Balance Through the Three-fold Flame

God’s energies come through us from above (spirit). And from these we qualify them into the below (mater). Where God’s energy does come through in full tow. Forever more to be a restoring essence of God’s love from above. As a gift from heavens grace does bestow the light aright.

Saint Germain Maltese Cross

The following is a revelation given from the Ascended Master St. Germain. Listen intently to the wisdom profound that resounds…

MalteseCross from Saint Germain on Alchemy

“All power is subject to two primary qualifications under the classification of relativity: divine and human, or cosmic-universal and material-transitory.

“The Maltese cross, emblem of my dedication to the cause of freedom, is a balanced thoughtform that may be used to illustrate the qualifications of power. As many realize, a cross symbolizes the meeting of two planes of consciousness—the horizontal bar representing the plane of the human consciousness, the plane of the ego, and the vertical bar representing the energies of God descending from the realm of Spirit into the quadrants of Matter.

“The center where the two lines intersect is the point (orifice) where the energies of heaven are released to the earth; and in truth, it is at this point—which is actually the point of the qualification of power—that great alertness must be maintained by all who use power in its many aspects, including its organic and inorganic forms. The power of speech itself—the power in the spoken word and the power of the Word, whether released by pen or edict of sword—changes the course of history and alters the lives of those affected by its release. Whatever its subsequent use or abuse, the tangled threads of power have always flowed, symbolically and actually, from the orifice of the cross.

“The Maltese cross is a symbol of perfect balance—both in the alignment of the four planes of Matter (and the Four Cosmic Forces thereof) and in the inner and outer expression of God’s Spirit within the souls of his own. As such, the Maltese cross illustrates the drawing forth of Light’s energy and consciousness from on high (through the north arm) for the manifestation in the world of form of God’s omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence (through the west, south and east arms respectively). And, as we shall soon see, in this cosmic interchange between God and man the universal Light is beamed forth ‘as Above, so below’ to the right, to the left and in the center in a perfect equilibrium of power, wisdom and love….”

Prophet, Elizabeth Clare. The Path of the Higher Self (Climb the Highest Mountain Book 1) (pp. 241-242). Summit University Press. Kindle Edition.

(Italics are added to designate actual quoted material from the book)

Path of the Higher Self

Yet how do we handle the spiritual energy received from above? Do we re-qualify that which is pristine and perfect with the human effluvia that does not serve? Or do we bring God’s flaming energy through unblemished and serene as God’s loving dream?

Perhaps we know not or have forgot. That our beloved God in me, I AM. Does manifest from our individuated spirit spark in the Oneness of the Divine. A flame so true that none can put out. For God in me does persist being the truth of who I AM all throughout space and time. Even in the oneness of God’s being. Where all persists all so serene. Where space and time are no more. And the now prevails evermore.

When God’s power manifests from above. We must always qualify it in a balance of the three-fold flame of power (blue), wisdom (yellow) and love (pink).

We are taught to ever bring through this balanced flame throughout all that we think and say and do. And this brings forth truth in and from our beloved God in me I AM through and through.

“The balance between the upper arm, which receives the energies of Spirit, and the three lower arms, through which Spirit’s energies coalesce both in and as Matter, provides for the balanced manifestation of God’s power ‘as Above, so below,’ from the planes of primary causation to the physical effect, as it is taught in the Hermetic science. If man’s qualification of his quotient of spiritual energy released over the crystal cord from the I AM Presence to the heart chakra were retained in purity from the moment it entered the crucible of his consciousness, all that is in manifestation in the microcosm would reflect the perfection of the Macrocosm. Think of that!”

Prophet, Elizabeth Clare. The Path of the Higher Self (Climb the Highest Mountain Book 1) (p. 248). Summit University Press. Kindle Edition.

The wisdom brought forth through the Ascended Master St. Germain is truly profound. I would highly recommend reading this book. Which does inspire me to bring forth a realization that comes through from my beloved reflections on the Divine in me that I AM.

For when we recognize that through our consciousness, we manifest a way of truth. When we learn to use our energies aright, in God we truly do delight.

And as we gain confidence in the use of Divine alchemy. We realize that we may re-qualify the mis-qualified foci of energy that we brought about knowingly or not through the use of the violet flame. Which when called forth in God’s name does bring about a transmutation all throughout our four lower bodies (etheric or memory, mental, emotional and physical).

Allowing us to transcend the lower planes of matter and effect. As we ascend into higher energetic spirals of cause from spirit. Our beloved God in me I AM is adorned in the perfect balance of love wisdom and power. Each and every hour. As our light is held aright. We bring forth a purity that manifests clearly as the illumination flame. Bringing forth truth and “the Way” that never leads us astray.

“The energies garnered in Spirit, when preceded by right thought in the left arm, gain the impetus for God-virtue by the power of love’s cohesion and attraction as they are released into action through the right arm. This left-right, ‘push-pull,’ action can be illustrated through the principle of the slingshot, wherein the stone in the sling is withdrawn from the Y in a negative pull in order to secure the necessary impetus of power to drive home the shot through a positive release.”

Prophet, Elizabeth Clare. The Path of the Higher Self (Climb the Highest Mountain Book 1) (p. 249). Summit University Press. Kindle Edition.

All must be achieved through balance. Just as the geometrical square of matter contains the circle of spirit. So, too does the triangle of the Divine trinity within the center of the circle and square bring forth the balancing plumes of love, wisdom and power. Going from spirit (circle) to matter (square) in a Divine balance through being centered in the three-fold (triangle) flame of love, wisdom and power.

The plume of wisdom must be retained. And the only way that the plume of wisdom is retained is through the balance of the power and love plumes of the three-fold flame by the fiat of our devotion to do goodwill says the Ascended Master St. Germain.

The same could be said of the plumes of love and power. In order to retain each of these Divine attributes. The balance of the other plumes must be maintained. Else these attributes do not remain or retain their permanence. When there is an imbalance in either one of these three-fold plumes of flames.

This is why many find their actions have no lasting consequences or appear rather fleeting. Without the proper balance, even love seems to exist for but a passing moment. For love is not truly love Divine unless it contains the proper balance of wisdom and power. In all of our relationships this holds true.

Many have seen where one person is very loving and the other seems to be more callous. And this is not a balanced relationship. For the one that is truly loving must also balance this attribute by carrying one’s own power and wisdom in the very same relationship. Thus, the expression “you mustn’t let them walk all over you” is very apropos.

To truly be in love Divine we need to know the balanced way of expressing this powerful attribute in and through wisdom. And wisdom manifests as a balance of the power we carry as our own individual knowing the worth of our love, so to speak. Just as we must balance the personal power we hold in a very loving and wise way within all of our relationships.

Do we see how these Divine attributes balance each other out as well as ourselves? When we can achieve this in a very visceral way. We have indeed begun to master ourselves and our energy. As the Ascended Host are teaching us to do. In the equilateral triangle of love, wisdom and power.

This holds true in any form of relationship. Be it in business or in family or in social and even in casual relationships. All of these attributes must be expressed and experienced in a supportive way that is achieved through an equalized balance. And this brings about lasting relationships that hold the test of time.

If we were to peruse our life experiences and honestly look at the various downfalls of our various relationships. We would be remiss if we didn’t realize that we were deficient in one and/or more of these attributes of expression. For these attributes must manifest in a balanced way in order to remain and retain permanence.

First and foremost, this balance of the three-fold flame must be manifest directly within the self. For this will manifest in the without as a reflection of what we carry and hold onto ourselves in the within. Always we are perceiving and receiving the energies that we have qualified ourselves knowingly or not.

When we are interacting with the world at large we are being given a very direct experience of the energies that we carry and hold onto. And all of our relationships will reflect these back to us. Thus, know that the polishing of the various reflections we refract outwardly must always start within the self.

When we truly live life through Divine alchemy of recognizing and realizing the energies we perceive through and thus perpetuate. We will see that we are truly responsible for all that manifests in our world. And this will inspire us to always turn inward. For this is where we find the Divine temple and altar.

From the sacred space within our Heart. Known to some as the “High Heart” center. We have our true Divine temple of Being. And when we center our awareness through this aspect of self. We manifest in accord with our Divine Self. The permanent atom of Being becomes our way of perceiving, so to speak. And then our world changes for the better.

For from this center the plumes of the three-fold flame are perfectly balanced, always. It could not be otherwise. For our I AM Presence is there always in truth and pristine. Think on this and live through this. For this is the true Self. And always love Divine is there all the time. And so, should we ever be perceiving from our true center of Being. As this is the point of presence known also as the now. Beyond the constraints of time and space. The eternal now ever persists and exists from within our High Heart. From start to middle to end as we ascend.


Much Blessings, Love, Light, Life and Truth

Gabriel F Duran

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