A Call to The Beloved I AM and The Seven Rays of The Seven Chohans

El Morya Ray 1 Chohan

Ray 1 – Ascended Master El Morya – Throat chakra (Visshuddha) – color blue

Beloved God in me I AM. I call to Thee in humble repose to manifest Thine ways throughout all that I AM. And by the grace of Thine breath in which I speak I may ensoul Thine will so ever instilled in truth. So Divine I AM when I speak of Your plan to manifest my call as I decree and pray to Thee evermore through all that I say. This Divine alchemy through which I call forth a raising of all that I AM. For in the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God. And this Word is manifest in every child woman and man. May I use it as God ever does in a manner Divine. In all I speak to fulfill the Divine plan that I AM. For this Divine alchemy is manifesting all that I say. Right here and now even today.


Lord Lanto 2nd Ray Chohan

Ray 2 – Ascended Master Lord Lanto – Crown chakra (sahasrara) – color yellow

That Christ consciousness in me enfolds in my mind. Through my crown chakra to bring about the true reality that is oh so Divine. To address You through the Divine Christ consciousness in which I AM ever blessed. Is to surrender to You the lesser ego known as the carnal mind; that deceives and doubts and ponders on human pall where blessings can’t manifest at all. So that instead all that I think is always Divine stemming directly from the Christ mind. This I know is how blessings are bestowed. Through thinking aright in God’s loving light. And to surrender the unreal self for the Real Self through right thought and virtues of God’s grace held in place by these thoughts manifest so pure. My thoughts do become pure as the driven snow. And through this I know that I AM fulfilling the Divine plan in All That I AM right here and now. As this is truly the only time that counts.  This is when wisdom does come about. And manifests all throughout what I think speak feel hear and see as I ponder. Let my mind on Thee now wonder. As the fulfillment of my consciousness expanding into the golden treasury of the mind of Christ. The lesser mind surrenders to the Higher Mind that I AM.


paul-the-venetian-Ray 3 Chohan

Ray 3 – Ascended Master Paul the Venetian – Heart chakra (anahata) – color pink

By my Divine threefold flame ever balanced each plume fully and always in God’s name. For through a balanced state of each plume I retain all through and through. For through Thine wisdom love and power a triune essence of Thy Presence I AM expanded each and every hour. More and more in every way. More and more in every day. From my heart-center pure Your light in me endures. In such grace Thy light flows through me always and ever more. May I use it in purity right here and now and forevermore. Never to requalify this light for human distraught and lack of faith; nor human effluvia or the mass consciousness. I hope ever more to use Your bright light of the threefold flame so pure and pristine in all that I think say and do and feel. To fulfill the loving dream of God I AM. Knowing that Your presence in me expands to bring forth the loving plan of God in me I AM here and now today. And from a heart-centered presence I coalesce to Your Divine essence.  Recognizing the truth of all that I AM. It is to Thine loving light that I pray and decree eternally. Even through the here and now. Keeping a balance of God’s loving chalice in plumes of pink, yellow and blue. I bring about all that is true. And as I ponder on Thy triune threefold flame. I magnetize more of the same. Calling it forth from up above. I expand this chalice of love wisdom and power.


Serapis Bey 4th Ray Chohan

Ray 4 – Ascended Master Serapis Bey – Root chakra (muladhara) – color white

God in me I AM. Help me ever to be the purity that shows all clearly. That my energies be purified by Thy flame so grand. That ever and always I understand. That I AM a vessel of Thy chalice. Living always in a Divine palace. Known as the city foursquare (earth, fire, air and water). A Temple so pure that Your love in me endures. With the Divine Mother energy (kundalini), I AM raised in the ascension flame. My sushumna energies ever in the center rising ever so peacefully as ida and pingala serpentine throughout my spine. Referred to as the caduceus by some. Thirty-three initiations raising up my spine to the Christ consciousness where I AM manifest as the Divine. Where the Divine alchemical marriage feast awaits. As the Divine feminine rises to the Divine masculine the alchemical marriage ensues. And finally, I don the seamless robe as the saints of old. My aura has a halo of light about my crown and all throughout my seamless robe. Showing the Victory that I’ve found and accomplished. Alas the truth abounds in all I think say hear see do and feel. Manifesting all that is Real.


Hilarion 5th Ray Chohan

Ray 5 – Ascended Master Hilarion – Third eye chakra (ajna) – color green

As I AM rising to the Christ I see forevermore. The Divine plan that I AM. For healing is the real revealing through the singular eye. My vision truly does become one. Crystal clear and pure. The all-seeing eye of God which sees above all other eyes; even dual. The duality and Maya coalesce into the true triune essence of God’s loving Presence. Father/Mother, Son and Holy Spirit. A triune of the Divine in space and time. Even in the Oneness of the ALL in the here and now. Beyond space and time. In the ever present and eternal now. I see God’s light in me in All That I AM. And it is to this Divine light alone that I bow. For I AM THAT I AM has come forth alas right here and now. To heal, illumine and inspire. The desireless desire that I bring about. With my singular vision affixed on that Presence above known as the beloved I AM Presence. All is healed. And nothing is concealed. For all is revealed and coalesces to the Divine I AM. The One and the ALL. For as above so below. As within so without. All comes together and all throughout All That I AM. Beyond the confines of space and time. I AM in the Oneness of God’s mind. Seen clearly through the singular eye.


Lady Master Nada 6th Ray Chohan

Ray 6 – Ascended Master Lady Nada – Solar plexus chakra (manipura) – color purple and gold

The solar essence of God’s loving Presence establishes a strength of might ever filled with God’s loving light in me That I AM. This solar plexus energy is the center of feeling establishing the true revealing. Where we employ the energy of emotion as God’s energy in motion to realize the peace of God’s consciousness. For this is how we are always and ever blessed. By stilling the pools of the emotional body. In a harmony that is Divine we instill the mind with a peace that knows no cease. As a matrix of love as the true reflection from up above the emotional currents are stilled in a harmonious spiral; ever upward it goes and grows. And in the peace God’s love knows no cease and we expand in harmony fulfilling our Dharma. Through the here and now God’s energy in us bursts forth in a golden hue of God’s love shining through and through. As an effulgent wave of God’s light so bright. We shine God’s love on all.



Ray 7 – Ascended Master Saint Germain – Seat of the Soul chakra (svadhisthana) – color violet

Through the science of the spoken Word. The flame of freedom stands forth as the transcendence that is the Holy Spirit of Divine alchemy. And transmutation and forgiveness flow forth as mercy that does truly restore all to the golden treasury of the Mind of Christ. By means of our calls to the Violet flame. Divine alchemy takes place and we are all graced by this merciful flame called forth now in God’s name. Alas fulfilling the Divine plan. By an alchemical transmutation call to drench all that we are by means of the violet flame we transmute and transcend as God has intended. All of that pain of the non-reality into the wholeness of God’s true reality. Self-Realization ensues. For though there has been the accumulation of karma that is ever recorded in our electronic belt; known as the subconscious. Our Soul is liberated once more in the fullness of this Divine flame of freedom to become all that God made us to be. Through Violet flame calls we establish a clearing of all that was never intended to be. And beloved God in me I AM comes forth clearly. Suddenly we see through Divine eyes thoughts feelings and hearings all of the glory of perfection that we are. Right here and now with the violet flame call. Our sins are made white as snow. And our causal bodies do grow. In chalices of heart-felt cups of light we offer these transmutations to the Divine I AM. So that our mansions in heaven can be glorified and expand. And our Christ essence is amplified in our ever present eternal here and now.


Through a recognition that we are the Divine in manifest form. We may ensue with establishing our birthright. For we are Divine Beings which may call forth alchemy to transcend the ways that shouldn’t persist.

And this will increase our Divine light ever so bright. Shining through the golden treasury of the Mind of Christ; known to some as the Higher Self. This is the uniting of as above so below. As below so above. As within so without. As without so within. For in the Oneness of the All. We may all heed the call. And coalesce and conform to the Divine light newly born. With a zeal that is so real. No illusion delusion or confusion of Maya. Or human questioning or pall of the lesser self can thwart our paths made clear and pure at last. By adherence to the Holy Christ Self and the beloved I AM Presence first and foremost.

God’s victory is within us all. In the here and now. So, heed the call. Let us exercise our Divine birthright. Pray decree and vision the transmutations and transcendent ways of accomplishment through Divine alchemy. Through the violet flame. Through the threefold flame burning within our hearts in perfect balance. Through the flame of purity, we magnetize more of the ascension flame in us. Raising the Divine feminine energies in us, known as Mother (kundalini). Realize we are each a flaming spirit spark of the Divine. And let the flames eternal and supernal blaze on. Increasing unfolding and enfolding within and without. Instilling all into God success in which we are each dressed. Till we each don the seamless robe. Nevermore to reembody. But to ascend forevermore into the next octave of Creation.



Many blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F Duran

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