To Decree a Dream Come True

Beloved God in me I AM, I decree to Thee for this truth aright, here and now:

Love Divine is so grand when I know and understand. I ever stand in the center of your presence, which is in my heart. I know your near and not far. Bringing truth aright ever through your might. Let us one and all recognize the call that you ring forth for each and all. To manifest God everywhere we do declare this decree forevermore.

Beloved Christ Consciousness expanding anew in everyone. Not just for the many or the few. Let us all see this anew in one another. And recognize we are all beyond plight and blight. Restoring and resurrecting what is right and of God’s delight, here and now.

Let us each cast a spell of love Divine so grand all the time for all to understand, here and now. That those that are newly awakening see the call we are making for them one and all. To know and to feel the light of God that speaks through truth and purity and through such light so grand. That all understand that we are in a new era, so imbued. With the light of God that never fails and always prevails for one and all. As we bring forth truth in light forevermore as we each make this call to all.

As we restore the “fall of man” that took place in our consciousness as we were growing up. Let us change ourselves into the “rise of all” ascending in consciousness right here and now. Ever to bestow a reality so new and so truthful and full of light. That raises all to such heights that all easily understand. That causes an expansion in each and every soul in each and every land. In the air and the sea as well. Our hearts do swell. As we see the truth anew.

For it is the God in me that I AM. That causes me to understand. Through times past present and future too. We each imbue one another to such magnificence and grace. In the balance of the threefold flame comes love, wisdom and power each and every hour. For all to behold and unfold. As we all align with our I AM’s mind. As the full measure of truth aright. We each hold through our light. That is ever dear without any fear. That causes such an expansion of consciousness now that we each unfold evermore. Ever so serene and so pristine we do restore and resurrect an expansion of such Divine light. Bringing God’s heavenly dream alive in each and all as we make this call of decree so easily.


That we grace the Earth anew in God’s neighborhood. Showing many other evolutions how this is done. In a common place that we fill with such grace and mercy that is abounding all around. That we each resound to truth and light. Bringing forth such virtues of God’s mercy and grace to light. The angels do sing with us so bright in accord with all that we adore and bring forth in faith hope and charity. We will all see with such clarity. That we are the Divine in manifest form. Fully aligned  and adorned and illumined in bodily form so evermore. As we don the light body so grand wherever we each stand.


Living the life of God in me I AM here and now wherever we resound. We see the truth in purity and luminescence so full and bright. That causes one another to understand God is everywhere and so is God’s light. And so, once more we choose to declare. Beloved God in me I AM. Send me to make the call for one and all. For the light of God never fails and always, always, always prevails!

Let this decree bring forth for one and all to a heavenly place so full of grace. And a call so grand fulfilling God’s plan literally here and now. That is unfolding in the Oneness of God’s mind. Where space and time crystallize to the power of now. Bringing forth the axiom as above so below as within so without. And all around our bodily forms as well as our auras too. Let us all be imbued with Divine light so illuminating so aligned with God’s grace truth and aright in God’s light for us all to see. That we each know as we bestow the virtues of God’s grace all over the place.

We have established Heaven on Earth here and now. As we each make this call of decree so grand. Wherever we stand, sit or sleep or hear, be or see, or think, speak or do. We too have become one and all living the life of God in man, woman and child. Ascending in the spirals of ascension’s flame so grand. Making all to understand we are all fulfilling our Divine plan.

Let this call resound as harmony abounds in each and all. For beauty and truth go hand and hand. Seeing God’s grace all over the place in each man woman and child. Love Divine stands the test of time forever from the here and now. For our power is truly in every hour minute and second within every place that we fill with our grace.

Blessings abound for all who resound with this truth of decree that comes forth from beloved God in me I AM. For to have read it and/or spoken it has empowered this decree forevermore to restore and resurrect the Divine plan in one and all. Therefore, make this call and send it forth to any and all. As an act of declaration, here and now we too say send me beloved God in me I AM. That I too may make this stand in the stance of time and space that is ever here and now filled with your grace. I ever agree also with this decree!

For beloved I AM, beloved I AM, beloved IAM!


Much Blessings, Love, Light, Life and Truth

Gabriel F Duran

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