are these terms used? What do they mean? And why should we care or aspire to be associated with these Beings?

Well the easy one to answer is what does the Great White Brotherhood mean? This is a name associated with all of those from the ranks of humanity that have successfully completed the evolution of transcending the “lower” human nature and entering the ranks of the immortals. Nevermore having to embody evermore through reincarnation.

Jesus and Mary

The reason for the name is easily seen when we see pictures of Jesus or Mother Mary and others of these ranks. For these are always depicted with a “white” halo about their head and crown chakra. This is the meaning behind the term “white”. Which has nothing to do with race or skin color. For the Great White Brotherhood has those within its ranks from all races and all religions that are of God’s light.

The term is not a gender biased or gender specific term either. It is simply the convention used to denote those that have ascended the planes of re-embodiment. Both male and female such as Jesus and Mother Mary. Never having to go forth through another round of incarnational expression. For they have successfully merged their four lower bodies with their remaining three higher bodies. What does this mean?

We each have seven bodies that make us whole or Holy. The highest expression of us that has never left the Great Divine Oneness is commonly referred to as the I AM Presence. This is the aspect of Self that resides with God eternally, here and now. Being ever perfect this aspect of Self is the omnipresence we each have. Commonly referred to as our own individuated aspect of the Divine. Our individuated Divine eternal unfed flame of God. An aspect of which is resident within each and everyone of us in our heart-center.

The next bodily form we have is known as the Causal body. This is the aspect of us that contains all of the good works we have bestowed upon creation. As we have gone through an involution on our way to our evolution. When we embody on our planet. We were schooled in all of the virtues of God before coming to this planet. And many of us are specialists in these. Thus, we each have a causal body that is uniquely ours. None two are ever alike. When we chose to bless someone, we draw from this aspect of Self known as the causal body.

The next bodily form we all have is commonly referred to as our Holy Christ Self. This is the state of being Jesus attained when He successfully mastered His four lower bodies and began His ministry. Though some may view His achievement as wholly unique. The truth is that each of us must attain this same state of embodiment. No one can be a Christ for us on our behalf. We must manifest and embody our own Christ presence. Thus, each of us are Sons and Daughters of God. Though Jesus was the first to crystalize this level of achievement on Earth on behalf of us all. Many today refer to this as the Christ Consciousness.

jesus ascending.jpg

These upper three bodies are perfect. Having never left the realms of perfection. These are our own individuated aspects of Self that we ever strive to embody from our current plane of existence and awareness. And as we successfully manifest these as greater and greater perfect achievements or reflections of our Divinity; we too will enter the ranks of The Great White Brotherhood if we so choose.

As this qualifies us for the ascension. Nevermore having to go forth incarnating evermore. We will have donned the seamless robe. Entering the realms of the immortals. We then assist others of humanity to achieve this same state. Until all are wholly or Holy ascended in the Light and free. As all members of the Great White Brotherhood have forgone greater states of perfection and nirvana in order to be our brother’s keeper.

The remainder four lower bodies have entered the realms of imperfection. Commonly referred to as “sin,” or missing the mark. Thus, our objective is to transmute and transcend these states of discord back into harmonious expressions. The four lower bodies are referred to as the mental body, emotional body, etheric or memory body and the physical body.

All of us have karma that is resident within our etheric or memory body. This resides within our subconscious, mentally speaking. Thus, we are unaware of many of the discordant states we are transmuting and transcending. This is why our aspect of self referred to as subconscious is apropos. Most of us have no recollection as to our past states of embodiment. Though “physically” this is resident from our waist and below. Once more, below the realms of conscious awareness.

Our mental and emotional bodies have been marred with all manner of discord. For none of us have kept these pristine and God-good. Having fallen short many a times of the virtues of God. Thus, we must transmute and transcend these ways of being that we have manifested discordantly. Until we expand our awareness to this fact we continue embodying in the realms of reincarnation.

Through our physical bodies we have brought about discord as well. Thus, it is these four lower bodies that are imperfect. And through our conscious awareness of this fact. And through the grace of our higher three bodies. We may begin to make our ascension. Having learned to transmute and transcend these lower aspects of Self through Divine alchemy.

These then are our seven bodies we each have while we are schooled here on beloved Earth. Three wholly or Holy perfect and four that are discordant or imperfect. This is why we each must master our bodies and through Divine alchemy transmute and transcend all that is discordant within our four lower bodily forms.

Thus, the need and gift of the violet flame has been bestowed upon us all. For this is the only tool that can transmute our discordant ways from all of our lower bodies. Through this tool of Divine alchemy, we transmute our memory bodily discords that have existed in many cases for numerous embodiments. And simultaneously we are taught how to use this same tool for our mental, emotional and physical transmutations.

ascended host

Through gathered momentum from others that have successfully accomplished this we may greatly accelerate this process. This is why we all must turn to the Ascended Host commonly referred to as the Great White Brotherhood for this assistance. Having successfully accomplished what we are going through. They know far more clearly what we are going through and how to accelerate this process on our behalf.

If we had to accomplish this strictly as individuals, without their assistance, we would be far from being able to accomplish this in a single embodiment. However, through their guidance and direction we may actually accomplish this in a single embodiment if we are so driven.

Thus, the Guru/Chela relationship is still very apropos or appropriate. Many have said that we are beyond the “need” for a Guru. However, those that assert this are still going through embodiment having not achieved the state of ascension and donned the immortal bodily form commonly referred to as the seamless robe. So, caution is in order. Our beloved Ascended Host have chosen to be our Guru’s that are evermore willing and able to guide us ever so gently through this process.

So, the Ascended Host have taught us this wonderful statement of truth. Beloved God in me, I AM. For our I AM Presence sends a stream down to us that passes through our Christ Self and enters our bodily form from our heart center. Proving God is ever within us, here and now. With the I AM “stressed” so that we realize that in our true state this is us ever so directly. The I AM Presence shortened to I AM.

This is the aspect of Self that beats our heart for our complete lifetime. And this is the aspect of Self that withdraws this lifeline when our incarnation is complete. Allowing our Soul to return along with our finer bodies (minus the physical) to the planes of rest and reflection in our Heavenly Father’s many mansions. Or for those that have qualified for the ascension we go through the process of greatly accelerating all of our lower bodies until we “dawn” the seamless robe. Nevermore having to re-embody through the realms of incarnation. Or in today’s terms we become our Light Bodies transcending them from the realms of reincarnation.


Much Blessings, Love, Light, Life and Truth

Gabriel F. Duran

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