The Cosmic Clock and God’s Merciful Flame from Within


As we expand in consciousness, we expand in all of our Godly attributes. These may be realized by expanding in awareness of the cosmic clock. The cosmic clock is science of charting the cycles of the soul’s karma and initiations on the twelve lines of the clock under the hierarchies of the Great Central Sun. At 1 O-clock is God-love, @ 2 God-Mastery, @ 3 God-Control, @ 4 God-Obedience, @ 5 God-Wisdom, @ 6 God-Harmony, @ 7 God-Gratitude, @ 8 God- Justice, @ 9 God-Reality, @ 10 God-Vision, @ 11 God-Victory and finally @ 12 God-Power.


The Summit Lighthouse Ascended Master Free Encyclopedia gives an entire definition and understanding of these Godly attributes as they occur in one’s life throughout the cosmic clock. There is also a nice website called “your cosmic clock” that details this even further as a dispensation that has been given us from Mother Mary.

Cosmic Clock Book

Elizabeth Clare Prophet has also published a book on this subject in its entirety that is available called “Predict Your Future: Understand the Cycles of the Cosmic Clock.” This has been brought forth to assist us in appreciating the Divine timing in all that we experience and express. And this knowledge brings us to a level of awareness in which we appreciate the initiations that we go through as we transmute our karma and fulfill our dharma.

Along the lines of the cosmic clock is the notion of healing ourselves. Which we are fully capable of accomplishing through the assistance of those Ascended Masters, Elohim and Archangels that support us throughout our lives and in this process. As they reveal to us at the manifest conscious level of here and now how and what is transpiring throughout our incarnation.

For each of us have a Divine plan we have come to engender and implement on behalf of ourselves and the world at large. Knowing the Godly attributes that we may bring forth through Godly virtues. As these Divine virtues pull us away from the carnal mind’s way of perceiving and bring us into direct conscious realization or Self-realization through our Higher Mind known as the Christ consciousness.

When we are aware of the Divine attributes that exist within us, we are empowered to manifest these virtues in a greater expansion of ourselves which aligns us and our reality with the Divine I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Self. Thus, strengthening our increase along the vertical axis of manifesting the Divine in us right here and now. In the eternal presence of the now we have our greatest power and highest wisdom. If we are aware of these higher principles of living and instill them from within to without in our expressions of daily life. In other terms this is the raising of the kundalini energies of the Divine Feminine.


Sadly, in today’s world not many are taught that we are all inherently of the Divine. Which means that we are right here and now multidimensional Beings. We have numerous bodies that run throughout various wave-lengths of densities of consciousness and dimensional realms or planes of existence. Yet most are only taught to exist through the ego consciousness which has fallen from the planes of greatness to what is now known as and referred to as the carnal mind of the persona.

Whereas, in the past we had originated from a freer density of consciousness and dimensional realm or plane of existence. We originally perceived creation through the Christ consciousness or Higher Mind. Yet, we fell from this higher consciousness and dimensional plane of existence when we were misled by the “fallen ones” who deceived us and acclimated us to perceiving through the carnal mind. This is known as being expelled from the Garden of Eden in biblical terms.

expelled from Garden of Eden

Now we have been granted to use our free will as we see fit. However, this has not changed Cosmic Law in any sense. Which means that should we desire to attain to the levels of freedom and consciousness we previously held. We must align ourselves with and live through the Godly attributes and virtues that are in accord with cosmic law.

This is known as manifesting the Christ consciousness or Higher Mind. Living through the higher reasoning of the heart center and letting the heart rule the mind. The ego that feeds the carnal mind is the perversion of our heart centers perception or flame. This is the effluvia that surrounds our hearts when we allow the lower ego and carnal mind to have their way. Whereas, when we perceive through the Higher Mind, we convert the ego to Christ consciousness. By the purification of our thoughts and feelings; in our mental and desire or emotional bodies. We instill the virtues of Godly ways of living and giving in our thoughts, words and deeds or actions.

Also, along these lines is the responsibility of transmuting our karma which we have incurred through the mis-qualified foci of God’s energy that sustains us. We must purify our four lower bodies (etheric of fire, mental of air, emotional of water, physical of earth) that have been filled with mental and emotional dross, known as human effluvia. Which has accumulated through numerous incarnations of living in this “fallen” state.

Thus, the need for re-recognizing how to live through Godly attributes as those listed on the cosmic clock. As well as vigorously applying the divine alchemy of the violet flame; in order to purify our misspent energies of the past. With calls as simple as “I AM a being of violet fire; I AM the purity God desires.” Visualizing ourselves bathed in a stream of violet flames that permeate our inner world and expand beyond the reaches of our outstretched arms in an entire circumference all about our being.

Some find it difficult to believe how this simple “call” and “visualization” can accomplish anything. This is mainly because we have neglected to realize we are truly multidimensional Beings. Utilizing energy and vibrations on many planes of existence and/or realms of reality and densities of consciousness.

However, realize that we are all fed by beams of sunlight that cause our produce to grow and flourish into healthy minerals and vitamins that nourish our bodily forms. Vegetables and fruits freely soak in and expand through this process of photosynthesis. Even as we ourselves are fully dependent on this blessed light. And none ever question the power of photosynthesis that accomplishes this task.

electromagnetic spectrum

Yet, know that the violet flame is the highest frequency of light spectrum that engulfs our reality at this level of awareness and consciousness. Which means that although not visible to the naked eye this energy is wholly available and present for our divine alchemical use. And ALL Ascended Masters, Elohim and angels uses this freely and powerfully. So, who are we to “judge” the efficacy of this gift from on high? This would be like the plants and flowers refusing to allow the sunlight to sustain and expand their lives. Nay, they take full advantage of this life-giving and sustaining force.

We too would be wise to follow suite and call on the violet flame to bathe us daily as we awaken. For unbeknownst to most, when we sleep this process occurs at an unconscious level on our behalf. This is part of the reason we feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Though doing this fully consciously in an awakened state of awareness is aligning ourselves with the higher attributes of consciousness we each had originally. And thus, achieves a greater cause and effect in our reality.

Part of this process of transmutation is working completely with the mercy flame. Another nomenclature for the violet flame. And another part of the process is to recognize that we receive freely so we must give freely. In what sense?

When we are able to consciously forgive ourselves and others for the misuse of God’s energy that we have incurred. This means we must be willing to freely forgive our past errors of our own selves; and even those who have committed errors towards us we must freely forgive. First and foremost, this process must be applied to ourselves on behalf of ourselves. For all stems from within firstly and proceeds to the without. Thus, we have to be resolute in forgiving ourselves entirely. And not looking back any longer.

Hilarion the Healer

The following is a quote taken from the book…

Hilarion the Healer: The Apostle Paul Reborn (Meet the Master)


“The test of one’s ability to forgive is a very important test,” the lady master Kuan Yin tells us. “You are tested by God to see whether or not you can forgive yourself. And if you do not first forgive yourself, you cannot forgive others. Be gentle with yourself. Do not allow yourself to whip yourself. The flagellation practiced by some of the priests of the Church was in actuality the work of the devil. This is not penance. This austerity will only lead to spiritual pride and not to the attainment of the Christ mind.

“Be compassionate to the soul; be ruthless with the carnal mind. Cast it out as the invader of your consciousness. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.[63] Give no ear to the carnal mind—either a friend or a foe or a family member—but be compassionate with the soul who has not yet discerned the difference between the carnal mind and the Christ mind.

“And while you are tender and loving and merciful to the soul that is in the way of overcoming, be fearless in your denunciation of the carnal mind! Be the defender of the soul! Go into your closet and pray for the soul, and pray to Michael the Archangel to bind those forces of darkness that prey upon the souls of the people.”

[Prophet, Elizabeth Clare. Hilarion the Healer: The Apostle Paul Reborn (Meet the Master) . The Summit Lighthouse Library. Kindle Edition.]

Hilarion 5th Ray Chohan

Beloved Ascended Master Hilarion teaches that the blue flame of the Will of God and the yellow flame of the Illumination of God combine to achieve the green flame of healing. These are flames that we need to recognize and utilize in order to transmute and transcend our wayward paths. And Healing, Wisdom (Illumination) and the Will of God are attributes of God’s virtues that we may instill within ourselves right here and now. In the ever-eternal present moment of the now. This is our point of power.

And the imagination is the tool of the Christ mind or consciousness. This is the magi of the magician transmuting base metals into gold. The divine alchemy occurs through our imagining this process unfolding. By visualization and mantras or decrees that are in accord with this process of divine alchemy. Transmuting the mental and emotional dross of the carnal mind in to the golden treasury of the Mind of Christ. We perform what many perceive to be pure magic. Though this is the pure magic of science of the spoken word.

Recognize that we no longer question the infrared of our various remotes that we utilize for controlling our TV’s and all manner of devices. Don’t question then the power of the flames of purity, healing the will of God and the wisdom flames. We are given multidimensional tools because we already are multidimensional Beings. Remember this and use these Divine attributes that are innately ours to bring forth God’s virtuous and victorious ways in direct manifest with cosmic law.

soul-bathed-in-violet-flameTube of Light with Violet flame surrounding the soul

And know full and well that we don the seamless robe more and more each and every day more and more in every way by our daily calls for the “tube of light mantra” of protection. Calling this mantra daily invokes a powerful presence of Divine Light from our I AM Presence.

This is achieving a wholeness, which is the goal. Uniting the multidimensional aspects of Being into the One Mind through the One Thing, as the alchemist would state. We unite our seven bodies (I AM Presence, Causal, Holy Christ Self, etheric, mental, emotional and physical) into the full power of wholeness or Holiness. Our Divine birthright as we are all made in the image of God. Use this divine attribute of “imaging” or magi. As a true divine alchemist.


As we build greater and greater waves of momentum and reinforce these through our daily invocations directly from each present moment of the eternal here and now. With calls and visualizations to bring forth all of this “imagination” of the Christ mind into complete wholeness.  And don’t limit ourselves by the false constraints of time for we are multidimensional Beings. Thus, these calls may be made for past, present and future. All from the eternal here and now. Magi’s of alchemy we don the seamless robe as we overcome any perceived limitations for God has none. And we are made in God’s image.

man in gods image

Many Blessings, Love, Light and Life in Truth

Gabriel F Duran

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