Can One Serve Two Masters?


Beloved God in me I AM. As I meditate on all that I AM. I realize that my light must ever be used aright. And when I am in the center of Your flame. Threefold plumes of pink, yellow and blue blaze and shine right through. When I willingly surrender the lesser self. The ego of the carnal mind. My Christ consciousness shines true and pure all of the time. And Your light in me That I AM endures. For God’s essence is my loving Presence that I AM imbued within and without forevermore.

balanced-threefold-flameThreefold Flame Defined

The ability to manifest a perfect balance of love wisdom and power. Helps to heal the true me in greater and greater spirals and waves every hour. As my mind is focused on the Ways from up above. I am showered by the supernal love manifesting ever more in All That I AM. So pure and sweet. So, full of grace. That my heart and mind can hardly keep pace. With a recognition that perfection does exist. This I do know and for this I insist. As within me already this exists and fully persists.

For when the shadowed substance that is the unreal. Is transmuted by Divine alchemy. Brought forth through the violet flame called forth now in God’s name. The Reality does shine through establishing God-harmony in all that I think feel say and do. Showing that there is no other way but through my beloved I AM Presence. So bright so near and dear. As I clear the human effluvia that I have brought about through unreality and doubt. A permanent change does come about. Always stemming from the within and manifesting through the without.

archangel gabrielArchangel Gabriel

For beloved Archangel Gabriel has brought forth a knowing. That man has been going through times of relative good and bad. One lifetime fighting for the light Divine. And another lifetime doubting anything Divine could exist. Not knowing the sine wave that had ensued and persists. Fully misunderstood. Endless this pattern does appear. Until alas it all becomes clear.

Mysteries of the Holy Grail

For beloved Archangel Gabriel has shown once more. That there is a purpose true and pure that is fully Divine and crystal clear. That has always existed and ever does persist which is eternal right here and now. Known as the Absolute good from heaven up above. That is God-good God-virtuous God-victorious and God-blessed. That reverses the descending spirals of sin known as pain disease and death. To align with spirals that ascend evermore fulfilling that life that is eternal. For Absolute good is the Way supernal. That brings me to God in peace calm and grace for alas I see. Changes in All That I AM coalescing into the golden treasury of the Mind of Christ. Singular at last my vision does last. In a permanence within the now I am made Whole and complete evermore. For from the white-fire core of Being I know I exist as a chalice of the Divine here and now. For alas I AM God’s loving dream.

A permanence ensues in which I AM imbued. In the Absolute God-good driven by God in me. Showing that all that is Divine has ever existed within my heart soul and mind. If I would just turn away from that unreality called sin. For the two cannot exist and together persist. Just as one may not serve two masters. For one will love the one and hate the other. So, I recognize once more that one stems from the unreality. For sin cannot exist while God’s love in me persists. For God’s victorious way has always existed within the true Reality of All That I AM.

Whom do I believe the One who has never had a beginning or will never have an end? Or the one brought about through selfish abandonment in doubt and sin? The path couldn’t be clearer. Truth so profound manifests eternally when God is all around.

The path that is wayward ever changing in the sense of relative good and bad is the path that is misleading. For it exists not in the permanent atom of Being. It meanders and gets lost in time and space. Never fulfilling God’s Divine loving grace.

Whereas the path that lasts in spirals that ascend. Is the path eternal that endures unto the endless end. Where there is no human pall guilt blame or shame. Only the true Reality that I AM in God’s name. Where Divine light abounds all around. And the perfectionment of God does bring about. An eternal infinite expansion and transcendence that raises all life forevermore. Into the highest reaches of God’s Divine light that is O so magnificent and bright. In all of space and time and also within the eternal here and now of God’s Mind. Thus, it is only to God’s light alone that I bow.

soul-bathed-in-violet-flamePicture the Soul bathed in the violet flame

Ever pristine in God’s loving dream I AM. When alas I recognize no shadowed substance can exist. When God’s loving light in me does persist. And through Divine alchemy I heed the call. And transmute ALL that should never have existed. While learning the ways to use God’s energy in grace. I can at last make recompense for all that mis-qualified energy. By blazing the violet flame called forth now in God’s name. Through all of that mis-qualified foci of energy in my four lower bodies (etheric, mental, emotional and physical). Transmuting it all through the Divine violet flame. Restoring every erg of God’s loving energy (prana) that I have ever misused. Into the purity that is white as the driven snow. God’s light in me does ever glow and grow. Fulfilling the Divine plan that I AM here and now. Living the life of God as man woman and child. Alas I have a true smile that persists. For God’s love and light in me does always exist.

El Morya Ray 1 ChohanAscended Master El Morya

I heed the call of an Ascended Master so full of the will of God. Known as beloved Ascended Master El Morya. Who did declare in that Holy power of the will of God. Shame on you for blaming your parents your community or your circumstances for halting what you could achieve in God’s light right now. For you have God’s energy right here and now you have God’s speed. If you would but forgive and forget what has taken place in the past. This is known as forgiveness being fulfilled by forgetting the past and it does last! Would God bring forth the past as a means to abandon His cause? No! God furnishes the answer even before the so called “fall of man” had occurred. He gives us all Divine alchemy right here and now. An answer to transmute and transcend the ways that should have never existed.

Do we heed the call and transmute it all? Or do we choose the unreality of the blame game of the carnal mind that recognizes not God’s name. Realize once again one cannot serve two masters. Do we move in the undulations of God’s Divine grace? Leading us higher to God’s ivory tower. Or do we wallow in the machinations of the lesser self. Festering in guilt blame shame and living in doubt. Which master are you serving?

God will and does exist in you now! Do you use God’s will for Holy purpose? You would not draw breath lest God sends you Divine prana which causes the air in your lungs to feed you from heaven up above. From the chalice of you heart would not occur that beat that allows you to move onward. Seeking to forward the ways of the Divine. Let your mind ever persist on the manifesting of Divine intent. And let forgiveness instill a forgetting of all that was never ever truly Real at all.

Part of the reason God forgives your sins is to forget them. And if God has already done so do you follow suit and do likewise? As above so below. As within so without. For they cannot exist when God’s perfection does persist all throughout. It could not be otherwise. Or do you in turn awaken to readdress those sins and bring them to the forefront once more? From the past to the here and now to misuse God’s energy yet again? By reliving them when God has long since forgiven and forgotten them?

Or do you hold fast to the path that truly lasts that forgives and forgets and manifests God’s glory right now and forevermore. Knowing you have God’s energy yet again in another day. Do you pray that you use it wisely to see the Divine beauty everywhere in all of space and time? Even in the eternal presence of the now where God’s energy beams forth perfect love and Divine direction by seeing anew.

Some simply call this being present and positive. Simple words that truly don’t polish, magnify or amplify all of the beautify that you truly are right now. For the Divinity within brings forth perfection and beauty both near and far. Never forget in God you are already dressed in a seamless robe Gold and pure. For God only sees perfection in each and all.

Which path are you on? Ask yourself as you reflect fully and truly on the perfect image that you already are within. Shouldn’t you drop all that unreality of human mar and scar blight and plight? For it cannot exist. When God’s loving light is all that ever persists.

Precious hearts of the Divine you have everything you need here and now. Therefore, know what it truly means to say; not my will by Thine be done. For it is to God’s light alone that I bow. Never bow to sin or doubt which is the manifestations of the wayward carnal mind. For these cannot exist and will never persist. When imbued in the Mind of God you are.


God, I pray to Thee that I live God-victoriously in all I think say do and feel. That I manifest all that is truly Real and Divine. From within to without I see Thee all about. For I choose to live in Self-Realization. Knowing fully well that sin cannot exist. When Your wonderous light in me ever does persist. For just as a light that is turned on causes the darkness to scatter in an instant. I know that same Divine light in me does both magnify and amplify the Divine in me that I AM. As a summit lighthouse on a post let me shine my light lovingly to all those that have eyes to see. Living the life of God in me I AM I choose to fulfill my Divine plan. Manifesting all the ways of the Divine. I pray that I may be the living example of the Christ consciousness in which I am ever dressed. Leaving the carnal mind behind. The unreality is left unfed. For I choose to feed the Godhead within with chalice of my Divine light with all of my might. For right here and now it is to Your light alone the I bow. Ever eternally grateful and appreciative of your ways beloved God in me I AM. May they manifest evermore in all that I think say do and feel. For God in me I AM. You are what is truly Real. Amen.


Many Blessings, Love, Light and Life in Truth

Gabriel F Duran

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