Gifts of Divine Alchemy

When we come into embodiment, we have an accumulation of karma that we are wholly responsible for. And through Divine alchemy we are afforded the opportunity to transmute this karma into chalices of Divine love and light. Thus, transmutation, transformation and transcendence occur. Yet who receives these gifts or chalices? And what truly does this mean for us? Is there a reason that should inspire us to accomplish such a task?

Knowing that we are in a plane that is composed of much illusion, which is termed maya. We are constantly surrounded by that which is less than purity influencing our lives and worlds. And this truly does have a direct bearing on our thoughts, feelings, speech and actions. This is the cause of much of the discord that we knowingly and/or unknowingly bring about.

However, through the gift of Divine alchemy we may transmute that which was disharmoniously brought forth either through intention or even unintentionally. Through means of the “Violet flame” we may call forth a cleansing of that which we must transmute. This is the alchemical clearing of our misdeeds.


In eras of the past this knowledge of transmutation was only taught and brought forth for the highest ones along the spiritual path. Yet today, through the dispensation of the Ascended Master Saint Germain we are all given this knowledge of Divine alchemy. This is truly the cleansing of our various bodily forms.

Our four lower bodies are susceptible to our actions as well as those of others while in embodiment. The etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies are manifest with both our direct human effluvia and the mass unconscious effluvia that is the lowest common denominator of action taking place on our plane of existence caused by humanity. And these both have direct influence on our worlds and lives either knowingly or not.

Thus, none are exempt from having to partake in clearing these effluvia through Divine alchemy. This is reason enough to inspire us to want to take action and clear that which does not serve. For when we clear the discordant energy that is about or bodily forms, we become purified. We are aglow with positive light or prana. Or in other terms, we are awash in the Holy Spirit (prana). Undefiled as long as we reside within that state of purity in love and light.

We have all had the feeling of expressing something to a loved one or a friend in which we felt afterward that we had rather not have expressed such a thing. Either through word or deed we allowed the moment and/or the momentum to bring forth that which does not serve. And this is an example of discord that we bring about at various times.

This takes place as a result of the influence we have been exposed through either through our own actions or the mass unconscious influence of energy that has a direct bearing on all of our bodily forms; i.e. etheric or memory, mental, emotional or astral and physical. This same energy affects groups in mass. This is how “riots” startup and grow in one sense.

Yet, the same energetic momentum when used positively does have a similar sway on us all. In fact, even a greater sway than either individual and/or mass effluvia. Because energy that is based in purity and light or in other words positivity is by far more potent than “darkness” or negativity.

Realize that when a light is turned on how the darkness scatters? The darkness doesn’t hold sway when the light is placed in its way. This is the power of positivity that takes place when we use our energy for the greater good. For the light always prevails over the darkness.

When one is bathed in the light of purity, this one person may hold the light quotient for many that are consumed in maya, or illusion, and living in darkness. This is what Sanat Kumara did for our planet. He held the light quotient necessary for a planetary body to be in existence for humanities evolution. For at one-point humanity was not holding its own, so to speak.


Going back to the point of giving gifts to the Divine. When of our own initiative we call forth the violet flame to transmute our mis-qualified energy. We are preparing our bodily temple. Making it Holy and pure. So that more of our Divine I AM can embody us. So that more of our Holy Christ Self will manifest in bodily form within us.

This is why decrees have been such a powerful way of transmutation and transformation. For through the spoken word we truly do create. For in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1). We either create human effluvia through discordant thought, speech and action. Or we create Divine chalices of purity through bringing forth greater light through thought, speech and action. Thus, the need to declare our actions of cleansing through use of the violet flame. This is the science of the spoken word.

To bring forth positive chalices of faith hope and charity. Through decreeing truth rather than maya. Speaking, thinking and doing worthy works that contain the attributes of God. Godly virtues worth pursuing rather than vices that must be transmuted and transcended. This is the goal of preparing gifts of chalices of light.

When we purify our form, we clear our Divine temple as a chalice of purity that is ready for the donning or “dawning” the seamless robe. An aspect of this seamless robe is what we call down when we give the “tube of light” decree.

Beloved I AM Presence bright

Round me seal our tube of light

From Ascended Master flame

Called forth now in God’s own name

Let it keep my temple free

From all discord sent to me.

This is a call for protection from that mass effluvia that surrounds us as we evolve into higher states of consciousness. As we don our Christ Consciousness or Higher Self more and more every day more and more in every way. We truly do embody this seamless robe.

We may follow this decree with the violet flame decree that keeps us ever cleansed. As we visualize being surrounded in this violet flame all throughout our entire being. From within to the without. In our atoms, electrons and cells. As well as our four lower bodies and aura too. With all of our chakras cleansed by the violet flame through and through. Ever spinning aright within God’s glorious merciful light. This flame of mercy does declare our desire to be God’s purity everywhere.

I AM calling forth violet fire

To blaze and transmute all desire

Keeping on in freedom’s name

Till I AM one with the violet flame.


Here is a different shortened version for calling forth the violet fire.

I AM a being of violet fire

I AM the purity God desires.

Most are wholly unaware that when we allow our own human effluvia and the mass effluvia to proceed unhampered, we truly slow down our speed of light or prana or the Holy Spirit that we carry. This is what is known as effluvia. A gooey darkened substance that accumulates throughout the space between our very atoms in-between the proton at the nucleus and the electrons surrounding the orbit of the atom. And this truly begins the disintegration of our lives. This is what ages us.

However, through these calls for transmutation through Divine alchemy of the mercy flame; another name for the violet flame. We can and do cleanse and purify our very beings. From the within to the without. This is what manifests the above to the below. And then the below rises to the above.

When we offer our cleansed and purified energy by these calls to our I AM Presence. We are furnishing gifts that are stored up in our individualized treasure house of God’s many mansions. In other words, we are filling our Causal bodies with these gifts that we have prepared through Divine alchemy accomplishing transmutation.

And in return our beloved I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self descends more readily into more of our physical forms. Our having cleansed and purified our bodily temples and then continually keeping them cleansed and purified or in other words keeping us Holy. This is truly making us whole or complete.

As we recognize that we are individuated aspects of the Divine. Or, in other words, individuated spirit sparks of the One. Whole and complete replicas of the One here and now. Or, in other words, created in God’s image. And God continually expands. Through our Father/Mother God’s creations and works which we are!


Many Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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